So, I introduce a few more characters in this chapter, as well as the world of Belkhyde. And it would seem Eden isn't the only of the two that is facing crisis at the moment.

Chapter 2 Belkhyde

"The finesse of total control…"


"Damn! We were so close too!"

A red head ran across an impossibly long stone bridge away from their target. She was muttering every curse she could think of under her breath as she berated herself for failing this important mission. They had been so close, yet when the Champions appeared out of nowhere she had no choice but to flee. And unfortunately for her, her favorite of the three was following her. Galahad.

"Men! Don't let her escape!"

She knew that if she could get across the bridge into the desert she would be safe, but the problem was the length of the bridge. Sensing someone behind her she quickly swung around and landed a hard kick to the soldier's head, causing him to fall to the ground despite his helmet. Picking up the pace she realized she had passed the half way mark and silently cheered. At this rate she would make it across the bridge and everything would be fine. Flexing her wrists she prepared herself for an actual battle just to be safe. It was a good thing to because just then a warrior mounted on a large bird rushed her. Focusing she created an orb of energy in her right hand and slammed it into the side of the mount, causing the two to crash into the side of the bridge.

"I'm sorry Max, I really am."


She calmly watched as the system failed. The Guardo Drive wouldn't last much longer, and when it finally stopped working, Eden would return. That would spell the end of both worlds because those of Belkhyde wouldn't know how to properly use the Power of Mana. The blue haired woman calmly walked towards the Drive and placed her hands on it. Focusing all of her power she sent a hologram of herself to the Belkhyde Gate in an attempt to find the Master of the Azure Azoth and hopefully end this catastrophe before it began.

"We need you." She said in a slightly robotic voice.


The man swore. He had no time to return to the capital to stop the invasion. Galahad and Tolena would have to do for he was doing something many times more important. He stared at the large device nestled in the cave and smiled. This was it. All he had to do was destroy this and it would trigger the return of Eden. When it came all he had to do was find an Alchemist to make him an Elixir. Reaching a hand to his waist he gripped the hilt of his blade. Drawing he marveled at it. The blade was roughly 2 feet long and floated above the hand guard which was in the form of two circles with a red gem in the middle. Taking a stance he lunged a the device and swung the blade through the machine, effectively destroying it.

"Please wait Rie."


She sat at their base, and stared into the ocean. She saw that her long red hair was staring to come undone from the clip she used to hold it up and fixed it. She mused that she might want to change into a different outfit, but she liked this one. It consisted of a purple tube top that only covered enough of her chest, and a pair of very very short purple shorts with an equally short purple skirt over them. She wore a pair of white and purple boots that extended past her knees, and a purple glove on her left hand. On her right arm she wore a large gauntlet like contraption that she used to fight with.

Sighing she stood up.

"Grey, I'm gonna go look around the desert and see what I find."

A rather masculine grunt was her only response so she took off to root around the desert that they had called home ever since the Empire had taken over Belkhyde.


The two teens ran through the forest to tell Kreuz what they had seen, and when they entered the Azoth's clearing stopped dead. The gem in its center was glowing brightly, so brightly in fact he almost covered his eyes. When the light dimmed slightly he edged closer to the blade and heard a voice echo in his head.

"…my call….."


"Felt, are you okay?"

"…my call…."

"Can't you hear that voice?"

"What voice?"

"…one who answers my call…"

"Whose there!"

"One who answers my call. Do you have what it takes to save Eden from crisis?"

"Okay, I know I heard a voice this time!" Felt exclaimed.

"Felt, are you feeling okay?" Viese asked him, her voice laced with concern.

"Wait…..could it be….the Azoth?"

Felt inched closer to the blade and felt a warmth surround him. Reaching out he took hold of the blade's hilt once again and this time felt a strange resonance that had never been there before. Glancing over his shoulder at his friend he smiled hesitantly before turning back to the blade and gripping it with his other hand as well. Bracing himself he started tugging on the blade and at first didn't feel anything. Deciding this was going to be like every other failed attempt he released his grip on the blade and started to take his hands away from it when he felt it move. Startled he grabbed the hilt again and tugged. This time it slid out of the stone as though it hadn't spent the last half a millennia stuck in it. Stumbling backwards he gazed in awe at the blade.

"You answered my call."

Felt was going to ask what was going on when he realized it would look like he was talking to a sword to Viese. Deciding he would ask later he turned towards her. She was just as awestruck as he was at this development. Grinning like a maniac he walked towards her.

"Kreuz will never believe this."

Felt watched as Viese started nodding but stopped. She looked at him then back the way they had come.

"We have to tell him about the Great Tree!"


The two ran out of the forest and towards the temple. Part way there Felt stopped in his tracks and turned towards the Gate. Feeling an irresistible tug he started running in that direction. Viese noticed this and chased after him. When they got there Felt slowly walked towards the Gate. When he was in front of it he reached out his hand jumped back when a small light appeared in the Gate. The light grew and formed into a blue haired woman. She was wearing an elegant blue dress and had her eyes closed. In addition she was constantly fading in and out of focus.

"Master of the Azure Azoth, we need you."

"What? Master?"

"The Guardo Continental Drive is failing, you must come to Altena Church."

"Altena Church? I don't think that's in Eden…..wait! You mean in Belkhyde!"

"We need you."

With that the girl disappeared. Staring at each other Felt and Viese came to the same conclusion and ran towards the temple.


"Well, it has been a week, and we know nothing about whats going on…." Kreuz mumbled.

Felt was standing before him, waiting for orders. Ever since the incident in which not just Dour's Great Tree, but all of the Holy Grounds disappeared every Alchemist in Eden was being ordered to explore the island. Even though Felt was only an apprentice Alchemist he still volunteered to help. Kreuz cast a glace at him before nodding to himself.

"I guess we have no choice. Felt, you'll have to go to Belkhyde. There is a reason you were able to draw the Azoth when so many before you failed. On top of this that strange woman called you the Master of the Azoth, so I think it has to be you."

Felt nodded.

"I've been thinking the same. Its just that…I saw Viese crying…."

"Don't worry. When I adopted the two of you years ago when your families died, I knew you would grow close. Its only natural she would be feeling sad right now."

Felt nodded again.

"Yeah. Plus I have a duty to perform now. I have to do this. Kreuz, would you tell Viese that I'm going to come back no matter what?"

"I will."

With that Felt ran out of the temple and towards the Gate. When he got there he stood in front of it, gathering his thoughts. Taking a deep breath he stepped into the Gate and opened his eyes. He was still in Eden. Confused he stepped out of the Gate and looked it over. There had to be some way to open it, but he couldn't figure it out. Something occurred to him and he drew the Azoth from the sheath that had been made for it at his waist. Holding it towards the gate a light appeared in it before growing to the size of a large man.

"Felt! Wait!"

Felt turned around to see Viese running towards him. She was carrying things in her arms that he knew she was going to give to him. When she reached him she held out her hands. In them was a pot filled with a green liquid.

"Its not much but a small sip should heal any minor wounds you get…and…"

She put her hand in her pocket and pulled it out. She was fingering something in it and wouldn't look him in the eyes. Taking a deep breath she held out her hand and in it was a pair of rings. His eyes widening he glanced at her and saw she was blushing deeply.

"Th-they're the Share Rings. They let two Alchemists share their research across large distances."

Nodding his head slightly he reached out and took one of the rings. Looking it over he slid it onto his right ring finger and looked at it again. It was made of gold and had many runes on it and even though he was a novice he could feel great amounts of Mana Energy pouring out of it.

"I'll be back Viese, I promise."

Turning around Felt calmly walked through the portal in the Gate. He felt a sudden light headedness and fell head over heels as he lost all sense of direction. He felt himself hit something hard and a sudden wave of heat crashed over his body. Pushing himself off the ground he opened his eyes and saw he was in a giant desert wasteland. Standing up he picked up the Azoth and almost dropped it because of how hot the desert sun was making it. Sheathing it he shielded his eyes and took a few steps forwards.

"Is this hell hole really Belkhyde?"

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