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" I can't believe how nervous I am," Tohru muttered in front of the tall, opaque crystal mirror in her bedroom. She rubbed her forearm, repeatedly, observing her fidgeting form in the mirror to give her some kind of comfort. She wore a knee length strapless black dress and black flats with little grey bows at the toe.

She figured she looked decent, as she was trying to go along with the whole 'spying' concept even though they were techincally not spying on the Cullens anymore; at least not as much in secret as they had planned to before- which would have been a lot harder than they realized if they had not received that invitation.

Their curiousness got the best of them, and they hadn't really thought it through before.

Now Tohru's been thinking about it a little too much, and it was only a matter of minutes before they would leave.

It was fortunate that they would at least have a ride to the Cullens tonight, seeing as Akito gave Shigure more American money than they necessarily needed in Tohru's opinion; so he went out to one of the local car dealerships and bought a small black car, enough for six people to ride in.

She blinked as there was a knock on her bedroom door, and she looked towards it. Then just as she was about to call out, the door swung open, and in came Shigue- grinning with this hands stuffed in his kimono.

"Gah, Shigure! Y-You're supposed to knock!" Tohru stammered, her eyes widened in surprise.

Shigure laughed at the brunette's pink face. " Sorry about that,"

Tohru narrowed her eyes at him, a little irked at how not sorry he seemed to be. He continued to stare at her through the mirror- observe her.

"You look pretty in that dress Tohru. I'm surprised I haven't seen you in it before, knowing you wear dresses every single day,"

Tohru smiled a little. " Ah, thanks Shigure. I wouldn't have even thought to have worn this again. You see, I last wore this at my grandfather's funeral a few years back,"

Shigure's eyes widened, and his cheeks darkened. " Oh gosh Tohru I'm sorry I-,"

Tohru giggled. " No it's okay Shigure, you didn't know. Now what did you come in here to tell me?"

" I wanted to give you this- something to protect you from the Cullens when you arrive at the party. Yuki and Kyo are a lot stronger than you and are capable of protecting themselves. You however, no offense Tohru but you're only human, besides, Kyo would beat me senseless if I were responsible for anyone even laying a scratch on you," He rambled, then laughed nervously afterward and scratched the back of his head.

Tohru blinked when he mentioned Kyo's name and turned her face slightly as blush appeared on her face.

It was then that the black-haired man pulled out a large necklace of garlic cloves from his kimono, and held out it with a proud grin on his face.

Tohru's right eye twitched. " Um, Shigure-"

" I read on a website that this stuff can repel almost any type of supernatual being! Just in case, okay?"

" Are you...positive that mere cloves of garlic can keep them from harming me? Doesn't that sound a bit...silly to you?"

Shigure's jaw dropped, and he almost whimpered in response. " Silly? It's the most genius idea ever! Just promise me you'll wear it Tohru! Promise me!"

Tohru stared at the giant thing in his hand and fidgeted. " I don't know Shigure," She paused. She watched as his eyes seemed to sadden and his bottom lip quivered as if he were on the verge of tears.

Her eyes widened and she waved her hands at him. " Alright, I'll do it! Please don't cry Shigure, I'll put it in the pocket of my dress instead," She took the necklace and stuffed it into the small of her dress pocket- a compartment she deemed to be essential right then.

Shigure's pout turned satisfied once again, and he patted her shoulder, as she walked past him.

" You really are great, you know that?"

She made her way out of the room and down the stairs then- to see Kyo by the front door, his back against the wall and he stared at the ground, his hands in his pockets.

He wore his usual dress attire, Tohru noted; a black button down dress shirt and black slacks, and black leather shoes- But he looked as handsome as ever, and she couldn't help but blush when he made eye contact with her, before she could call out to him.

She stepped down from the last stair and smiled at him as he stared at her unblinkingly.

" It's not too much is it? I was trying to stick with the whole 'spying' concept- even though we're not actually spying anymo-"

Kyo shook his head. " You look fine, Tohru," He paused, as if trying to find his next words. " Black suits you,"

Tohru smiled at the orange-headed boy, finding his compliment flattering. She stared at him as he averted his eyes away from her- realizing there was something troubling him.

" You look lovely too Kyo, as always," His gaze lifted from the floor, and he almost chuckled at the compliment. Tohru sighed when he didn't seem to look any better, and took a step closer, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

" I know you still don't want me there with you, but I promise you I'll be okay,"

Kyo turned to her then- and watched as she stood there with her hands folding into each other. He didn't want her to feel like that- guilty- just because he didn't want bad to happen to her.

She was a more strong-willed person that any girl he had ever known, and especially stubborn, as he could admittedly say about himself sometimes.

But that's what he liked about her, among other things.

" As much I don't like the idea of you getting hurt...I actually...don't mind that you're coming with us,"

It was the first time Tohru ever heard Kyo say something like that to her. She didn't know how to respond to it, and she blushed as Kyo looked away, probably not believing what he had said either.

" Sorry about the wait, you two. I couldn't decide on what tie I should wear. You look lovely Tohru-"

" Let's just go," Kyo interrupted, lifting himself from against the wall, and towards the door. Tohru stared after him by the door, swallowing as his attitude changed from kind to upset in only a few seconds. He cleared his throat as he looked back, and towards the stairs where Shigure was upstairs.

" We should be back by midnight, if everything goes as planned," He called out, then, after glancing one last time at Tohru, he opened the door, and started outside towards the car. Yuki followed him out, then stopped once he realized Tohru hadn't moved and looked back to her, concerned.

" Are you alright, Miss Honda?" Tohru gasped at the sudden voice, and realized she must have spaced out. She blinked and nodded, a small smile on her lips, though it didn't quite reach her eyes. Yuki noticed the expression but didn't question it, guessing the nervous jitters were starting to set in.

"Don't worry Tohru, as long as I'm here, they won't lay a finger on you,"

" Y-Yes. Forgive me Yuki. Let's go,"

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