A Snap Shot
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A Snap Shot:

Casey enjoyed the warmth on her sun-kissed skin and the cool breeze from the surrounding ocean that was cooling her off. However no matter how heavenly the combination was, weariness still managed to lie underneath her skin. She couldn't help it...

She felt him approach her. His footsteps lead up to her. She felt him take a seat next to her. She didn't dare flash him her blue eyes from underneath her designer sunglasses.

She let him do whatever he pleased. She felt his fingertips brush from the tip of her manicured feet, up her calf, and then her thigh until the smooth path of skin was interrupted by the material of her white bikini bottom.

"Casey," he whispered her name softly. He knew she wasn't asleep.

Her eyes fluttered open to greet him. She replied with a smile. He was perfect. Everything was perfect, so why wasn't she happy? Of course she knew the answer to that question as much as it pained her to believe... He wasn't Derek. And that was that. But she'd learn to live without Derek. And Zach was her best bet.

"Stop doing that," he replied, moving to lie down next to her. The sweetness gone from his voice. She sensed the sound of sadness laced in his tone.

"Stop what?" she replied confused.

"Stop smiling like you're happy. I know you're not. What's gotten into you these last few days? I thought you'd enjoy this." He stated with a frown.

"I am enjoying this! This is perfect!" And it was. It wasn't everyday she got to lounge out in the middle of the Caribbean, soaking up the sun's rays as she laid out there with her ridiculously handsome doctor boyfriend on his family's yacht. That was something straight out of a movie. Perfection was exactly what that was! "It's just... There's a few things on my mind." She shrugged. "I'll be fine though. Don't worry." She tried to assure him.

"Well... your phone's been going off downstairs. You want to go see if it's important? It may be about what's bugging you."

Casey sat up instantly. Her phone was going off? She gave specific instructions to NOT interrupt her vacation. Unless it was an emergency... Or maybe it was him. Maybe it was Derek calling. After all she hadn't warned him. She didn't think she needed to. They weren't on talking terms for months now...

Casey regained composure and caught her breath. She remembered she was still under Zach's stare. "I need to..." she started, unsure of what to tell him.

He nodded, understanding. Of course he knew.

She shot him a grateful smile before racing down to the bottom of the yacht and spotted her phone on top of the couch. Not only did she have missed calls, but voice mails, texts and emails. She couldn't catch her breath. Her palms were sweaty. She even felt a little lightheaded. She needed to sit down. She skimmed through it all but she barely understood what it meant. The sentences weren't making sense. Nothing stuck. Except two words that were everywhere. Derek and Engaged.

It took a while to understand. She reread texts from Liz, Ed. and even George with them begging her to do something. Hell, Sam was in the bunch too! Everyone that cared about Derek had reached out to her to fix his mess. Because they believed she was the only one who could.

Eventually she read the magazine article that Lizzie had attached to an email. It appeared that he had proposed to his girlfriend of six months, Natalie Flinch. A model. She was perfect. Famous hockey player and his model girlfriend? They made headlines… naturally.

After the information was processed, she was fuming. Did he really propose? To some random girl? She had no right to be mad, she was nothing to him anymore. At least that's what she was telling herself. Her and Derek had been over for almost a year now. It was only a summer fling, two months of bliss that had ended a long time ago. He ended things and he sent her back into Zach's arms because he didn't want a commitment. But now, after six months with some random girl, he was ready for a commitment, huh? Of course, that made completely sense!

But she would put all those feelings aside because she was the smart and sensible one. She had to go talk him out of it. Because that was what she did and that's what everyone expected of her. Because he was the wild impulsive one and she was the planner. And although they weren't together anymore, hell they were barely ever together, they were still a pair in a twisted messed up way and when Derek messed up, everyone turned to Casey to go fix him, because strangely enough, over the years she was the only one who could. No one understood why, Casey stopped questioning it years ago.

And of course she could just ignore it. She didn't have to fix it... fix him. But she would. Because she didn't want him to marry some random girl he didn't even know. Because she would enjoy ruining his relationship, because she was bitter and he was ruining her time in paradise.

She turned her phone off before throwing it to the side. Fine, they could play that game. With the feisty attitude inside her, she stepped back out to Zach.

He looked at her carefully before letting out a sigh. "I'll take us back." He shrugged, knowing something was wrong.

Casey shook her head and walked to him. "No. I need one more night in paradise before dealing with reality," she whispered into the shell of his ear, her hands skimming his bare chest, fingers teasing the waistband of his swimming trunks.

Revenge was first.

AN: This was supposed to be part of a story that I deleted, so it's a bit random/different. But I like it anyway! There might be a part 2 ;)
PS. Casey's 'revenge' was sleeping with Zach, it was purely out of spite towards D, she wanted to hurt him back, and fill the void of 'Oh shit, Dereks getting married.' kind of thing.

Question: How would Casey react to Derek proposing to another girl?