Author's Notes - This is one of many short stories/drabbles that I either never finished or didn't really see fit to post. But since I really haven't posted anything substantial in god know how long, I figure why not. These will likely never be finished or given significant plot...unless you guys really like them. Either way, enjoy!

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Betrayed By Love

"I've got something that might interest you doctor."

Looking up from the repairs he was performing on a drone, Knockout curtly nodded to his leader. "And what might that be Lord Megatron?"

With a slight tilt of his head, Megatron beckoned the doctor to follow him out of the med bay.

Ordering Breakdown to finish the repairs to the best of his ability, Knockout followed Megatron down down the numerous corridors of the Nemesis until they reached the interrogation room.

Pausing outside the door, Megatron finally addressed Knockout, "She put up quite a fight, but Dreadwing was able to subdue her nonetheless."

'She?' "Who are you-"

Megatron punched the code to the door in before he could finish speaking and right before him, his question was answered.


The name left his mouth before he could stop himself, but Knockout had a feeling it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Megatron had found out about his dirty little secret.

"Did you really think you could get away with treachery Knockout? When Soundwave relayed the information to me, I wanted to punish you then and there. But I figured, why should I be the one to punish you? The Autobot got you into this mess. All you have to do is kill her to get out."

Knockout looked between Megatron and Arcee's unconscious frame in horror. Sure he'd been having an affair with the Autobot, but not once did he indulge her with any Decepticon secrets or future plans.

"Please Lord Megatron, I-"

"Are you a Decepticon or not Knockout?! Because I will gladly kill a traitor and his pleasure bot right here, right now!"

Having run out of excuses, Knockout admitted defeat. "...I'm a Decepticon. I'll do it."

"A wise choice doctor. And look, she's waking up just in time to say goodbye."

Sure enough, Arcee had begun to stir, fighting against the bonds for a few moments before her optics clearly up and she made eye contact with the one Con she thought she could finally trust.

"Knockout! Help me!"

"I-I'm sorry.."

"What are you waiting for doctor? Get on with it!"

He couldn't do it. The Autobot was something more than just pleasure to hum now and he couldn't bring himself to get rid of her.

"You're...going to stay?"

"I want to witness this little romance break apart myself. Unless my presence unnerves you..."

Knockout almost nodded, had it not been for the low hum of the fusion cannon powering up.

"...Then I'll finish this quickly."

"NO! I'll...I'll do it my liege!"

"You'll commence with her dissection then, doctor." It wasn't so much a statement as it was an order.


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