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This snippet takes place after Nicky has been kicked out by Rod, when he attempts to take up residence with Brian and Christmas Eve.

Nicky lugged his bag along behind him as he walked down the flight of stairs that separated the two floors that had residents in them. He arrived at the door of Brian and Christmas Eve, hoping to take refuge with them now that Kate was done putting up with him. He hesitantly stepped up, and rapped on the door twice, waiting for one of the two newlyweds to open to door.

He was met by Brian, which might make this easier, Nicky knew him a bit better than he did Christmas Eve.

"Hey Nicky, what can I do for you?" Brian asked casually leaning against the doorframe. Behind his shoulder, Nicky could make Christmas Eve cleaning dishes in their small kitchen.

"Well Brian, you know there was that issue Rod and I had at your wedding?" He started, somewhat uneasy.

"Yeah, he was offended when we were talking about him and he kicked you out. Didn't you stay with Princeton after that?"

"I was staying with him," Nicky started hesitantly, "Until two weeks ago when he kicked me out too." He looked down at the floor, feeling uncomfortable revisiting the ordeal.

"Ooh, that's rough" Brian stated curtly, standing up straight. "Did you talk to Kate? She's been really lonely since Princeton dumped her." He spoke quickly, avoiding the question he knew Nicky was going to bring up.

"She kicked me out a half hour ago." Nicky sighed, looking down steadily. "I don't think it'd be healthy to step foot in Trekkie's apartment, so I was really hoping you and your wife could offer me some hospitality."

He attempted to look pathetic and in pain, trying to appeal to Brian's ethos.

Brian fought the urge to shut the door as he looked into Nicky's big, furry eyes.

"Look Nicky, as much as I'd like to offer you a place to stay, it's just that this place is-"

"BLIAN!" Brain's words were interrupted as his wife screeched at him, approaching him from the back of the apartment.

"Oh honey, I was just-" He was interrupted yet again as his wife shoved him roughly away from the door. He hissed in pain as his back with the wall with a resounding thud.

"Nicky, I so sorry Blian being a terrible person!" Christmas Eve spoke tenderly as she embraced the green puppet in a hug. "Of course you can stay until you patch things with Lod!"

"Christmas Eve!" Brian stepped forward in protest. "Be realistic, do you really think that we can-AGH!"

Evidently Christmas Eve would hear no more as she elbowed her husband in the gut.

"Oh Christmas Eve, I don't know how to thank you, I appreciate this so much!" Nicky spoke enthusiastically as he stepped inside. "You won't even know I'm here!"

"Make youself at home!" She spoke with a smile. "There's no way we're going to let you stay with Tlekkie!"

It would not be until a few days later that she would step in the shower and regret ever having any sense of humanity.

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