Strutting into the information hub the seeker was greeted by the saboteur, second in command and the head of security. "Alright where is that slagger?"

"Nice to see you have joined us Starscream" droned Prowl not even looking back at the seeker, "open the transmission channel"

The once black screen turned on with a flicker to reveal the dark throne room with the face of Megatron glaring at them, "oh primus it's the stuff of nightmares" whispered Starscream to Jazz sarcastically, "what shall we do?"

"Imagine him without any plating" chuckled Jazz as Starscream gagged and glared at the grinning saboteur.

"Starscream you traitor, what is the meaning of this? I demand to talk to Optimus not this seeker reject" snarled Megatron deepening his glare.

"Oh you wound my spark Megatron" Starscream dramatically clutched his cockpit, "I guess I will just have to live with it and take comfort from my loving and talented mate in interfacing to deal with your rejection"

"Oh he's good"

"Hush Jazz" Prowl could not suppress the wave of humor he felt through the bond though, "we are here in place of Optimus to hear your request Megatron, Optimus is indisposed of right now so we are here to take his place"

"Ha! That weak leader leaving his primitive soldiers to do all his work" Megatron smirked seeing Starscream's wings rise in anger, "I demand the release of the captured cassetticons and of the cone heads"

"You can have your slagging cassetticons back for ten trips through your space bridge but the cone heads are mine!" Prowl looked over at Redalert who nodded over at the tactician, it was a good deal.

"I don't know what you have done to them to brainwash them you traitorous seeker" snarled Megatron gripping the counsel, "but it will not last and they will off line you when they get the chance"

"Oh how the mighty Megatron thinks, I have done nothing to those cone heads you fragger. They merely chose to follow me after a few words of convincing, they now are here willingly and you're not getting them back" Starscream snarled back.

"Like I would believe those three who were cheering for your deactivation would choose to go with you willingly. Five trips through the space bridge for cassettes"

"Have you lost your processors? We have Ravage, Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw! The three best cassettes of Soundwave, what does he have left? Those two slow processor twins and that baby Ratbat? Ten trips without being attacked anytime we choose or we feed them to the Dinobots"

"You wouldn't dare, the Autobots are too soft" Megatron glared while Soundwave in the background was getting worried about his captured bots, "seven trips without attack used by the end of the earth year"

"Yes but I was not always an Autobot was I?"

"Ten trips through the space bridge without being attacked, anytime we choose and we won't hack the processors of the cassettes" negotiated Prowl calculating the chances.

"But Prowl-" whispered Redalert harshly seeing the security risk.

"They haven't seen much and we know enough about the Nemesis already, and those cassetticons are starting to annoy the guards"


"Eight trips through the bridge" growled Megatron, "last offer"

"To the Dinobots then cassetticons!" Starscream shouted throwing his arms up dramatically, "Jazz fetch the roasting sticks, Prowl fetch the oil for sauce and Redalert ready the camera, this will be epic!"

"Star being trapped in the you-know-what with Optimus all the time has really upped his drama level" Jazz grinned nudging Prowl.

"It would have to be dealing with Optimus's emotions"

"Do we even have roasting sticks?"

"I think they are a leftover from one of the twin's pranks"

"This is useless talking to insignificant mech like you" growled Megatron not buying it, Soundwave was though, "I demand to speak with Optimus Prime"

"Oh sorry but didn't you hear the police bot? He's busy, as his bond mate though I have the same status as Prime when needed and oh look its needed. Ten trips through the space bridge, no attacks from the Decepticons and used any time we want to, or it's roasting over the fire for the cassettes" Starscream stared at Megatron directly showing that we was not backing down, "last chance Megatron or we will use them as footballs to tender them up"

"Why does Starscream know so many human phrases?" wondered Redalert with an optic raised.

"Ah, Optimus likes to watch human TV shows" replied Jazz leaning back relaxing seeing how Starscream had everything in control, "this is going very well"

"Hmm better than I expected"

There was a silent stare off between the Decepticon leader and his former second in command until Megatron let out a growl, "fine…ten trips. I want to speak to the cone heads now"

Soundwave slumped in relief in the background, Starscream put on a pose making it look like he was thinking about it, "Oh you wanna meet my seekers? Oh I don't know Megatron, can you handle the rejection? Can you handle the cold, cold feeling of not being needed anymore? Can you're over inflated ego handle it?"

The other bots in the room couldn't help but watch the seeker badgering on the Decepticon leader through the video screen in entertainment, "without the threat of Megatron being about to get his servos on the seeker, Starscream is really doing all he can to annoy the leader"

"I know yeah Prowler, why do you think Optimus will not let Star in on any of these meetings? Redalert you're filming this yeah? This is prime entertainment"

"Yes I am Jazz"


"My, my Megatron no need to be so bitchy. Alright, alright I'll go get them, keep your plating on- oh horrible image, thanks a lot Jazz" the seeker glared at the snickering saboteur before tuning on his comm. And calling the cone heads to the room. Getting confirmation that the three seekers were coming, Starscream nodded showing they were on their way before looking over at the screen again, "Sooo~ Megatron, Soundwave. Come here often?"

"This is better than a human soap opera!" laughed Jazz watching the new argument take place.

When the cone heads finally arrived to the information hub they were let in by Redalert and were presented with Starscream arguing with Megatron, taking a pause to listen to the creative insult Starscream was saying, they cleared their throats and stood in line. "Starscream you called?"

Megatron was torn from his argument and was glaring hard at the new trine, "Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet. Explain yourselves"

Dirge and Ramjet fiddled under the glare of Megatron, they were slowly inching behind their trine leader, Thrust cringed under the intense glare before returning one of determination. "My trine and I have decided to join the Autobots" Megatron's glare only intensified, "this is a choice of our free minds and there is nothing that can make us reconsider our decision"

"Do you three even have any idea what you're saying?" Megatron roared at the screen causing the three seekers to cringe but Starscream to turn to Prowl and make mocking actions with Megatron, "how can I be expected to believe that in one cycle that slagger Starscream could convince you to turn your backs on the army that you have served for stellar cycles and just when you had been promoted to command trine!

"Cause Starscream's just that good?"

"Hush Jazz you're not helping"

"There are many reasons we have chosen this Megatron, we are not coming back" Thrust glared defiantly at Megatron while shielding his two trine mates with raised wings, "you have lost the cone heads and there is nothing that will make us leave here"

"Just wait till the next battle then you slaggers, I will personally tear off all of your wings and leave you stranded in the desert for the sky hunger to get you" the threat even made Starscream cringe, sky hunger was no laughing matter to a flyer, "your treachery will not go unpunished"

"Well I'm still waiting for mine so I think you three will be fine" waved off Starscream motioning for the cone heads to leave, "oh poor Megatron got rejected, whatever will he do? He has no more seekers and his new second in command is not hansom enough to stare at all cycle unlike me. Oh woe is Megatron"

"Just wait you traitor, I will find out what you are planning and make sure you are punished severely that even Prime will want to cut off his bond from you"

"The cassetticons will be released by the end of the cycle, transmission over"

"No wait! Megatron you lay one hand on Optimus I will take your fusion cannon and shove it- Slaggit Prowl I was not done!"

"The agreement is done Starscream, anything more is not needed"

"He think he can just get away with insulting Optimus like that, I swear I will be the one that personally sees him off line!" snarling at the blank screen before pouting at the missed moment to insult Megatron Starscream turned to Prowl again, "what is it with you and taking away others fun?"

"Oh Prowl always like that, 'don't light that', 'you have no idea what that does', 'I don't like all those warning signs' and more"

"Oh Police bot you need to take a chance, stand on the edge of danger and laugh at its face"

"Starscream I have been wondering about those data pad reports that you needed to do"

"Never mind danger then, I'm going back to Optimus"

"Starscream may be good but your better Prowler"

"And don't forget it"

Walking back to the nest Starscream was greeted by a glaring Thundercracker before he could even enter the room, "Thundercracker, my creator, my love-"

"Don't even try Starscream"

"…I'm sorry"

"You upset Optimus with those threats, Optimus your mate, Optimus the carrier, Optimus the moody mech, Optimus the carrier of your sparkling and you poked fun at the humans in front of him!"

"…I'm sorry"

"Don't just 'I'm sorry me'! You left me to deal with it all" sending one last glare at Starscream before walking off, "you fix it now!"

Cycling his vents in annoyance Starscream walked into the room and towards his mate who was not facing him, "Optimus I'm back, the meeting went well"

Not getting a response the seeker tried again to talk to his mate while sending loving pulses through their bond feeling the anger and annoyance his bond mate was feeling, "we were able to get ten free trips through the space bridge for the cassetticons"

"I'm not talking to you"

"Is it still about what I said to the humans?" Starscream whined standing in front of the bars, "it was just a warning if they tried to go into the nest, they are small enough to fit through the bars and I didn't want them getting any ideas"

"How would they even be a threat to sparkling or I? They barely even reach to the top of my ped!"

"I know that, but what if they were carrying some sort of virus or device that could affect us?"

"Starscream I have been around those humans before we even bonded. They would never harm me"

"Intentionally of course but as I said what if they were carrying-"

"They. Are. No. Threat. And the way that you have treated them was unfair and rude. Apologize to them now!"

"Apologize to humans? Optimus be reasonable! I'm a scientist and I know the foreign contaminants that they could be carrying on their squishy weak-"

"Starscream! Go find them and apologize to them now!"

"But- My mate please-"


"As you command!" Starscream scrambled out of the doors running to the rec. room where he was sure those meat bags had gone, the things you do for love.

Grumbling while the seeker stomped through the halls, he glared off anyone who gave him amused looks, looking at the rec. room doors he sighed cringing at the warning pulse that was sent by his mate that was monitoring what the seeker was doing. Swallowing his pride the seeker strutted in and looked around for the meat bags, seeing them talking to Ironhide and Ratchet he could only groan at the bad luck. "Look whose finally away from his mate"

Glaring at the red gunner the seeker cleared his vocals before replying, "yes, now I need to speak to the humans for a bit so shoo both of you ground pounders"

"My, my you haven't called us that in a while, so what is Optimus making you do that is making you so annoyed?"

"He's not making me do anything! And this is between me and the meat bags medic!"

"Stop calling us that!"

"Hush meat bags!" Ratchet and Ironhide couldn't help but laugh at the contradicting seeker, "stop laughing and go away already!"

"Oh no way in Primus I wanna see what ya have ta say to da humans"

"What does this even have to do with you? Don't you and they medic have somewhere else to be?"

"No we're on a break so now continue with your human interaction" Ratchet and Ironhide both leaned back getting comfortable, Ratchet started recording the thing sensing the upcoming humorous situation.

Groaning at this the seeker was ready to just up and leave, receiving silent warnings through his bond made him stay though. "Fine you fat bots, stay and watch just because none of you can gather the courage to confess your feelings to one another yet"

"Yeah, yeah not falling for that one and we're not fat it's the protective armor!" Starscream noticed the twitch Ratchet got when the word 'fat' was used, the seeker internally cracked realizing a weakness in the medic.

"Oh armor alright, if I wasn't a seeker I would say that you both were getting fat from eating too much or growing sparklings, you want to tell something to the ark yet?"

"Enough with yer stalling just git it done already!"

"That's what Ratchet said-"


But- my mate I am just playing

Play later! Apologize now, starting an argument with Ironhide and Ratchet is not going to get you out of it!

I wasn't even thinking of it-


Maybe a little…


Sighing in annoyance the seeker gave one last glare at the two unwanted bots before refocusing on the three humans that were looking up at him expectively. "You see humans, when we met before in the nest, the conversation that had occurred in the end of our meeting was- how you say- not as pleasant as it could have been"

"You meant the part when you threatened to kill us and wipe all evidence from earth of our existence?" sarcastically replied Spike crossing his arms over his chest.

"I really didn't mean it like that you see-"

"' You meat bags, take one step in the nest and I will crush your houses, turn your cars into scrap metal, hack into the system and delete you from everything making sure there is no evidence you exist and then feed you to the Dinobots' I don't think I couldn't interpret that any differently" mimicked Carly deadpanned.

"…Alright so it was exactly what I meant. You see seeker code dictates that I have to keep my mate safe and with you three small enough to fit through the bars I have to-"

"You seriously using that defense? I know you seeker code through and through and talking to Ramjet the humans are so low on the threat scale that the fear of the nest rusting over is higher than them"

"Hush you fatty! You're not helping!"

"Who said we were gonna help ya? We're just findin' entertainment in dis"

"Anyway As my mate has pointed out that might have been insensitive" Starscream glared when Spike snorted, "and recommended that due to my rude be behavior I should…apologize…to you three"

"Oh Primus has blessed us on this special day!"

"Starscream apologizing! A miracle of da Primus himself!"

The seeker looked at the gunner and medic annoyed at how they were laughing and leaning forward to witness the rare event, sighing internally and repeating over and over again in his processor that it was for his mate, the seeker once again turned to the three humans who were looking at the seeker shocked. "You're really gonna apologize to us? Like for real?"

"I think Optimus getting pregnant is the best thing that ever happened"

Growling at the humans to be quiet the seeker cleared his vocals before speaking, "due to my insensitive remarks I have hurt your…feelings…and feeling bad about that I have come to the conclusion that I must apologize. So I am…sorry…that my action have had such a negative effect on your mental selves"

"…Oh Primus he did it!" laughed Ratchet after a few clicks while Ironhide was on the floor clutching his sides, "I have to send this to everyone on the ark!"

"You recorded it? You- you fat, fat, fatty, fatty slagger!" spluttered the seeker in horror.

"Ha! Now every time you say something that has such a 'negative effect' on another bot they can just play this!"

"Frag dat! Dis is gonna be ma comm. Tone! I wonder if we can make Blaster make a remix to dis!"

"I'm gonna slag you both" Ratchet and Ironhide couldn't help but laugh helplessly as the seeker pounced on both of them leading to a wrestling match.

The humans couldn't help but watch as the three grown mech roll around on the floor while the other bystanders cheered on their respective bot. "I should be happy that Starscream apologized but now I'm just confused"

"…Five bucks on Ratchet"

"You're on!"