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A/N: Hello everyone! I've lost my twilight groove, and although I hoped that Eclipse would suck me back into this marvelous world, alas it hasn't, therefore I had to find a new way. This is just a short attempt to get myself out of a long case of writers block. Enjoy!


Leah was a dreamer. She had big dreams.

Or at least she used to.

She always knew that she was bigger than this tiny town—and she wasn't the only one who knew that.

She was going to make it in the "real world".

She would be the one that actually made a difference—at least that's who she would have been.

She never really wanted to be a mother—at least not for another decade.

But being told that you weren't good enough-not good enough to leave-not good enough to stay—not good enough for Sam—and now not good enough to be a mother, after that her dreams of taking over the world seemed to vanish.

But then again Leah's never been one to take things sitting down, and she'll be dammed if she lets this speed bump get her down.