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Chapter 2: Wild Ride

Serena walked silently through the dark passageway.  The bell for lights out had struck over 3 hours ago yet she still proceeded with extreme caution.  To be caught now would ruin everything.

            It had been two weeks since her brief interlude in the passageway with Mina.  At the time the idea of escape had seemed to be a very distant concept.  Now, however, she and Mina were working on making that distant concept a reality.

            At the next ladder she reached she climbed two levels up towards the center of the rotating battle school.  Exiting on the correct landing Serena turned left and proceeded silently down the corridor.  Her feet made no noise against the cool metal floor as she was bare foot and her clothing made no rustle as she was clad only in her under garments.  A week ago she had discovered how the administrators tracked the movements of the students; small tacking devices were sewn into the waistband of the standard issue black pants every student wore at all times.  By leaving her clothes on her bed Serena conveniently appeared to be in her commander's bunk and would go undetected as she roamed the halls in the dark artificial night.

            Serena paused when she reached the 8th door and carefully punched in the correct code into its dimly lit key pad.  The door slid aside to reveal an extremely cluttered storage room.  Serena stepped inside and the door slid shut with an electric whir.

            A blonde head popped up from behind one of the boxes.

            "A little late aren't we?" Mina mused.

            "Sorry, I lost track of time."

            Mina merely nodded before setting into business.  "Alright, let's try to make this meeting as productive as possible.  I have been thinking about this a lot since our last meeting and, in all honesty, this is going to be extremely difficult.  We are going to need some help with this, I propose that we get two more girls at the very least to go with us.  This can't just be one of those 'everyone on the count of three' things.  Everything is going to have to be planned and calculated.  Nothing can be left to chance.  We are going to have to be deceptive—get past the teachers, the administrators, computer firewalls, and even fellow students.  Plus about a million other things we haven't even thought of yet.  We are going to face innumerable impossibilities and we are going to have to make them happen anyway.  Now I know that we are still in the roughest of planning stages and we can't expect to do this all in one night, but everything starts now.  We need to make some major decisions tonight if we are ever going to escape this place."

            Mina paused from her tirade and took a deep breath.  "Now comes the hard stuff," she said dramatically.  "I am sad to say that we have already reached the first impossibility while in our planning stage.  The only way to get off this god forsaken hell station that they call a 'school' is by ship.  The thing is, I can't think of any way for us to sneak on one.  The new youngsters arrive on a transport ship that docks just long enough for everyone to get off and leaves again with no passengers.  Graduates move onto other stations or schools, like command or strategy school, depending.  Those trajectories are set and none of them seem like much of an alternative to where we are now."  Mina seemed to be getting frustrated now.

            "Even more," she continued, "the teachers and administrators hardly ever leave.  Many of them have been here longer than we have.  If they ever do take a vacation are go out on business or something we don't know about it.  So, as far as I can tell there is no way out of here except for jumping out into space, plugging our ears (to keep stable pressure) and seeing how long we can hold our breath."   Mina sighed and rubbed her temples frustratedly. 

            "I just don't know ho—"

            "But I think I do," Serena cut in.  "I did a little research myself."  She reached into her sports bra and removed a folded sheet of paper.

            "Yesterday before dinner when most of you guys were showering I slipped up to the administrators' level and climbed into the air ducts. I maneuvered my way around until I came to a teacher's room and waited until she left to drop down into her room so I could use her computer terminal.  The teachers and the students are hooked up to different systems so this way they would have no way of finding out who it was even if they were able to trace the hack.  So I hacked into the system.  There was a whole lot of information and I was having difficulty narrowing it down to useful data that could be used in our mission.  I figured that while I was there that I should check what information they had on us specifically to see if they were suspicious or had any data possibly detrimental to our cause.  But, when searching for our names one of the documents that came up… was this."  She paused long enough to unfold the paper and hand it to Mina.

            Mina studied the paper.  "It is a list of names.  From what I can tell it includes some of the current commanders along with a few toon leaders.  Why is this significant?"

            "That list, my dear Mina, is significant because those are the girls they are currently considering sending down to a command base for exclusive training…" Serena smiled as Mina's eyes widened, "… down on earth."

            "Earth?" Mina queried in a desperate whisper.


            "And we're—"

            "On the list," Serena finished.

            "Oh my god," Mina breathed, "this is perfect."

            "Yeah," Serena smiled, "I know.  The only problem is we have to stay on that list.  There are 20 girls are on that list right now.  Any of our associated we need will have to be recruited from that list. However, in 3 weeks they are going to cut the list down to 8 girls and 3 weeks later, we leave."

            "That only gives us 6 weeks to get everything planed and prepared!" exclaimed Mina.
            Serena just smiled. "Hang on tight girl, 'cause we're in for one wild ride."


            Four days later Serena and Mina had cut 5 girls from the list and (subtracting themselves of course) that left them with 13 girls to choose from as there partners.  They had, after much deliberation, decided that 5 was the ideal number of girls to pull off a mission of this nature.  It was a balance between secrecy and necessity.  They would have enough girls to manage all the necessary operations but the group would be compact enough that they would be less likely to seem suspicious and get caught. 

            By that time they had also agreed on one girl they would induct into the operation if she was willing: Ami Mizuno. 

            Ami was the commander of Frost Army and, much like Serena, the administration seemed to take special interest in her.  She was quiet and seemed like once she was inducted she would be loyal and work hard.  The main reason that they wanted her on the team however, was her intrinsic ability with computers.  She, unlike most of the Battle School students, was interested in something besides the Game and the simulations.  Ami had even gone so far as to request parts to work on her own personal projects... and her requests were, most amazingly, granted.

            With Ami's help they could build a miniature computer that was not linked to the Battle School networks.  They could then use the computer to hack into the computer systems at the school more easily, access the nets that were used outside the Battle School, and gather information so they could find out what was going on in the world.

            They were going to meet with Ami tonight in the storage room.  It was Mina's job to make sure that Ami got there, all Serena had to do was wait.  That was much more difficult than it sounded.  Serena shifted restlessly in her seat ignoring the endless drone of her mathematics teacher, completely unable to keep her mind off potential escape


            Serena and Mina sat anxiously in the cluttered storage room.  Serena shifted.

            "Are you sure she is coming?" she directed at Mina, without actually looking at her.

            Mina continued to stare at the door as well. "Yes."

            The two lapsed back into silence.

            The door opened with an electric whir.  The two stood as blue-haired Ami Mizuno walked through the doorway.  The door slid shut and the trio sat.  Silence fell once more.

            Mina took the initiative.  "Alright, as you know we are planning an escape that will take place in five and a half weeks time.  You are the third member what will eventually be a five man team.  Before I continue I need to know: do we have your full support and loyalty in this mission?  We are going to be teammates and are going to have to rely on each other in every way.  I need to know that we can trust you."

            Ami didn't even pause before replying.  "Yes," she said nodding, a look of determination on her face. "I have put a lot of consideration in this and I am completely sure."

            Mina nodded in return, still all seriousness.  "In this set up we are all going to have certain tasks we have to complete.  As I mentioned when I spoke with you before Serena and I were hoping you can help us create a sort of miniature computer, something powerful but easy to conceal.  We want to be able to link it to the school computer terminals so we can use it as a hacking tool but we also want it to be tuned so that is can access the outside nets.  I will be working with you partially on this, but my question to you is: do you think it is possible to do so? Can we get the materials? Can we do it in time?"

            Ami's eyes were sharp and she nodded as if acknowledging the validity of a comment, not responding to a question.  "I thought as much when you first spoke to me.  I have been working on this computer," she said lifting a slim blue plastic object, "for some time now and though it is not quit finished I believe it is adaptable to the specified needs.  It is quite small as you specified and fairly powerful, though I believe I can enhance this property so that it can function at extreme speed and hold an exponential amount of data.  I have a small port on the side so that you can dock it to another computer, this could be used for hacking.  As for accessing the outside nets, this is not yet a feature I have installed but I believe I could given a day or two to establish the correct frequency and all the necessary installments.  It has several other features I believe will be beneficial as well.  For one, as you can see the—"

            "Ami," Serena interrupted, almost laughing, "why do you have the symbol for Mercury on the side on the cover of your computer?"  When pointing out the different features of her computer Ami had revealed what appeared to be a stick figure with horns and no legs to be imprinted in her computer cover.

            Ami blushed. "Well, you see… um… er…" It seemed the highly eloquent Ami was at a lack for words.  She finally found her tongue again and managed to get out a coherent sentence.  "I don't know, I just have this thing for naming the things I make and I named this one Hermes, after the Greek god, who as you know corresponds with the Roman god Mercury and—"

            A sudden thought hit Serena and she interrupted Ami for the second time in 30 seconds.

            "Ami," she said hurriedly, "How hard would it be to replicate this computer?"

            Ami paused, startled by the abrupt change of topic.

            "Well, considering that I have already worked out the mechanics of how to build it, installed the operating systems and all the other technical work I guess it wouldn't be too bad if I could get my hands on the right equipment and materials…." Ami faded off slowly.  "Why?" she asked cautiously.

            "Because, if it is possible once you finish off the details on this computer, you and Mina could make copies of it for each member of the team.  It wouldn't take as long like you said because you have already built most of the computer.  Mina and I were only originally planning for one but since we aren't starting from scratch we can probably copy this computer," she said gesturing to the thin computer resting on the box between them, "four times in the same amount of time we had planned to make one computer from scratch!"

            Ami was now getting extremely excited about this as well.  "You are absolutely right! I think we could do it.  It would be extremely beneficial for the mission and could probably aid each of the other members in their assigned task.  Oooh!" she exclaimed as another idea hit her, "I was just about to show you another component of the computer." She pulled out a headset.  "I originally designed this so the computer would respond to verbal commands but it could also be routed to function as a communication system between this computer and its sister computers." Ami put on the headset.

            "It links wirelessly to the computer," she continued, "so if you are unable to reach your computer, want to keep it concealed, you just don't want to bother, -or any other reason you can think of- it doesn't matter.  We can all have instant access to one other.  It also has a visual attachment," she said clipping on a small transparent visor that shielded her right eye.

            "Alright," Mina grinned, "this is perfect.  We will meet here in two days time.  Ami you bring that computer so we can see how far updated you got on it.  Everyone try to acquire any computer parts you think necessary.  Ami I bet you will be able to request some legitimately from the teachers as they usually give you what you want.  Get as much as you can and the rest we will get through 'ulterior' methods."

            They all got up preparing to leave when Serena remembered something.  She quickly got out this list of names and handed it to Ami.

            "These are our options for the two remaining positions of the team," Serena said. "Some of them that are left might be cut by the administration which will help us narrow down when we find out who they are.  We are confidant that we three will make the final eight.  Mina and I have already eliminated 5 girls that leaves us with 12 to choose from.  However, all of us will have to be comfortable with the team we decide on.  We have to trust each other.  Look that list over. If there is anyone you feel you do not want on the team we want you to let us know."

            Ami nodded and scanned the list.  She studied it carefully before sharing her opinion with the two other girls.  "I believe that Melanie McKenzie should be removed from the list.  I fought under her for a period of time in Shamrock Army.  She is qualified enough but honestly if she found out about this I think she would turn us in.  She loves this place."  She paused looking the list over again.  "I also believe Sylvia Kiranovitch should be cut because-" she gave the girls a sheepish smile. "-well I guess I really don't have a reason, I just never liked her much.  She was in my launch group, and a real jerk. I would like to recommend this girl, though," she said pointing to a name.  "She is an extremely talented strategist and she doesn't like it here to much either.  I think she could be beneficial to the team.  Maybe we should keep an eye on her?"

            Mina and Serena nodded.  The girls all once again prepared to leave.

            Serena refolded the sheet of paper.

            Three names were circled.

            Seven names were crossed off.

            Nine names remained unmarked.

            A star rested next to a single name: Lita Kino

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