A Disturbed Savior: Allies. Old And New

Quick Summary: 3 years post Cell Games. Gohan hasn't his father's absence so lightly. He hardly talks to anyone. He buries himself in music and deprives himself of happiness. In this story, many different things will happen to Gohan to change his body and his mind. I realize how random some things may seem, but just stick with it.


"GOHAN! GOTEN! Breakfast is ready!" Came the yell of a woman who was so used to cooking for an army.

Goten jumped out bed immediately at the sound of the word 'breakfast'. He was a happy and hyper little demi. He would always be in the kitchen before Gohan even gets out of bed it seems. Gohan didn't seem to have the motivation he used to have. He didn't seem to have that cheery attitude that everyone loved anymore either. He seemed to lack the will to even live most of the time. He was always in a gloomy mood. And today was no different. Today was going to be his first day of Public School. He would be attending Orange Star Middle. He wasn't pleased, he could make his way through college with all he knew at this point due to Chi Chi slamming books in his face since he was younger. Goten wasn't getting that treatment...yet.

Gohan slowly opened his eyes not wanting to wake up this early anymore. The last time he woke up this early was to train with his Dad. Just the thought of that made him want to cry. He didn't want to think about it anymore. He knew he couldn't show this side of himself to his family so he warmed himself up taking his mind off the sad thought. He pulled himself out of bed and walked over to his desk where his books lay open and a drawer slight protruding. Inside the drawer was what mattered though. Inside was his release, inside was what was important to him now. He swiftly took the item and hid it in the waistline of his white pants and walked out his room and into the kitchen, not saying a word as he sat down at the table awaiting his meal to be presented to him."Good morning Gohan. I hope you're ready for your first day of school." Chi Chi said in a cheerful mood. Gohan just grumbled in response, he wasn't looking forward to it.

"Goan's going to school? Can I go too! Pwetty pwetty pwease!" The excited mini Goku exclaimed not knowing what school is or where it is for that matter. Gohan chuckled a bit at that little bit.

"You can go for me Goten. I'll take you there, drop you off, and then pick you up when you're done. That's how school is. It's not much fun either." Chi Chi wasn't pleased with the pessimistic words Gohan was spewing out to his younger and very naive brother. She was having none of that on this morning.

"GOHAN! You're going to school and that's that. There's no getting out of it. And sorry Goten, you have to stay home with mommy while Gohan goes to school." she proclaimed smacking her frying pan against her hand letting Gohan know who was in control didn't take to this very well. No Saiyan, Full Blooded or Half-Breed was safe when a frying pan was around. Besides that, she really didn't understand how distraught he was. How going to school would just make things worse. Being around people where he had to control his strength and his emotions. A tough day was ahead for young Gohan. The rest of the morning was quite as Gohan didn't want to make his supposedly already horrible day any worse. He ate his breakfast like the other 3 living Saiyans would, quick and messy. This seemed normal enough by Chi Chi's standards so she ignored his earlier outburst as she put away her weapon of mass destruction. When the bothered Half Breed was finished with his food, he sneakily made his way out of the house and called upon the Nimbus Cloud to get him to school. He wanted to avoid any sort of problem that might have occurred had he opened his mouth again.

At least while riding Nimbus he could relax his mind and forget about everything. But his thoughts drastically changed as thoughts of the day ahead were planted inside his head. He was going to be the new kid, so maybe everyone would ignore him and things would be ok. Or it would be quite the opposite and it would be 'pick-on-the-new-guy-day'. His hopes weren't very high for the day ahead. They never usually were anymore.

"NOBODY MOVE OR THE GIRL GETS IT!" screamed an armed robber holding a red headed girl around the age of 9 at gun point while he slowly backed away towards an armored vehicle where a couple of his goons were waiting for him in. There was a bag in between his feet which he was dragging behind while backing towards the vehicle. Inside the bag was some of the most expensive jewerly available for purchase in Satan City. So this wasn't a situation that was going to pass and be ignored.

A certain Half Breed was hovering over Satan City, sitting Indian style on the Nimbus Cloud when screams of terror were heard. He really didn't want to, but the good in him, whatever was left, knew he had to. By no means did he want anyone to recognize him so without a second thought he raised his power level up enough to just tap into the first Super Saiyan form. As soon as his hair was a shade of Gold and his eyes a sparkling Teal, he flew down to the scene of the crime as quickly as he could while still taking his dear old time. He really could care less deep down. He didn't want to waste any time so he dispensed of the robber as quickly as he could. Soon enough a bright Golden blur flashed in the middle of the street where the robber was standing. The only thing anyone in near sight could see was a bright cloud of light beating up a man dressed in black holding a girl at gunpoint. Soon enough the girl was released from captivity as she ran to the side of the road where she was embraced by the Satan City Police force.


The vehicle suddenly dropped to the floor as all four tires suddenly exploded. The back door to the van was ripped off it's hinges. The bright light floated into the van where just seconds later, 5 armed robbers dressed in the same outfit as the previous were thrown out of the van seemingly unconscious. The police force stood at the sidewalk behind their blast shields stupefied at what they were witnessing. How could any of what was happening be explained? How could anything so amazing be possible? It just couldn't be possible, could it? Whatever happened, it was nothing short of incredible. The mysterious Gold fighter continued his assault on the vehicle when suddenly the vehicle burst into flames as it popped 5 feet into the air. Everyone bystander watching the miracle took steps back to secure their own safety. The officer who was holding the young girl was the most surprised. Here he was, useless to the city he so solemnly swore to protect, while some weird light did his job for him and made him a babysitter. "NOOOOOO!" Cried out the girl as the vehicle exploded and burst into flames.

When the fire department reached the area where all the action took place they quickly started washing away the blazing fury from the middle of the street. When the flames were finally cleared up the captain took a look inside the beaten up van to find it empty as a whistle. No seats, so wheel, no engine. Nothing. It was cleaned out. After further inspection he came out of the crispy vehicle and approached the head of the police department. "Sir, there's nothing inside. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. There's no parts in that van. Even the engine is gone. There's no seats, no radiator, nothing. Do you have any idea how this could have happened? Even in an explosion, parts would still be partly intact. But all I see inside is ashes. It's like everything disintegrated into thin air."

During the explosion Gohan made his sweet escape from what would have a horde of media attention. He snuck through the black smoke and headed towards the dreadful location that was his current learning environment. The last thing he wanted was for his mom to get a call home saying he was late for class on his first day when he was fastest being in the universe. Soon enough Gohan was on the roof top of Orange Star Middle as he powered down back to his normal state with his jet black hair and onyx shaded eyes. He walked through the door and slowly made his way down the stairs as he entered the hallway. It took him a couple minutes to find where he was going because the building was quite large. After a couple minutes of wandering around he found the office where he would get his schedule. He entered the below freezing room while a woman sat behind her computer quickly turned her attention to the young Demi. "May I help you with something?" He looked away, not wanting to make eye contact with the perky employee.

"I, I need a schedule."

"So you're new here I assume. Alrighty then, I just need your name so I can print out your schedule for you.

After receiving his schedule from the front office, the Half Breed slowly walked towards class number 524. After wandering the halls, going up and down staircases trying to find the right floor, he finally found his destination. He stood at the door for moments just staring at everything inside through a small window, apparently no one seemed to notice him looking around. He had hoped this would mean no one would noticed him when he was actually in the class. After taking a couple deep breathes he finally found the courage to push himself through the door. At the sound of the door hinge squeaking, a tall man holding a book in front of his face did a 180 and turned to the door. He quickly examined the confusion on the black haired kid's face. "Ahh, you must be the new student. Son Gohan is it?"

Gohan was too busy looking over all the eyes that were planted on him to notice the teacher calling his name. So many people, so many strangers, too many issues that could arise from all of this. He was feeling many different emotions right now. He was feeling scared, all eyes on him again. All eyes looking at him just like everyone was 3 years ago. Anger because of that memory, and sadness because of the outcome. He had only himself to blame for what happened. He could have done everything differently. He could have changed the future, he could have saved Goku.

A minute passed by as Gohan finally snapped out of his trance and looked up to the teacher staring at him confused. "Yes, I'm Son Gohan" the sadness in his voice was able to be heard only if you were looking for it. The teacher could barely hear him at all. He answered with such a low tone only Piccolo would be able to hear it.

"Well then, find yourself a seat wherever you can and get yourself settled in, class has already begun and I don't like for my students to get behind, ok?" Gohan just stood there blankly once again. The teacher was getting a bit frustrated with Gohan now. The teacher was wondering how such a dull kid could get a perfect score on his entry exams. It must have been a mistake. Day one and he's getting the teacher mad, what else could go wrong for the young half breed. A couple seconds passed and a loud voice could be heard from somewhere in the classroom.

"YOOOHOOO! Over here new kid. There's an open seat right next to me" A very energetic and very ditsy blonde shouted. Her classmates next to her cringed as their ears were feeling the pain of her loud voice. This happens very often as the girl was always this happy and full of life. Gohan was no different from his classmates. Besides being Half Saiyan, which made it worse as he had super human hearing. Not quite as good as Piccolo's, he's got giant ears, but more than enough that the girl's loud voice made him cover his ears. Once the ringing in his ears passed he looked up to see the blonde girl waving for him to come to where she was. He was tempted to dash over there like a Saiyan would, but he had to keep it normal. He slowly started walking up to where the ditsy one was. The expression on his face was nothing but one filled with frustration. He didn't want to be this close to something that could make him go deaf.

As he reached his seat he sat down and was greeted again by the blonde haired girl. This time in a normal tone, one he could bare to hear. "Hey there cutie I'm Erasa. The other blonde here is Sharpner and this pretty little lady over here...WITH HER FACE IN HER BOOKS...is Videl Satan. You might have heard of her before. Her father is Mister Satan, you know, Hercule?" Gohan could care less who this girl was or who her father was, the name didn't ring a bell at all. Even if it did it wouldn't make the least bit of difference in anything. He sheepishly answered "Nope, never heard of him."

Erasa was shocked as was Videl and Sharpner. All three of them just stared at Gohan in disbelief. How could someone not have heard of Hercule Satan? The World Champ, the guy who saved the world from Cell. These thoughts running through all three teenagers heads at the moment. Erasa was the first to answer "WHAT? Never heard of him? How could have never heard of Mister Satan? He's like the most famous person on the planet."

"Yea what's the big deal kid! How do you not know who 'The Champ' is? If it wasn't for him, neither you, Erasa, Videl or I would be alive right now. He BEAT Cell. He saved the planet. Where do you live that you never heard of the guy. I mean come on you've got to be kidding me" Sharpner interrupted. Videl just looked at him in shock, she couldn't believe that there was someone on the face of the Earth that hadn't heard of her father.

"He beat Cell did he? Good for him, tell him I said thanks." was the smart ass reply that came from the obviously angry Demi Saiyan. How could he not know who Mister Satan was anyways? The guy who claimed to have killed Cell, when he knew the truth, Gohan knew exactly what happened on that day at the Cell Games. Gohan had his left hand clenched in a fist at the anger building up from the subject. Blood was starting to seep from his hand and drip onto his desk in front of him. This went unnoticed by the group questioning him. They were in shock at the answer they received.

"Hey man show some respect! He saved all of our lives for Pete's (avoiding swearing in class) sake" came the overbearing words of the long haired blonde male as his voice rose. "STUDENTS! Please quiet down so we can get back to the subject at hand" came an interrupted reply from the Teacher, now getting angry about to drop some detentions down onto his desk to threaten to kids disturbing his classroom. The students quickly quieted down

The rest of the class went uninterrupted as the Teacher had planned. Though the stares at Gohan didn't stop. Videl was bothered greatly by Son Gohan. He showed disrespect for the person who saved the planet, and that was her father. Why would someone show such disrespect for someone who's done such good for the world. And what was that red stain on his cuffing? It wasn't there minutes ago was it? Videl was confused, angry and interested. Why did this new kid show such hate for Mister Satan, she wanted to know more. Why did he feel this way? She couldn't shake the thoughts, she wanted to know more.

The next couple classes were the same. Gohan got the same rude stares from the three teenagers who by coincidence shared every class with the angry Demi. Lunch eventually rolled around as the class made it's way into the cafeteria to eat. The group of Erasa Sharper and Videl sat together at a small table as they usually did. They all watched as Gohan made his way to the roof with nothing in his hands to eat. He might have a capsule, but they wouldn't know it. Gohan was finally on the roof. Finally he was alone. This whole day was just torture for him. He couldn't do what he wanted, and besides that, everything that the classes were discussing he learned when he was 4 years old. So nothing important had happened today. Nothing besides him yelling at a couple nosy classmates. Those same nosy classmates who were about to follow him up to the roof to interrupt his peace and quiet.

For the moments he was alone on the roof he sat at the edge with his blade in his right hand. He just stared at it and thought to himself "Not here. I can't do this at school. Not even when I'm alone I can't even help myself. It's not fair. Why must I live through this torture." his head leaning on his left leaning on his left leg still staring at his blade twirling it around his fingers. He was deep in thought when the door to the roof opened. He didn't notice it. Out walked his 3 classmates that were interrogating him earlier, the two blondes and the supposed famous daughter of 'The Champ'.

"Hey Gohan!" The ditsy blonde blurted out as thee group walked towards Gohan sitting on the ledge. She had completely forgotten about what happened earlier in the day. She just wanted to make friends with the quiet boy. Sharpner wanted to beat the boy in two and Videl wanted to question him to death. "I said...HEY GOHAN" He wouldn't budge, he was in a world all his own still twirling his blade reliving his past. Unfortunately for him the only memory that ever came up was the only one he never wanted to remember. One minute Cell was about to blow up the Earth, the next his dad was taking all the damage on King Kai's planet. A sad blonde little boy was pounding his fists into the ground while tears made their way onto the ground below as he ask himself 'WHY!' On the outside a strong wind came from no where. The three teens stopped in their tracks as they were trying to figure out where it was coming from. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. They tried walking closer to Gohan who still sat on the ledge twirling his blade, but to little avail. The gust only got stronger at they inched closer to Gohan. This memory was too much for him, it always hit him at the worst of times. And this was one of them. He was still at school where he couldn't vent his anger.

Videl wasn't sure what was going on but she tried to get through to the new kid. "SON GOHAN! ARE YOU THERE! WE'RE STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" she screamed. The gust of wind seemed to slow die and eventually die after the word 'Son' was said. It was a reminder of who he was. A reminder of his family. His incomplete family. The blade in his hand stopped twirling and was now grasped tightly around his hand. a couple Tears dropped from his eyes as his head bent down as blood dripped from his hand holding the blade. The group stood in awe as they realized where the gust of wind had come from. It came from Gohan. He created the wind himself. And there was no fan or helicopter or anything in sight that could have been mistaken for the wind. "G-Go-Gohan? Wh-what happened?" Videl asked hesitantly still shocked at what had just happened. How was any of what just happened even possible.

Gohan was getting mad now. He was so rudely interrupted by the classmates that were bothering him earlier. Yes they stopped him from getting fully through his memory, but they still interrupted him none-the-less, and they weren't very nice to him earlier either. "What do you want?" he answered in that sadistic tone that a certain green monster that's rotting in Hell knows all too well, as he planted his blade into the concrete ledge he was sitting on. His classmates slowly inched back hearing his response.

"This kid is a freak, why am I up here anyways, he's not my friend." Sharpner said under his breathe, and he was right. Something definitely wasn't normal about Gohan. In fact, there was nothing normal about Gohan. There were bad thoughts running through his head at the moment. He could dispose of the three right now, they wouldn't even see it. he could do it before the blink of an eye. Why did he think like this though. What went wrong, when did everything take a turn for the worse. A question he asked himself and answered everyday.

The group of 3 decided it would be best to leave the pissed off new kid alone and just go back to the cafeteria to eat. They didn't want to be here when Gohan got angry and brought it out on them. Besides, they haven't eaten yet themselves and they weren't going to worry about someone who wanted to be left alone. When they sat back down in the cafeteria the only thing they could talk about was Gohan.

"What the hell was that about?" Exclaimed the single boy in the group

"I dunno but I wanna find out." Videl was curious, there was something about Son Gohan that she wanted to know. But what?

"I think he's just being shy ya know? It is still his first day here." Erasa was always being an optimist, it was just her way of life.

"Erasa you dolt, that kid is pyshco, did you see what he was doing." Sharpner though, not always very positive.

"And did you hear and see how he reacted to what I said to him? I thought he was going to use that knife on us." Videl was sort of scared at the thought, the tone he used was almost psychotic.

"Hey, yea. What was up with that thing anyways? Does he just carry it around or something? You know, for when he's bored or something?" Erasa was also a very imaginative person

"I bet you he's a serial killer and he uses that knife on unsuspecting victims." The long haired blond always like mystery type movies, but this was just a crazy thought.

"That's stupid, why can't he just like them or something." Of course Erasa was defending him, she was the optimist in the group/

"Or maybe, he does use it." Videl finished.

The conversation between the three went on like this for until the end of lunch. When lunch was over and the bell rang Gohan made his way back down to the hallways with his blade hidden in his waistline once again, hidden from view. The next class on the schedule was gym. The thought of Gohan trying to be 'normal' in that class seemed impossible. How was he not going to show off. Even if he tried his hardest, the slightest hint of his ab-normalcy would be made. He angrily placed his blade in his locker and shut it making a loud sound that would catch everyone's attention had anyone been in the hallway. He knew if he took the blade with him someone would see it during Gym so he had no other choice but to put it in his locker.

Gohan made his way into the Gym where the rest of his class was already waiting. The teacher who was very short, bald and had 6 dots on his forehead had his face buried in his clipboard taking attendance. Gohan immediately knew who it was and tried his hardest to not get noticed. He stuck himself behind all of his classmates so maybe there was a chance he wouldn't be seen. He knew if he did then he would only be exposed even more than he already made himself up on the roof earlier. Hopefully this old friend of his would just skip over his name and leave him be.

"Check...check...check..."*Whispers to himself...check...*pause and glare*..."What is this? This can't be right. Can it? Son Gohan." The martial artist said under his breathe as he lowered his clipboard. The lower it got the more his grin widened. Gohan knew this. He was screwed. His cover was going to be blown and there was no way of escaping this mess.

"Now if that isn't the craziest thing I've ever seen. Now when I saw you're dad almost starve after losing a bet, I thought I'd seen it all...but you actually coming to school, now that's something there Gohan. And there's no use in trying to hide either kid, I know you're here." Gohan stood where he was praying to Kami that he wouldn't have to show himself. "What, you're not going to say hi to an old friend now? Come on Gohan it's been too long get over here." Gohan took a deep breathe and walked swiftly through the class and to the front where he could see his overjoyed old friend.

A/N: This is the Edited Chapter 1 and 2 together. I've done some thinking. Maybe it's how many chapters I have that pushes people away? Maybe it's the small amount of content in each chapter? Idk, hopefully this helps. I'll be doing this for the entire story if needed.