A Snap Shot
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Summary:Just a collection of short drabble. Mostly DASEY
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A Snap Shot:
Birth Control

She dragged him to go watch Eclipse. When he refused she bribed him with food, and being a Venturi, he caved. That's how he found himself in a movie theaters full of girls and there poor unlucky dates who had to withstand that movie. Sure it had some action in it but he craved entertainment when it started to get slow. He tried to annoy her but she was so focused in the movie that nothing he did phased her. So he resorted to plan B: Look through Casey's purse. It was giant, there had to be something in there that would entertain him. All he found was: A book, her cell phone (Password protected sadly) Her iPod. Keys. Snackage of course, (it was part of the deal) and a notebook. All boring nothing exciting. Until he reached her emergency kit.

It consisted of most of what you'd expect. But you know Casey she likes to be prepared. So it included: Tampons, travel size deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. A hair brush, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, aspirin, and bandages. You know, that kind of stuff. Along with pregnancy test and a pack of condoms.

"WHAT IS THIS?" he tried to whisper but it came out more of a yell. "SHHH!" came from all over the theater. If he kept this up they were going to get thrown out.

She only peeked through the corner of her eye. Casey squirmed. She was hopping he wouldn't find those but of course he did.

"In case of an emergency," she whispered.

"What kind of emergency?You're not even having sex!"

This time however she did take her eyes off the movie to give him a devious stare. "I guess you haven't gotten to the birth control yet huh, Der?" she whispered into his ear. Her lips grazing over the shell of his ear. The whole thing sending chills down his spin.

All he go do was groan in agony (and maybe just a little bit of lust.)

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