Well, the Atelier Iris section of this site is all but bare, so I decided to do a novelization of the series. I'm starting with Atelier Iris 2 because chronologically it is the first in the series. I will then do Atelier Iris 1 and finish with Atelier Iris 3. Oh, and to those who are waiting for my other stories, I will still have time to work on them as well. I just can't ignore an epiphany like this or it may never come back to me again.

Chapter 1 Prologue

"The Power to Create…the Power to Destroy…"


The red headed teen was ecstatic. Today was the day she became a full fledged Alchemist and made a pact with a Mana. Fingering the small gem in her pocket she would use to make said pact she filled to the brim with excitement. Taking a deep breath to calm herself she walked downstairs from her bed room and stared at herself in the mirror. She was wearing her usual long sleeved blue shirt with a loose peach colored blouse over it and long dark pink skirt that reached just above her ankles. In addition she was also wearing her pink circle shaped hat and what seemed to be a short pink cape over her shoulders. Smiling at her reflection she ran to her workshop - or Atelier as most official Alchemists called them - and grabbed the book she kept all her notes in. Strapping said book to a belt she wrapped it around her waist and tightened it so it wouldn't fall off.

"I'm ready! As of today I, Viese Blanchimont am an official Alchemist!"

Teeming with pride she rushed out the door and waved at the people she passed. Most if not all of them waved back for the citizens of Eden were as peaceful as the land itself. In fact, the last time any strife had been known to occur on the floating island was around 500 years ago. Sighing at the thought the girl picked up her pace and ran into the center of town. Glancing around at the area she smiled again, marveling at the serenity of the situation. Realizing she was going to be late Viese began running, and shivered when she passed the historical building. For whatever reason that one building in all of Eden gave off a forbidding aura as though it was protecting some dark secret, which made sense seeing as it was over 500 years old.

"Hey Viese! Make sure to sell me all the extra stuff you don't need when you become official!" A young blue haired boy yelled at her.

"Sure thing Yach!" She yelled back. "I still can't believe you're the one in charge of the shop! Your only 9 right?"

The boy just laughed and ran back into the shop his family owned. Shaking her head Viese picked up her pace even more. She didn't want to make a bad impression by being late. Rushing out of the town she began to trek up the hillside to get to the Eden Temple. Waiting there for her was the head of the temple Kreuz, who also happened to be her guardian. Deciding she couldn't afford to pace herself Viese ran full speed up the hill and as she finally neared the top let out a small cry of relief. She wasn't going to be late after all. Giggling the girl ran even faster towards the temple.


"Okay Viese, you can open your eyes now." A male voice called out.

Viese slowly cracked open her eyes and smiled. She was now an official Alchemist. Now all she had to do was pact with a Mana and she would be set. She started turning around to go look around one of the Holy Grounds when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder.

"Viese, before you go I want to give you something."

"Hm? What is it Kreuz?"


He held out his free hand and in it was a set of two rings. They were crafted out of gold and and several intricate runes carved clean through the sides. However that wasn't what caught her attention. Being an Alchemist Viese could sense an almost overwhelming presence from the rings and knew it was the power of Mana. Her eyes growing wide she looked from the rings to Kreuz and back to the rings before slowly reaching out and taking the rings. The vibrated ever so slightly in her grip and she knew it was because of the great power trapped within them.

"Those are the Share Rings. All we know of them is that over 500 years ago a very skilled Alchemist made them to share research with his peers, however we don't know how to activate them. Because of this we instead use them to show great respect to other Alchemists by bestowing them to them when they become official. My Alchemy Master gave them to me, and because I am your Master, I am giving them to you."

Viese slowly nodded as she took this in. She couldn't believe such a powerful artifact was being given to her, and didn't know how to express her gratitude.

"Oh, and I don't mind what you do with them, and long as they are kept safe. Why don't you give one as a present?" He asked with the slightest of smiles on his face.

Viese blushed. It was custom on Eden to whether you were a man or woman to give a ring to the person you loved. Swallowing she tried to open her mouth to protest, however was cut off when Kreuz started laughing at her reaction. Glaring at him she puffed out her checks and turned around before stalking away from him. When she neared the exit of the temple a side door opened and a woman wandered out, however she was no ordinary woman.

"Why hello Viese, as of today you're an official Alchemist, correct?"

"Yes I am Lutanus." Viese beemed at her.

Lutanus was a Darkness Mana. As such she was rather tall and had long black hair. She wore the usual crown like object in her hair that made it look like she had horns, and a long sleeved red blouse opposed to the regular blue one most Darkness Mana wore. And, as with all Darkness Mana, Lutanus had no legs, instead a large dark orb floated where they would be.

"Oh Before I forget, take this."

Lutanus held out her hand to Viese, and in them was a small leather bound book. Taking it Viese flipped through its pages and recognized it as an Alchemy book, and in it were several recipes she had yet to try. Smiling Viese thanked the Mana and began to walk out of the temple when Lutanus spoke up again.

"Oh Viese, wasn't Felt supposed to be here too? I know he is no where near you in skill, but I thought he promised to watch?"

Viese stopped mid stride.

"That's right. He DID promise, didn't he? I didn't notice he wasn't here I was so excited."

"Knowing him he would be at the Belkhyde Gate, so why don't you look there?"


The white haired boy stared in wonder at the two arching stone pillars that formed the Belkhyde Gate. If the stories were to be believe then the Gate acted as a barrier between Eden and Belkhyde. Sighing he wished he could pass through and see this strange world for himself. After all, the stories also said Eden used to be a part of Belkhyde, but they never actually explained why the two had split apart. Sighing again he stood up and walked over to the edge of the floating island. For whatever reason there was a wooden dock sticking out into midair, so Felt thought that when the island was a part of Belkhyde it must've been in the water. Imagining there was still water around it he pictured his reflection. His short white hair would be slightly messy and his bright blue eyes would definitely shine with curiosity. His reflection would also show that he wore a popular but slightly uncommon style that consisted of a long white undershirt with a dark blue overshirt that extended only to the bottom of his ribcage and had slightly over long sleeves. He also wore light grey tights and brown boots that extended up past his knees.


Jerking his head up the boy turned towards the voice that called his name and saw a familiar red head walking towards him. Smiling at her he walked over and held tried to greet her before she cut him off.

"Where were you! You were supposed to meet me at the temple!"

"Oh, that was today?"

"Your so forgetful…" Viese sighed as her gaze shifted to the Gate.

Felt watched her for a moment before waving his hand in her face. She blinked and turned towards him with a peeved look in her eyes. Laughing slightly he walked away from her towards the path back to town. The girl looked at him curiously which caused him to laugh audibly this time.

"Don't you need to make a pact with a Mana now?"

The girl's eyes widened ever so slightly and she nodded before following him. The two walked part way to town before turning and heading into the forest. When they got there they slowly navigated their way through the trees and underbrush until they got to a large clearing. It obviously man made as there were several stumps around the edge, however for some reason the only plant that would grown in it was grass. Glancing into the middle of the clearing the two walked towards it and as expected saw a large stone tile in the grass. Sticking out of the tile was a strange sword. It had a 2 foot long blade that was oddly enough not attached to the hand guard. The hand guard itself was composes of two rings that hovered centimeters away from the blade and in the middle of the inner ring was a glowing red gem.

"The Azure Azoth….." Felt said quietly.

"Yeah, the protector of Eden."

Felt calmly walked over to the blade and placed his hands on the hilt and braced himself. He saw Viese throw a confused look at him and smiled before tugging on the blade with all of his might. In return for his efforts all he got a sore shoulder. Sighing he let go of the blade and dropped down. He saw Viese give him a concerned look.

"Don't worry, I try this every day, it never works."

He turned around and walked towards the other end of the clearing.

"Come on, we wanna get to Dour's Great Tree today, don't we?"

The girl nodded at him and rushed over. The two then continued walking down the path until they got to another clearing, however this one was a natural one. In the middle was what could be called the largest tree in Eden. Dancing around it were several fairy like beings. They were all about 2 to 3 feet tall and wore only green. They wore puffy looking pants and large shoes, and were wearing large green shirts that were obviously several times to large form them. They topped off their look with a green hat that looked like it belonged on a jester. One of them saw them and disappeared, reappearing in front of them.

"Hey there Viese! You're an Alchemist now right? Here to make a pact?" He asked excitedly.

The girl nodded and held took a gem out of her pocket. Holding it out it glowed and Felt watched as the Mana was drawn into the stone. When it was done the stone turned a bright green and the Mana reappeared in front of them.

"Congratulations! You now have a pact with I! Dour, The Mana of Wood!"

Felt and Viese turned to walk back to town when there was a sudden rumble. Their was a loud cracking sound and the ground shook violently. Felt was able to brace himself however he saw Viese stumble and reaching out grabbed her hand. After a minute or two the shaking stopped, leaving the two teens standing confused.

"Was that…..an earthquake?" Felt asked himself.

"Oh no! Look!"

The two turned and saw Dour pointing at the clearing. Where the Great Tree used to be there was a large crater in the ground, and all the Mana that had been dancing around it were gone.

Okay, the plot is set. To those who have played the game, yes I changed a few parts. The next chapter will be about whats going on in Belkhyde.

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