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The 14th Juunishi: Chapter 6: Final

We arrived at the place Ayame had told us to meet him at. I quickly spotted the table that was Ayame's and Mine's. Also seated at that table were Hatori, Momiji, Haru, and Rin. My heart skipped a beat. Haru. Haru is here. With Rin.My heart dropped to the floor, Haru and Rin, together. They looked and saw us. Momiji started waving like crazy. Ayame came and got us.

"I decided to invite them too. Kuroda can't be without her best friend!" Ayame declared. We got to the table, I felt Rin's glare. It made the room feel icy, and I wanted to run. I was sitted next to Haru with Rin on his other side.

Dinner was pure craziness. Ayame was working hard at trying to bond with Yuki, and Kakeru was giving his full support. Hatori wasn't doing anything about it, but instead trying to shut up Shigure. Kimi and Mine were talking like best friends. Momiji was telling Rin some story. Tohru was freaking how about the whole thing and Kyo was trying to calm her down. Haru had already finished and was sitting there looking bored. I was doing the same thing.

"Lets go outside," Haru said to me. I nodded. We got up and left. No one noticed. Outside, Haru sat on a ledge, and I sat next to him. A cold breeze blew by. My arms were bare and I felt chilled to the bone. I shivered as another breeze blew by, this one seeming colder than the first. Haru put his arm around me, and I automatically cuddled to his side. Rin. The name seemed to punch me in the gut. I began to pull away.

"It's alright. We broke up," he said. I stopped moving away and went back to the way I was before. My heart beat faster, and I hoped that he couldn't hear it. They broke up! Haru is free. Maybe I can tell him now. No. I can't. I'll just hurt myself and him.

"What happened?" I asked like a good friend.

"I figured out my true feelings. I love someone, but not Rin," he said then shrugged as if it was no big deal. Who could Haru possibly love? I wish it was me. But I would never deserve Haru and he deserves better than the best. He deserved true happiness and that was something I couldn't offer, couldn't give.

"Who?" I asked. I was so curious. But I knew that his answer would hurt me. Haru looked right at me, and into my eyes.

"I love you," he whispered. My stomach flipped and my knees turned to jelly. My heartbeat quickened.

"W-what? H-how can you l-love me?" I asked. How? After I rejected you for Akito? How can you love me when I can't make you happy? I can't be with you, or else I will be rejected. How can you love someone as selfish as me?

"I can't just stop loving you because you picked Akito. Most of the juunishi would have," Haru said. Not you. You would never do that.

"You wouldn't," I said. He didn't say anything. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. "I-I..." I started, but was stopped by a yell.

"Kuroda! Haru!" yelled Ayame. I turned to see the group approaching. I jumped up, and regreted it a second later. I saw a flash of hurt in Haru's eyes, but the look quickly faded to his normal look of indifference.

The next day I went to see Akito. I knocked on his door. 'Come in.' I went in and walked right to him.

"My little dove, I'm so glad you came," my god said, tilting his head. I took a deep breath and braced myself.

"I love Haru. I never stopped loving him," I whispered. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to speak any louder.

"But does he love you back? Could he never love you again, after what you did two years ago?" he asked. Akito was glaring at me, and it was tearing me apart.

"He told me last night that he loves me. I know you knew about his love before," I whispered. His eyes narrowed. It felt like I was being slapped.

"Then pick. Me or him," he said. He spat the words and his voice was filled with poison. Tears started to flow from my eyes. It hurt so much, being so close to rejection. I was standing on the edge, and was looking down at the jump down.

"I choose Haru," I whispered. Akito hit me and I fell to the ground. Akito attacked me. Then he stopped and got in my face. The emontional pain was worse, and then suddenly it was gone. I felt free, like I was flying. Realization hit me. "I hate you," I hissed. Akito frowned, the evil look in his eyes disappearing as he realized that the curse was broken, for everybody. I could sense that in my heart. We were all free. I hated him, he released me. I would never fly as a dove again, and it was Akito's fault.

"It's all your fault. You made me reject you! You broke my bond!" Akito yelled, and then he kicked me in the heart. The world burred for a second, and then disappeared to nothing.

I opened my eyes to a blinding white light. I blinked a couple of times. I heard the beep beep beep of a machine. I was in the hosipal. I slowly sat up. I saw several people sitting around me. But no Haru.

"Kuroda!" cheered Tohru and Momiji. I gave them a smile.

"Where's Haru?" I asked. Despair was filling my heart. I needed to see him.

"He was here earlier. He left that," Hatori said, gesturing to something on a side table. It was a white rose with a note. I grabbed the rose and the note. 'Happy birthday, Kuroda," said Haru as he handed me a white rose. 'I love all flowers! What's your favorite, Kuroda-san?' Tohru replied. 'White rose,' Haru answered for me. I opened the note. I read the two words written there, feel better. I put the rose in a tiny vase that someone had gotten for it and I held on to the note. I went home the next day.

I was sitting on my bedroom floor. The rose sat in the window and my hand was over my pocket with the note in it. Tears were forming in my eyes. I knew then that I would go back to having that curse and having Akito reject me a 100 times before I wanted to go through a single day without hearing from Haru. The latter seemed to be causing more pain. I wiped away my tears and stood up. I grabbed my phone and called Hatori.

I thanked Hatori and jumped out of the car. I took a deep breath and took off. I stopped behind Haru's house. I saw him sitting in the grass. He heard me and looked up. My heartbeat quickened and not just from my run.

"Kuroda, are you feeling better?" he asked. I nodded and sat next to him.

"I love you, Haru," I whisped, smiling at him. He smiled back.

"I love you too," he whispered. Then he kissed me. After our lips parted he held me close.

"I want you to know that I told Akito before our curse broke. He told me to pick. This time, I made the right choice. Last time I regretted it with all my being. I can't live without you Haru," I whispered. Haru held me tighter.

"I can't be without you, Kuroda," he whispered. I had been rejected by my god and caused us to lose that bond, that curse. But I was accepted by the person of I love. I had never felt so whole.