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Okay, since I like Fruits Basket and Twilight, I've decided to do a crossover. Reviews are appreciated!

Dialect Breakdown:

English: Normal

Japanese: Italic

Bold Italics: Thoughts


"Shut up you stupid cat,"

"Kyo, Yuki that's enough!" Kyo held his gaze firmly on Yuki.

"Would tea calm you two down? I just finished preparing some in the kitchen," the brunette smiled. Yuki smiled at her;

"Yes that would be lovely Miss Honda," he replied. She blushed.

"Kyo, would you like some tea?" she asked, hopefully.

"Yeah I'll have some," he replied, his face softening when he heard the brunette's voice. She smiled and walked into the kitchen. The two boys followed behind her. Tohru quickly grabbed two small cups from the cupboard and poured the tea from the kettle

"Oh Miss Honda! Kyo, Yuki! I have great news!" a man, in his twenties announced running into the house. She set the kettle onto the table, smiling..

"What is it Shigure?" she asked. The two boys sipped their tea quietly.

"It seems we'll be moving to America!" he exclaimed happily. Kyo spit out the tea he was drinking.

"A-America?" she stammered surprised at the sudden news.

"Akira thinks it'll be good for us to see new places,"

"This is..sudden," Tohru breathed. Yuki stayed silent.

"A change of scenery is always nice," Shigure added, his eyes beaming. Kyo shot up, slamming his hands onto the table.

"Why are you so damn happy about this? It's because you want to flirt with more females?" Kyo growled.

"When do we leave Shigure?" Yuki finally spoke, glaring at Kyo.

"Tomorrow! We should get packing soon! We have a long day ahead of us!" he replied, skipping to his room.

"Oh yes! I'll start packing our belongings now!" Tohru said hurriedly, walking into her room. Kyo stormed out of the house, not wanting to be upset than he already was in front of Tohru. Yuki sighed. He was the only one left in the kitchen.

"America…" he muttered.