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Chapter One. Brick Walls in the ER Can Be Distracting.

Carlisle's Point of View

London, England 1664

The torch slipped in my sweaty palm as I rounded another corner and thundered down another flight of stone stairs.

"This way!" I shouted to the crowd of skeptical people behind me.

The tunnels grew darker and the smell… oh god the smell. I was used to unpleasant smells having lived in 17th century London my whole life. The raw excrement smell was both familiar and repulsive but this smell… was like rotting dry flesh; decayed ash that had belonged to the living. I covered my nose and continued onward. Maybe for once I would make my father proud. The darkness lightened slightly and the tight tunnel suddenly opened up to a wide cavernous room. I started more slowly now, each footstep echoing off the stone walls. The crowd behind me started whispering nervously. The air didn't feel right in here. It was far too cold. A rush of wind flew by me on my right, another blur to the left. Wind whipped right in front of me, hard enough to make my torch flicker out. We were plunged into blackness. Someone from my crowd screamed in terror.

After a few seconds my eyes adjusted. The group behind me was trembling. Someone let out a sob.

"Carlisle, let's get out of here…" one older man said. "We'll tell your father that we found a whole clan of vampires and we slayed them all." He stuttered a bit. "But let's leave now. Th-this place gives me the creeps."

I turned, ready to agree with him when a voice, as silk as satin and as cold as ice filled the wide stone hall.

"The creeps you say… Well. I do apologize that my home is not… to your taste."

A small chuckle followed and the whips of wind flew faster, each one stopping to reveal a dark cloaked figure. A dozen, maybe more of them surrounded us and we shuddered in fear. A shadow stopped directly before me, still chuckling. Slender white hands pulled back the cloak, revealing one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. I gasped. The cavern light glimmered off of ruby eyes and he smiled.

"But I'm sure your taste will be quite satisfactory for me…"

He lunged at me. I moved my mouth to scream but his teeth sunk into my flesh before it could escape.





The pager beside me took me out of my meditation. The closest thing a vampire could have to sleep, to dreams. I closed my eyes again trying to find a happier memory, anything else but the brutality of my last human one. I slowed my breathing, deep and even, and focused my ears on the hum of the air around me.


Fuck. Fine.

I sighed and gathered up my things. The on call room wasn't a very relaxing place anyway, but I had to keep up the appearance that I sleep. I adjusted my lab coat and walked out to the nurse's station.

The head nurse, Jessi, flushed when I approached.


The attention over my vampiric good looks was flattering. Unwanted at times, but always flattering. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I tease them back a bit. The way their blood flushes through them always amuses me. Cheeks, ears, palms, pussy… and usually in that order too. Jessi here flushed in between her legs immediately with one of my sideways smiles. After reliving that last memory it is now officially a bad day.

"Hey Jessi." I purred, turning my head to the side.

"Hello Dr. Cullen." She stammered. I let her stare into my gold eyes a second longer. I smiled.

Hehe. There it is.

"You paged me?"

"Yea… ummm…" She looked down at her paperwork. "Chief Swan and his daughter are here. Apparently she was in some sort of car accident. Your son Edward is also involved."

I straightened, smile vanished.

"What are the injuries?" I asked, grabbing the chart from the desk.

"None." I sighed, relieved. "Except for another student who has a minor head injury, but he is being attended to."

I began to stride towards the ER.

"Thanks Jessi…" I called over my shoulder.


She said my name so softly I knew I wasn't supposed to hear. I sighed, shook my head and pushed open the doors to the ER.

The scent hit me like a fucking brick wall.

I felt my cock harden in my pants and my fingers gripped the clipboard so hard it cracked.

What. The. Fuck.

My 300 plus years of control and resolve were splintering as my nostrils flared, trying to take in as much of the scent as possible. It was arousing, overpowering. It was every taste, ever craving I ever wanted in my existence rolled into one erotic invasion of my senses. I wanted it. I needed it. And it was human.

I stood there, willing my erection to cease and tried not to breath, tried not to fill my body with the fragrance of heaven. I debated whipping around and leaving but I heard Chief Swan's voice floating over the bustle of the emergency room. His tone was not happy. Grabbing a new clipboard from the wall, I replaced the paperwork and approached the Chief. I pulled back the curtain.

"Chief Swan…." I started.

There she was, sitting sideways on the hospital bed. Her well worn converse shoes dangled a few feet from the floor. Her frame was slight but her hips curved in a delicious way. She gazed up at me and I found myself drowning in a pool of chocolate eyes.

I drew in a sharp breath, forgetting that I had been trying not to breathe. My mind suddenly reeled.

She was the source.

"This must be your daughter Isabella…" I choked, trying not to reveal my turmoil. Or the growing length in my pants.

I only half listened as they explained what happened and I performed the routine checks. I wanted her. It took everything I had not to pounce on her and take her right there on the bed. To push myself into her while licking, nipping her throat where the intoxicating scent pulsed so rapidly.

"…and Edward was right there…"she continued. That brought me back down to earth. She was Edward's. She was the girl he had fallen for. She was the one who saved him from himself. To make him feel again. She was the one who brought him back to life.

She was the one I could never have.

"Well it was lucky he was there then." I stated, trying not to let the frustration sound in my voice. She stared up at me and bit her lip as I brushed her off. It turned white under the pressure and I wanted to lean in to kiss it, to bring the flush of blood back, to consume my mouth with her taste.

Instead I turned on my heel and left, my head aching for clarity and my body aching for release.

She is Edward's.

She will never be mine.

Bella's Point of View.

I rubbed my wrist nervously, something I always did whenever I was waiting for a doctor. It started back when I was five and tripped while doing ballet. My wrist had broken beneath my fall and ever since, sitting for a doctor brought back the old haunting ache. Charlie was pacing at the end of the bed. He had already ripped Tyler a new one for almost hitting me with his van.

Keyword almost.

Edward had saved me instead, crushing the side of the van with his bare hand in the process.

That seriously can't be normal. And why did he save me in the first place? And how the hell did he get to me from across the parking lot?

All these questions would have to go unanswered. For now.

A nurse giggled faintly and I turned my head to see him pulling back my curtain. Dr. Cullen, his lab coat read. Carlisle… Edward's father? I stared up into his face as he spoke with Charlie. He was… absolutely gorgeous. He pale blonde hair was combed back, revealing smooth alabaster skin. His features were chiseled and strong and my eyes followed the firm line of his jaw, which connected with a thick muscular neck. His shoulders were broad and toned, the lab coat snug against his build.

I wonder what the rest of him is like.

I blushed as I caught his gaze. He held my eyes and I felt a flush of heat rush though my body. His eyes… golden and warm were steady and focused. His nostrils flared. Suddenly his eyes went dark and he looked as if he was going to lunge at me.

"This must be your daughter, Isabella…"he stated, never taking his eyes off mine.

I felt my heart beating, no thudding in my chest I as looked away from his topaz eyes. I started stammering, telling him about the accident; anything to keep me from losing myself in his intense gaze again. He seemed to recover as well and started his doctor checks. I told him about the van, Tyler, and the ice that caused it all. He nodded absently and started checking my reflexes.

I told him about how Edward saved me, how he moved from one end of the parking lot to the other in less than a second. How he stopped the van from crushing me. I hoped that he would reveal how his son behaved so inhumanly.

But at the mention of Edward he stiffened. He dropped his stethoscope and looked away.

"Well it was lucky he was there then." he murmured.

I caught his gaze then. He was completely different; his eyes now hostile. I bit my lip in thought.

What could have caused the sudden change? Was it something I said?

I say him staring at me… at my mouth to me more specific. He leaned forward slightly. My lips parted.

He mumbled something to the nurse and turned around, faster than I have ever seen. He headed out the door, nodding a farewell at Charlie as he passed. I sat there on the hospital bed, dumbfounded.

What the hell just happened? That was the strangest encounter with the hottest doctor I have ever seen.

Charlie filled out my discharge papers and I gathered my things, hopped off the bed and bolted out the door. I had to find Edward. I wanted an explanation for what had happened today. I walked down the hall at a ridiculously fast pace, the walls and passing people a blur.

Suddenly my feet flew out from beneath me as I tripped. Dammit not again. I grabbed the air desperate to find anything to keep me from face planting on the linoleum.

My fingers found fabric and I pulled, trying to stay upright. Strong arms found their way around me, stopping my collision with the floor. I was gently set down. The figure above me made a soft moan. My eyes focused and I found myself looking deep into the eyes of Dr. Cullen.

He looked at me, his eyes reflecting an expression I couldn't quite place. I felt his solid form above me and I moved my hand to his shoulder.

"Dr. Cullen…"I stammered.


"Please…call me Bella"

"Bella…"He whispered. "Call me Carlisle…"

Neither of us had made an effort to move. I let my hand slide downward to rest on his chest, marveling at the stone hard feeling of his frame.

That isn't the only thing that is rock hard, I noticed as I shifted my hips slightly. I blushed.

In less than a second he was on his feet, pulling his lab coat around his waist, an attempt to hide his arousal. He held his hand out, offering to help me up. I placed my hand in his. The jolt that ran through my fingers and up my arm made me shiver. He must have felt the same electric current because his eyes widened in surprise.

He swiftly pulled me to my feet. His eyes were dark again, almost savage as he stared into mine.

"Please try to be more careful Bella…" He slowly reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, his fingers gently trailing down my jaw.

I nodded slowly. His thumb brushed my lip. I forgot to breathe and felt my heart quicken. I felt heat rush to my core and I closed my eyes. A breeze fluttered against my face and he was gone, soaring down the hall.

I picked my bag up from where it had fallen on the floor and headed slowly to the lobby.

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