"Color me confused, Dubbie. So far this case has me flabbergasted and…well quite frankly, bamboozled."

"Whoah, careful with that kind of language there. Don't strain yourself."

"I mean it just doesn't make sense."

The Middleman and Wendy Watson made their way back to the Middlemobile. He had to admit to himself that he was outright stumped on this one, and it was his experience that anytime that happened, it was rarely accompanied by anything good.

"No human has ever been able to produce a sound of the exact pitch, frequency, and decibel level to induce temporary insanity in an embedded Terractula."

Wendy strapped herself in and shook her head.

"In case you haven't noticed, very rarely do we deal with anything human."

"Not only that, but a sound like that packs enough wallop to melt the ears right of your head. There's only been one documented case of that sound existing on this planet before tonight, and that was dating all the way back to 1801."

Wendy turned quickly to her boss, arching an eyebrow, amazed.

"Two hundred years ago?"

"When Beethoven's first experiments with string quartets went horribly wrong. According to Middleman records, all four of the musicians had over-tuned their instruments during a rehearsal, and when they all played, that exact high pitch was created."

"But….Beethoven didn't die until years later."

"True, Dubbie, but how do you think he became deaf?"

Wendy opened her mouth to ask something else, and then closed it. She knew better by now than to ask questions. Working with the Middleman, she learned something new about the world everyday.

The Middleman continued.

"But Mr. Dixon appeared to suffer no hearing loss and no apparent limitations on his mind."

"He saw right through our mind trick."

The Middleman sighed through his nose.

"It's not a mind trick, Dubbie. We offer a simple persuasion…."

"That allows people to accept a more rational belief than what actually happened. This isn't my first rodeo, boss."

The Middleman raised his eyebrows and fired up the car.

"Be that as it may, we have a sure-fire mystery on our hands, Dubbie. We need to get to the bottom of it and quick."

He punched a button on the dash and opened the channel to Ida and HQ.

"Ida, I need you run a search on all persons named Daniel Dixon in the immediate area."

The Middlemobile took off