We had been chosen. Chosen from the millions of other children in the world. Chosen for our abilities, our genius. Chosen for what we were; what they would mold us to be. Taken from our families, our homes. Taken from our small, sheltered, childish lives and brought into a new home, a new life. At first we were excited, everything seemed like an adventure. Then we found out the truth: This is hell.

But we adjusted. We trained. We won. We lost. We learned. We grew. We changed; and things didn't seem so bad anymore. It became a routine. But underneath it all, we still knew the truth: This is hell.


A.N. Alright this is going to be a weird first chapter. The first 3 chapters will be similar to the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. In the book the people at the school are a lot younger but I changed the ages so that they will be good for romance with the G-Boys. All the Inners and Serena will meet up the G-Boys soon, but this will set the stage as to why. The girls are geniuses that were taken by OZ to be trained. They live in the Battle School, which is an orbiting space station. The first few chapters may be a little confusing because you may not understand all the battle School stuff but don't worry, they won't be in the Battle School for long. Here are a few notes about the Battle School so you will understand.

The Battle is set up like a cylinder that rotates on an axis, which means the gravity goes outward. So if you are in the battle school and standing up on the bottom floor the floor slopes upward and on the other side of the floor is outer space. As you go up floors you go towards the center of the cylinder.

For my purposes all the students at the battle school are girls… lets pretend there is a separate one for boys. The girls are split up into armies that compete against each other in games. Game 1: The battle room is a zero gravity room in which they compete, they wear "flash suits" in which different parts, or all of the body can be frozen stiff till the end of the game by the laser guns. The girls use strategy and such to beat the other armies. Game 2: they compete in mock Gundam battles in simulator. There are other small games but I really wont use the games that much because they will leave the Battle School and meet up with the G- boys really soon

Chapter 1

Serena stared down at her forearms. Black bands encased a third of each arm from her wrist to a few inches from her elbow. (AN: do you guys know what I am talking about? They are like where the last ¼ of your shirtsleeves would be. I think the character on Dark Angel wears them) The two bands signified that she was the commander of an army. A toon leader only had one band on her left arm. She wore a tight, short, black shirt that just reached the end of her ribs and short sleeves that barely came off each shoulder. On the front of her shirt, written in sparkly silver letters was the word "ANGEL". The shirt was the signature color of her army, which bore the name Angel Army. Each army had its own signature color and name. Every girl, no matter what army she belonged to wore the same baggy black pants along with black and silver tennis shoes.

Serena climbed out of her bunk and walked out of her quarters. She glanced over into the room that held her army. It was a long narrow room with twenty bunks on each side. Ten on top; ten on bottom. The floor curved slightly upwards due to the curve of the space station they inhabited. The few girls who were in the room right now were either lying back on their bunks with their computers in their laps or taking this rare chance to rest. Serena turned back around and proceeded to walk down the corridor. She wasn't sure where she was going but she needed to move around. She passed a few people on the way, nodding in acknowledgement but not really feeling like speaking with them.

She walked for what she approximated was 7 minutes before she came across Mina, but something was different about her. Instead of the brown mini-T designated for Mouse Army, which she had previously belonged to, she was wearing an orange shirt with "CUPID" written across it in shimmering red letters. Not only that but instead of the one wrist band she had worn while in Mouse army, Mina now wore two wrist bands of the same orange color as her shirt.

"So you finally gave in, eh Mina?" she commented with a slight smirk. Mina glowered and shook her head.

"I really thought I could hold out, Sere, but I be crazy."

Serena couldn't help but remember a conversation she had with Mina a year before, when she had used the same words… 'I be crazy' Sometimes they would slip into a dialect that was almost a code for all the students that the teachers never quite under stood… but that wasn't the point of the conversation. Serena had been a commander for 2 years at the time. She was only 13 when they promoted her, usually girls didn't get promoted until they were 15, she was really early. But at the time of the conversation she was 15


Serena had noticed that Mina usually came late to dinner, so 10 minutes before dinner, she snuck down to the battle room. Mouse Army had just finished practice and was jogging down the opposite end of the corridor. Mina was not among their ranks. Serena walked up to the open door of the battle room. At the other end she could see that Mina had been just about to re enter the room when she had seen her.

Mina stood near the door, watching Serena.

Serena stood across the room watching Mina.

Neither spoke. It was plain Mina was expecting Serena to leave. It was just as plain that Serena was saying no.

Mina turned her back on Serena, methodically took off her flash suit so she was wearing a sports bra and the baggy pants they were issued. She gently pushed off from the floor and into the battle room so she would drift very slowly in the zero gravity. Mina relaxed her body, positioned herself in what seemed like the neutral yoga position, and drifted lazily trough the battle room for about 10 minutes before she reached another wall. She unfolded her body, rebounded sharply off the wall and shot to the door. Mina grabbed a handhold and righted her body so she would be in the right position when she reentered the gravity outside the battle room. She stepped back into the corridor and grabbed the flashsuit that she had discarded. She and Serena walked down the corridor towards Mouse Army's barracks.

"Why did you wait?" asked Mina

"Wasn't hungry."

"Well, now you know why I'm not a commander."

Serena had wondered, Mina was qualified.

"Actually," Mina continued, "They promoted me twice, I refused."


"They took away my old locker, bunk, and computer, assigned me to a commander's cabin, and gave me an army. But I just stayed in the cabin until the put me back in somebody else's army."

"Why?" questioned Serena. Most people though it was an honor to be promoted to commander.

"Because I won't let them do it to me. I can't believe you haven't seen through all this crap yet, Serena. These other armies, they aren't the enemy. It's the teachers; they're the enemy. They get us to fight each other, to hate each other. The game is everything. Win win win. It amounts to nothing. We kill ourselves, go crazy trying to beat each other, and all the time the old bastards are watching us, studying us, discovering our weak points, deciding whether we are good enough or not. Well, good enough for what? I was 9 years old when they brought me here. What the hell did I know? They decided I was right for the program, no body every asked if the program was right for me." Mina smiled crookedly. "Then… then I got addicted, I can't give up the games." Mina started to look kind of angry with herself. She sighed. "Serena, have you ever hated something so much… so much that it made you wanted to slam you head into the wall… but at the same time love it so much that you can't do anything about it? That's how it is with this place. I hate the teachers, they turn us against each other, manipulate us… but at the same time… I like the competition; I like being one of the best… and some of the people here, like you for instance, are great. So while I wish with all my heart I could escape this hell hole, I'm not sure if I could."

Serena nodded, she understood. "But why not be commander then?"

"Look around you Serena. Not all the people are like us. Look what it does to them when they become commanders! All they see is the game. They don't realize that the teachers control everything here. They don't realize they are monitored in everything they do, evaluated. I don't want to be consumed by the game because someday I will escape from this place. You want to know something? We aren't normal. None of us are. I look in the library; I call up books on my computer. Old ones, because they won't let us have anything new, but I've got a pretty good idea of what children are, and we're not children. Children can lose sometimes, and nobody cares. Children aren't in armies, they aren't commanders, they don't rule over forty other kids, it's more than anybody can take and not get a little crazy. We all be crazy, Serena… and you and me? We be the craziest of them all."

*End Flashback

Serena continued to stare at Mina. She knew that Mina had phrased her words specifically to recall that memory. They both knew that the teachers could be monitoring them at anytime. They couldn't watch the students all the time, but one could never be sure when they were watching. Plus they seemed to pay close attention to Serena. For this reason there were somethings they tried to avoid saying aloud. Serena was quickly calculating in her mind, piecing together the puzzle Mina had laid out for her.

The fact that Mina had given in and become a commander was significant. She wanted them to think that they had broken her, that they had won. That way they would lay off for a while. It was just as she had said. The teachers were the enemy… and Mina… Mina wanted to… Mina wanted to escape. Serena wasn't sure why or how… but Mina wanted to escape.

She though back to what Mina saide, "someday I will escape from this place." Maybe someday would be someday soon.

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