He never asked for any of this.

He never wanted to fall in love with Bella Swan.

Let alone imprint on her daughter.

He never wanted to become the Alpha wolf—to be chief, someday.

He never wanted any of it—but it doesn't mean that he doesn't love it.

He adores Nessie—I mean he has to right? She's his imprint after all.

But still, he doesn't understand why.

Why do they imprint?

Why did he imprint on her, on Nessie—Bella's daughter.

The half-vampire.

She's half of the reason he is a werewolf.

But he can't hate her.

He could never do something as stupid as that.

Because she's perfect, absolutely perfect.

But all he can do is sit and think about how he never wanted any of it.

Because he loves Nessie—and he's gonna do whatever it takes to stay in her life.