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Jason turned off the force field and she walked out.

"What exactly happened?" she asked.

"You don't remember anything?" Jason questioned.

"The last thing I remember is drinking a cup of juice before Derek could grab it out of my hands," Casey answered.

"That's probably how you ingested the potion. She must've made herself invisible and spiked your drink," Alex realized.

"Oh, terrific," Casey sighed. "What did I do?"

"Well, let's just say that the Power Rangers are going to have to do some damage control in your neighborhood," Steve stated tactfully.

"Steve, tell me what I did before I drop kick you," Casey warned.

"You threw a rock through a car window and you stole your best friend's bike," Jason answered for her friend. Casey blew out a breath and raked her hair with her fingers.

"Oh, I don't believe this," she moaned.

"Relax. We're going to appear as the Power Rangers and say that you were placed under a spell," Jesse assured.

"That might work," Casey mused.

"Oh! And I believe this is yours," Edwin said, handing his stepsister her communicator.

"Thanks," she grinned.

"Oh, and you did good back there," Jason told Edwin.

"Thanks," Edwin beamed. Then, the alarm blared.

"Guys, guess what's back," Jason said casually.

"Ew, it's some kind of slime creature," Casey stated with a disgusted look.

"And our weapons are totally useless against it," Kelly sighed.

"Wait, slime, that's kind of liquid-y, right?" Brad queried.

"Yeah, so?" the others queried.

"So, maybe we could freeze it," Brad surmised.

"The Mastodon's Deep Freeze!" Steve exclaimed.

"That just might work," Casey agreed.

"Let's do it," Steve grinned.

"It's morphin' time!" Alex shouted.

"Dragonzord!" Jesse called.

"Mastodon!" Jesse summoned.

"Pterodactyl!" Casey yelled.

"Triceratops!" Brad cried.

"Saber-toothed Tiger!" Kelly shouted.

"Tyrannosaurus!" Alex exclaimed. Jason and Edwin watched as the six teens landed.

"We need Dinozord Power now!" the Red Ranger called as the Green Ranger played a tune on his Dragon Dagger. As the zords came out and Edwin took a peek at the older man's face.

"You look like you wish you were out there," he noted.

"Sometimes I do. I remember the feeling-the rush," he answered.

"You used to do this?"

"When I was their age."

"Huh." Edwin turned back to the screen to watch the Rangers in their zords. She really was amazing. From inside his zord, the Black Ranger pressed a button on the console and streams of water came flying out. The monster screamed in rage and pain.

"I CAN'T MOVE! I CAN'T MOVE!" The zords fired on the creature and the Dragonzord whirled around and struck the monster. It roared once last time before it exploded.

"Wow. That's awesome," Edwin breathed. On the moon, Bandora shrieked in rage.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY BEAT US!" she yelled. She turned to Gorkon. "YOU FAILED ME YOU STUPID BAT!" He hissed. On Earth, the Rangers reappeared in Jason's basement.

"Wow. You guys were great," Edwin breathed.

"Thanks," Casey grinned as she demorphed.

"Okay, our sensors caught Casey's little 'Wild child' act and the police were called by a neighbor, so you guys better stay morphed so you can explain her behavior," Jason told the other Rangers. They nodded and they put their helmets back on. Meanwhile, two had shown up at the MacDonald/Venturi house, and were talking to George and Nora.

"No, this doesn't make sense. Casey's a good girl. She's not a vandal," Nora protested.

"Mrs. Venturi, I realize that this hard to hear, but from what I'm hearing, this is her first offense and she'll most likely just get probation," the officer stated. Before he could respond, there was a whooshing sound and they were all surprised to see Casey and Edwin with six people in colored costumes.

"What's going on here?" George wondered.

"It's the Power Rangers," Nora said in surprise.

"Who?" everyone asked.

"In Angel Grove, there are monster attacks almost daily and the Power Rangers fight against them," Nora answered.

"So, what do you guys have to do with a case of vandalism that was apparently caused by this young lady?" the officer wondered.

"The main villainess that we fight-Bandora-put a potion in this young lady's drink, which turned her from good to bad. She also kidnapped this young boy here. She did this so that we would have to split up in order to find the antidote for her as well as finding him and fighting the latest monster," the Red Ranger explained.

"Our mentor monitored the situation and saw that under the potion's personality change, she broke a car window with a rock and then stole her best friend's bike," the Pink Ranger added.

"We can pay for the damages. Just tell us how much it would cost," Nora interjected. The two officers stared at one another.

"You used to live in Angel Grove, man. Were these "spells" common?" one asked.

"Uh, I remember one time when a couple of kids in my class started acting like punks, even scaring the two regular punks, but it wasn't all that common," came the reply. Then, "All right, we'll let you off with a warning since you weren't in control of your own actions. We'll tell our commanding officer what happens. He knows that I'm from Angel Grove and he's heard me talk about the Power Rangers." George and Nora thanked them and the officers took off. Edwin pulled Casey into the kitchen.

"How'd they do that with the Pink Ranger?" he whispered.

"Hologram using my voice," Casey explained.

"Oh," Edwin said. He nodded. That made sense.

"I better go apologize to Emily," Casey sighed and then left. She knocked on the door, which opened to reveal her friend's mother.

"Hi Mrs. Davis, is Emily home?"

"She's in her room. Go on up." Casey walked up the stairs to Emily's room and then knocked on the door.

"Come in." Casey walked in. Emily looked up from her magazine and sighed.


"I'm so sorry. I was a brat and-"

"That's okay. You were probably just having a bad day."

"Yeah. I was. But I still shouldn't have taken it out on you. Do you forgive me?"

"Of course." The two hugged.


Casey was washing dishes while Edwin was drying.

"Hey, thanks for helping," Casey said.

"No problem. Anything for you," Edwin responded. She chuckled and continued washing the dishes. "Thanks for this, by the way," he continued, gesturing to a silver communicator. Then, her communicator went off. She froze.

"Go ahead. I got this," he assured.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, do your thing." Casey dried off her hands and touched her communicator.

"What's up?"

"Casey, Bandora just sent down an eggplant monster." Casey's head recoiled. Okay then, she thought to herself.

"Where are they?"

"Angel Grove Dam." Edwin motioned her to stay put and then made a quick search of the downstairs and then came back in.

"You're clear."

"It's morphin' time! Pterodactyl!" As Casey disappeared, Edwin continued doing the dishes. Be careful, Casey. May the Power protect you, he thought.