"Haru-chan! Haru-chan,"

I turned around just in time to see Honey's small body flying through the air until, SLAM!

I was on the ground, my back pressed against the cold linoleum; I felt Honey's precious Usa-chan squashed against my chest. For such a little guy, Honey-senpai was heavy as hell.

"Haru-chan, did you hear? There's going to be new students from America enrolling today!"

Honey seemed more hyper then usual, I tried to speak but I couldn't breathe with him on top of me. He didn't look it, but Honey was really sturdy and the fact that he kept bouncing on my stomach wasn't helping my breathing problem.

"Mitsukuni, calm down," In an instance, his weight was gone, I glanced up and met Mori's steely glare, and a small shudder ran through my body, I should really get off the ground. Honey scampered onto Takashi's back and practically vibrated with excitement.

"Yes, I do know, Suoh-sama asked if I could welcome them to the school, because one of them is apparently a scholar."

Very slowly, I managed to stand up and dust myself off; Tamaki's father had been very insisted that I do it, telling me I was also one of the few people who wouldn't get distracted. I didn't understand what he meant by that but, oh well. I watched Honey's chocolate brown eyes light up with excitement, it was scary just how small and innocent he seemed, but in reality, he was a deadly weapon and the oldest member of the host club.

"Can Takashi and I come too? I want to meet the new commoner students!"


If Honey and Mori tag along, then the entire Host club would want to come. Honey noticed my hesitant state and immediately turned on the cute. His eyes widened and his small lips jutted out into a small pout.

"Please Haru-chan."

I groaned internally.

This wasn't going to be easy to get out of, his lip quivered, not shameful in the least; his eyes widened even further if that were possible.

"Sure, why not? Just don't tell Tama-"


Oh crap, too late. Sure enough, Tamaki came streaming down the hall, he knelt in front of me and clutched both my hands in his, pouting up at me. Oh crap, not this.

"Haruhi, can daddy come too? Daddy wants to meet the Americans!"

All these damn rich people think they can do what ever they want. But I didn't have time to argue, I had to meet the exchange students. I quickly agreed and swiftly made my way down the hall, somehow, Hikaru and Kaoru had found us and invited themselves along, and I had no time to disagree.

Finally, we made it down to the main office, and sure enough we found them.

It would be hard to miss any of them, they were all exceptionally beautiful, I scanned them all, and there were five males and five females, every one of them stunning in the least, eight of them sharing the same strange golden eye colour. But only seven of them were wearing uniforms, I noticed that the female uniforms they wore had been modified a little, instead of the usual long skirted dress, the fabric had been pleated and made significantly shorter, sitting just above the knees of those beautiful Cullen's, and the sleeved had been shortened and the neck lowered to a casual 'V' neck. I liked it, it was nice. But it was also very cold and gloomy outside, they really picked a dull time to come to Ouran.

"Konnichiwa, your Fujioka Haruhi-san?" The oldest looking, blonde male spoke fluidly, he must be the farther, He looked me up and down, seeming confused at first but shrugged it off, he bowed slightly and immediately I flustered and returned the bow awkwardly.

"K-Konnichiwa, y-your Cullen Carlisle-san?"

I heard someone chuckle, it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard, musical almost.

I stood from my awkward position and I watched attentively as Carlisle introduced his family.

"This is my wife Esme, and my foster children Edward and Bella," He waved his pale hand past a small, rounded lady with beautiful curves and long waved of caramel, then past the little couple, that were locked in an embrace, and I immediately felt uncomfortable, Edward was glaring at me, like I was somehow wearing the wrong clothing, which was kind of true, gender wise. But why the hell would he criticize what I wear? Was he that old-fashioned that a girl couldn't wear boys clothing? You'd think this guy was 100 years old or something. Edward's mouth tightened, as if to hold back the laughter that threatened to bubble up from his throat.

"Jasper and Alice,"

His hand drifted past a very interesting pair, a tall, blonde boy with scorching, pain filled eyes and a small, dark haired girl with a beautiful face, and she was smiling at me a little weirdly, as though she knew me.

"Rosalie and Emmett"

Carlisle introduced the next couple and then he turned to a tall, russet skinned boy and small bouncing baby in his arms that looked significantly like Edward. Jacob however, seemed like the odd one out, and not only because of his skin colour, but because he was the only one who looked like he'd rather chew off his own arm then be here.

"and, Jacob and Renesmee"

Carlisle gave Jacob a pat on the shoulder then held his arms out to take little baby Renesmee, who looked about four or five years old from him, Jacob suddenly looked distorted, and his grip seemed to tighten around the small little girl. I watched Renesmee place her tiny hand on Jacob's face and all the anxiety faded from Jacobs features. Without another word, he passed the small toddler to the tall blonde male.

I started shuffling on my feet awkwardly, I didn't know what to say, and I finally understood why Suoh-sama thought other people may get distracted, all these damn people were so good looking.

Before I could speak, Tamaki beat me to the punch.

"Haruhi, where are your manners? Aren't you going to introduce us? I swear, daddy raised you better then this"

"You're not my father senpai!"

Tamaki dismissed my rage and instead went straight into hosting mode. He stepped in front of me, arms spread wide and his face a picture of tranquillity.

"Welcome to Ouran Academy my dear friends, it's a pleasure to meet you all, I am Suoh Tamaki, president of the Ouran Host Club."

Tamaki was such a fluid speaker; I found it amazing just how easy it was for him to talk to these beautiful creatures. After introductions were made, the host club decided to mingle, I watched Honey scamper towards Renesmee who was now standing next to Jacob, clutching his pant leg. I watched him bend over and smile at her, holding Usa-chan towards her, inviting the little girl to take him for a while. Renesmee accepted eagerly and Honey felt it was safe to talk to her.

"Hi" Honey greeted in his usual, babyish tone. I remember Honey once telling me he was fluent in seven languages, so it wasn't hard for him to converse in English. "My names, Mitsukuni"

"Mitsukuni!" Renesmee exclaimed in a voice, sugary sweet. Honey seemed shocked that she pronounced his name perfectly, but his face soon lit up in a very adorable grin.

Hikaru and Kaoru had decided to chat with Alice, asking questions about them that seemed a little rude in my opinion, but she answered every one with a wide smile, Jasper however looked like he wanted to tear off Hikaru's head and then shove it down Kaoru's throat. I needed to watch out for him.

The Host's clubs mood was electric; they seemed fascinated about the Cullen's. Asking questions and getting answers like, Carlisle was a doctor, Renesmee was Edward's niece, and Jacob was a friend of the family who wanted to spend time in Japan. I had just started a conversation with Emmet when,

Bang! Clatter! Bang!

The sound of falling books caught everyone's attention. Everyone turned to find who else but the Shadow King himself, Kyouya. He stood frozen, his eyes wide as he glared at Carlisle with what seemed to be hurt filled eyes. His arms were stretched out over a pile of books that I assumed were the source of that loud bang.


I turned immediately towards the oldest Cullen, he seemed just as shocked, his mouth pressed down in a hard line, it seemed like an eternity passed before he responded.

"Kyouya? Is that really you? You've gotten so big and handsome I must add."

I watched the exchanged closely, the way they shook hands, the way Kyouya flinched when their hands first made contact, the admiring gaze Kyouya wore.

"Well you haven't changed a bit, still as young as ever."

I watched Kyouya squeeze Carlisle's hand before releasing it, it seemed like he was making sure that Carlisle wasn't going anywhere, to reassure himself that he was real.

"Ah, well my daughters just love using me as their little makeup guinea pig"

Carlisle chuckled softly, and was immediately joined by the rest of the family, god it was beautiful, more beautiful then any music.

"Kyou-chan, how do you know the Cullen's?"

Honey asked curiously while Renesmee tugged softly on Usa-chan's leg, he seemed just as curious as I was, and I mentally thanked him for asking. Kyouya finally turned to acknowledge us, the look on his face made it look like he had been oblivious of our presence.

"Well, Carlisle-sama had worked for my father's medical company when I was a boy; he spent a lot of time around the house and I was quite accustomed to him, but then he left"

Kyouya's voice cracked on the last word and I could definitely hear the hurt in his voice, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jasper flinch and grasp his chest tightly as though he had been stuck, but when I looked back, he was completely composed.

"Kyouya, you know what happened, I was offered a new job that paid good money, and it was close to our old home."

Carlisle seemed just as hurt as Kyouya, and I watched in shock as Carlisle slowly removed the Shadow King's glasses and gently brush back Kyouya's hair that fell into his eyes. Kyouya had been so busy with homework lately that he hadn't had time to cut his hair in over a month; it was long now, falling just above his shoulders and over his eyes. But that's when it happened, the moment that would leave the host club with out Kyouya for a while.

"Baka! You left without telling me! You abandoned me for cash!" I had never heard Kyouya yell so loudly before, his anger surprised me, but I wasn't ready for what happened next. I watched in shock as Kyouya began to strike the Older Cullen's chest with the side of his fists, beating like a tantrum prone child. "Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka!"

Kyouya had never hit anyone before, well, not that we knew of. He repeatedly struck until Carlisle's strong hands retrained him. Kyouya was shaking and horrifyingly enough, crying. The emotionless, money-hungry, cold-hearted Shadow King was crying.

"It wasn't about the money Kyouya, Esme felt a little home-sick, so we decided it was time to return to America"

Kyouya turned his deathly gaze towards Mother Cullen, I hated that look, it was truly the only time I felt afraid of Kyouya. But Esme didn't seem fazed in the least; she just smiled sweetly and nodded.

"Why are you back?" Kyouya asked flatly.

"Well, Ouran is such a prestigious school, Edward really wanted to attend this year and Alice was all for it! I had no idea you's be here,"

Carlisle step forward, placed both of his pale hands on the each of Kyouya's cheeks and smile at the shocked Shadow King.

"Gomen, my boy, I'm afraid Esme, Renesmee and I have to leave. But remember, I never forgot about you, don't you dare think that.

"Oh, Kyouya, but I have missed you so."

Carlisle embraced the tall teen, who was still crying I might add. I managed to get over my shock and glance around the room, the host club looked shocked, no, mortified! I could almost feel Tamaki's surprise as Kyouya hugged the beautiful Cullen back. This was too much to handle.

"Goodbye, Kyouya, my boy"

Affection practically seeped from Carlisle's voice as he pulled away to pat the young Ootori's shoulder and turn to walk away, followed by Esme. Renesmee strayed for a while, she snuggled Usa-chan against her chest once more before gently placing it back in Honey's waiting hands kissing his cheek thankfully, she skipping after Carlisle gracefully.

The host club stood shocked, staring at Kyouya with wide eyes. I had the strange urge to embrace to Shadow King and tell him we were here, but I was also to afraid to do so.

Kyouya didn't turn to look at us once, all he did was wipe his eyes and make his way down the hall; leaving his scattered books lying on the ground.

The next day was horrible, Kyouya was absent from school and without his planning, the host club was a complete disaster. Tamaki had chosen a volcano island theme and made me the damsel who would be sacrificed into on of the fake volcanos. Unfortunately, one of the volcanoes that were programmed to shoot sparks tipped over and one of the many crape paper trees burst into flames.

Luckily the sprinklers kicked in, but everyone in the room was soaked, this proved just how badly we needed Kyouya.

"Oh great milord, now I'm all wet" Kaoru complained, holding one of his soaked blue sandals between his thumb and forefinger. A few of the customers had stayed back to help clean up and the Hitachiin twins had been trying to host them while doing so.

"You do look adorable though, otouto-chan" Hikaru purred, gently running the tip of his mop against Kaoru's calf.

"Stop it Hikaru, this isn't the time or place!" Kaoru feigned annoyance, kicking the mop away from him.

"You didn't protest this morning in the school bathrooms, Kaoru"

Kaoru blushed expertly, stumbling away from his brothers advances.

"Shh! Hika-nii, don't tell everyone!"

The room filled with the squeals of excited girls who were obviously witnesses to the twin's ridicules brotherly love routine. I don't know why girls loved them so much!

"Mitsukuni!" A familiar bubbly voice came from 3rd music room entry. All eyes turned towards the door, Renesmee Cullen, beautiful baby girl stood at the door, her small arms waving madly causing her pretty bronze curls to bounce around her, she was obviously trying to catch Honey's attention.

"Who's that?"

"She's adorable!"

Many of the guests began whispering about the small Cullen. Cooing and smiling at the little girl.

"Re-chan!" Honey sang excitedly, running over to Renesmee happily. Renesmee seemed only too happy to see the small Loli-shota again.

"Hello, Re-chan!" Honey chimed, patting her head and offering her Usa-chan again. Renesmee took him happily and smiled at Honey adorably.

"Kon'nichiwa, o genki desu ka?" Renesmee chirped happily, Honey's eyes widened excitedly, patting Renesmee's head again.

"Ah! Very good Re-chan!" Honey responded in English. "You said that perfectly, and I am fine, thank you for asking!"

Renesmee seemed delighted that she had gotten that right, she snuggled Usa-chan in one arm, wrapping the other around Honey's leg affectionately.

"Re-chan, where is your family?" Honey asked just before the tall, intimidating, Jacob walked through the door; he glanced down at Renesmee and sighed in relief.

"Nessie! I've been looking all over for you; you shouldn't run away like that!"

Jacob arched over and plucked Renesmee from the floor, she squealed in delight, cuddling into Jacob's large arms.

"Aww how sweet" One of the many customers sighed.

"He's like a big brother!" A girl standing next to me cooed, out of the corner of my eyes I saw Tamaki smile. Oh god I know what this meant. Tamaki made his way towards the large, russet skinned man gracefully.

"Jacob-san? I would like to extend to you, the opportunity to join our magnificent host club"


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