The Cat's Pyjamas

by Healer Pomfrey

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16 - I have mine & he has his.

Pangur glanced at the Potions Master in surprise and motioned Hermione over, before he eagerly turned his eyes to the newspaper.

'Lord Voldemort Explodes Like a Firework' the headline of The Daily Prophet screamed.

'Voldemort what?' Pangur thought in disbelief and continued to read the article.

'On Saturday evening, shopkeepers and shoppers in Diagon Alley found themselves under attack by Death Eaters. However, the attack merely lasted five minutes, before the Death Eaters suddenly retreated. Apparently, Lord Voldemort himself was leading the attack on Diagon Alley, where two wizards were wounded and taken to St. Mungo's. As multiple eyewitnesses have reported, before hundreds of spectators in front of Gringotts, Lord Voldemort's body suddenly exploded like a firework and vanished into thin air. Read more at the bottom of this page.'

Pangur let out a gasp and hurriedly let his eyes wander over the front page to read more.

'In an interview, Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, states, "Since I assumed that Voldemort was going to try and probably succeed in stealing Nicholas Flamel's Philosopher's stone out of my secret vault in Gringotts several years ago, I manipulated the stone. I was aware of the fact that Voldemort had made a number of Horcruxes in the past, which means that he split his soul into several parts, probably seven. Therefore, I placed a charm on the stone that caused the single parts of his soul to slowly return to his body over the course of a few years. However, this was not to help Voldemort; instead it was developed to ensure that the whole system would be unstable and eventually cause Voldemort to explode. Of course I could not have imagined that it would happen when he was just on his way to attack Diagon Alley, but I am glad to have been able to contribute to a spectacle worthy of entertaining a huge audience." We have nothing to add apart from our whole-hearted gratitude to the professor for vanquishing an evil entity that has dragged the British magical world into a terrible civil war and we hope that the Ministry of Magic will honour him accordingly.'

"Manipulating old coot," Severus mumbled, running a hand through his long, silky hair.

"At least he believed me at that time when I told him that this prophecy talk did not go beyond the mutterings of an alcoholic fraud desperate for a job," McGonagall said in her thick, Scottish accent, causing Pangur to smile, happily squeezing his girlfriend's hand.


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