Winter Holiday Gone Wrong

Written by The Lonely Serenade

Disclaimer : Do not own Gakuen Alice.

Day 1—The Deal, My New Home

Mikan Sakura tightened her grip on her bag, her eyes crackled in boredom and utmost tiredness. She tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for something – or rather someone – to open the door before she froze to death. She sighed again for the umpteenth time that day, and wondered to herself how she ended up here in the first place. Ah—yes, that's right. It was thanks to her kind brother. A sarcastic remark indeed.

She was forced to stay here with his so-called-friends, who were 'extremely funny and utterly hot'. That's what he said. She could only shake her head in desperation to escape from his evil, diabolical plans of matchmaking.

Damn Ryuuki and his cunning mind.

Here she was, standing like a dope in front of a big mansion, well; at least, she thought it was supposed to be a mansion. The place looked more like a palace to her. And now she was donned with yet another conclusion. Ryuki's friends could be rich snots who liked to toy with girls. Oh gee, she was more than happy. She was ecstatic!

Whoooosh. The strong wind blew her hair as it flew upward and slapped her directly on the face.

Well sorry for being sarcastic all the time! You don't have to rub it on my face and add some winds! She protested silently.

Curse winter and its effect on people, curse Ryuki for forcing her to go here, and curse anyone who lived in this mansion!

Ryuki was somehow able to trick her and with that he used her, yes, he used her as a replacement. Want to know how it started? Let's looked at the flashback, shall we?


Mikan chirped happily as she skipped into the living room, tangling her hair band together. Today, school had ended and finally, it's winter holiday! She hummed cheerfully, leaning on the sofa, and brushed the dirt off of it as she plopped herself onto it. She released a contented sigh.

Final exams could be annoying; but hey, look on the bright side. She's free to do anything she wanted. She smirked. Oh yeah.

Mikan heard a cough and a sniffle from behind her and as she turned her head, she gasped dramatically.

There was her twin brother, Ryuuki Sakura with a flushing face and his nose dripping with yucky-liquid. His lips were dry and she knew perfectly that he was suffering. With a throaty and crackled voice he said, "Dear-dear, Mikan, I envy you for being so cheerful in this horrible day."

Mikan snorted and took the remote control for the TV, clicking it while searching through random channels, completely ignoring her twin brother. She heard the sofa besides her being squeezed, meaning Ryuki had taken the spot and rested near her. She finally found a perfect channel to watch, but just like a perfect attempt to ruin her mood, Ryuki snatched the remote control from her hand, with him receiving a cold glare from his sister.

"What do you want, psycho?" Mikan spat while folding her arms in front of her chest.

Ryuki grinned, "Animal freak, still watching the same boring program again, I see."

Mikan glared harder, "That's none of your business."

Ryuki chuckled bitterly, his eyes twinkling with evilness, "Now now, Mikan, I just wanted to inform you about some joyful news." Mikan raised her eyebrows suspiciously, and tried to grab the remote back. But unfortunately, her kind brother wouldn't let her.

"What're you up to now, Ryuki?" She frowned.

"Eh? Nothing, I just wanted you to replace me for a certain event," he said innocently; and she was sure he was nothing more than a five year old trapped in a seventeen year old teenager's body.

Mikan crinkled her brows before she took one of the candies on the table desk and plopped them to her mouth. She grinned. Strawberries.

Ryuki smirked inwardly when he noticed that his plans worked perfectly. His sister was an active person, and she loved to participate in events, though what she's going to participate in was certainly not an event, well—kind of.

"So, are you going to help me?" His tone pleading, "Are you going to replace me in this event? As you can see, I'm so fed up now and I can't even move a muscle, how can you ignore your brother's wish under this condition, right?"

Mikan thought for a while, and then nodded. "Well, I need to know what kind of event it is, that's my condition."

Ryuki laughed and shook his head in amusement, "Don't worry. You're just going to participate on some Christmas event that me and my friends worked on. So, are you in?"

This statement made her ears perk up in excitement. Did he just say a Christmas event?

Like he was reading her mind, he answered smoothly, "Yes, Mikan, it's a Christmas event."

"Really?" Her tone changed drastically, but as she noticed this she cleared her throat and fidgeted her gaze from her brother's. She could already feel his smirking face without looking directly, and that smug aura he gave didn't help a bit. What a cocky and sadistic brother she had.

"Well, anyway, I'll give you the details later, but for now, just pack your clothes first, you need to sleep early because you need to arrive at the place at 7:00 AM, oh—and before I forget, you need to stay there until holiday's over, so you get what I mean, you're going to spend your holiday with them."

Mikan's eyes widened, and she almost gulped her half-eaten candy thoroughly.

"What? I only have to participate on a single Christmas event, right? Why bother spending the holidays with your friends?" Mikan screeched loudly, eyes glaring at Ryuki. "And we're going to spend winter holiday with Mom and Dad! They won't allow me to do that!"

Ryuki sighed. He was expecting Mikan to explode at him, but damn. She had one hell of a high-pitched voice. "Calm down, Mom and Dad are going to Paris to celebrate their 35th anniversary, and they'll tend to do that creepy stuff again. You know. . . That." He answered as he slightly flinched when he imagined the image of his parents doing some—okay, bad thoughts, and bad thoughts brought out misfortune, right?

"But are you sure they'll let me go? And what about you?"

Ryuuki grinned and took some tissues to blow his nose. "Don't worry, I already asked for their permission, and they even answered me in a sing-song voice. Plus, I'll go there as soon as possible, well . . . after I get rid of this bothersome fever though," he replied while sniffling his now red nose.

Yeah right.

Mikan shrugged, and then beamed him a smile. "Thanks Ryuuki! I bet this year's holiday will be a blast! Never knew you were this kind, eh? I'm sure I'll enjoy it!"

Ryuki smiled mischievously as soon as his twin sister turned her back and went upstairs to get some sleep. He released a breath and mused in mind. You're going to enjoy this Mikan, and I bet on it.

He took his phone that was hidden under the pillows, and it seemed that their earlier talk was heard because on the phone, 'loud speaker' was written clearly. He neared the speaker to his mouth, and spoke in a throaty voice, "Hotaru, our plan to get Mikan a boyfriend worked smoothly."

End of Flashback

She rang the doorbell again for the thousandth time that day, and nobody was even answering through the intercom.

Uhm, hello? It was the beginning of November, and holy moly, she was certain that she's going to be a defrosted human even before she was able to enjoy her winter holiday! She groaned in frustration, and scrunched the small piece of paper that was written by her brother to her.

Dear Mikan,

I forgot to tell you, that all my friends are boys, but rest assured, I guarantee that they won't be able to make a single move on you. And unfortunately, the event will be held exactly on the day of Christmas, so you'll have a lot of free days without preparing a single thing. I'm sorry, but this is sudden, and I can't go with you because my girlfriend called me and begged me to spend the holiday with her. Ah, and I need to inform you this, they're all fun to hang out with, and not to mention hot. Don't forget to tell me all the juicy details ok?

Love, Ryuki

Mikan ripped the note apart and spat on it like a hyena. She gritted her teeth and looked at the watch. It was freaking 8:30 AM, and she had waited in front of this mansion for like more than one hour! She bet on her dear life that this was part of her brother's and Hotaru's plan to set her up on boys. Plus, this certainly and obviously was not a sudden thing. They must've planned this!

Besides, her brother didn't have a freaking girlfriend, and even if he had one, she wouldn't beg to him like that!

Mikan was the sweetheart of her school, no doubt about it. While Ryuki was busy searching for hot girlfriends, our heroine was too busy to even think about boys. Ryuuki and Hotaru, Mikan's best friend, love to pair her up on blind dates. Mikan hated all of them because . . . well, couldn't they just get it that she's not up to dating? She felt that it's more than enough to settle with friendship. But some persistent love sick fools were just too . . . ehm, persistent.

She rang the bell again, and finally—after waiting for almost a century, a grouchy, low voice on the intercom made a sound.

What the freaking hell are you doing in the early blinding morning? The voice said.

Mikan rolled her eyes, and then barked at it. "Listen here, whoever I'm talking to, I've rang the bell for a thousand times, and I'm about to be a defrosted human soon. So would you mind opening the gate for me?"

Tch, girls and their period.

Mikan twitched at that statement, and then punched the intercom until the poor machine broke.

Good thing, the gate finally opened, and she hurriedly took all her belongings, and dashed into whoever this mansion belonged to. After walking for several hundred meters (Mikan didn't even bother to look at the scenery wrapped around her), she saw a tall man with messy raven hair and enchanting crimson eyes skimming through the garden with boredom. But then, as his gaze landed on Mikan, his bored crimson eyes twinkling maliciously, he observed her up and down like he had found his prey, but of course, our dense brunette didn't notice this, not even a bit.

Their gazes met, his amused crimson eyes met her furious hazel ones, and then after the silence of a staring contest, the lad started a conversation, "Are you Ryuuki's twin?"

Mikan scoffed, and put her things roughly on the ground before tapping her foot again. "Don't ask the obvious, you jerk."

Natsume was entertained, really. But he was slightly shocked at her answer.

Usually girls would fling themselves, or drool, or maybe even faint at the sight of him. But this girl in front of him didn't seem to notice his appearance, not even the slightest hint of attraction were tainted on her sparkling hazel eyes. Interesting.

Natsume Hyuuga liked, no—loved challenges.

He smirked hotly at the gaping girl, and then walked closely toward her. "You're different from the girls I've ever met before, and honestly, I prefer girls like you better," he stated seductively on her ear.

Mikan twitched.

She cleared her throat, her eyes wouldn't stop staring. She was clearly angry and nervous at the same time. Angry that the man in front of him was playing with her, nervous because he was similar to the reincarnation of an Adonis and someone she knew.

Who is he?

His silky raven hair was messy, it was shimmering from the faded sunlight, his crimson orbs were enchanting, and no one could stare at those mysterious orbs without getting lost in them.

Well, of course, her pride made her blind of the fact that his white shirt clutched his body perfectly, intentionally showing his muscles.

She was mentally punching her mind; thinking how silly it was to admire the jerk that made her feet go stiff from all the waiting, and yet she still complimented his looks. Though he didn't know this.

Natsume could say the same thing about her.

Mikan's silky, chocolate brown hair was tied in ponytails, but some curls of locks framed her perfect face; and he had the urge to slip his hands through her hair, sniffing their scent. Because her hair was tied, she showed her bare neck to him, and well he was entrapped—with her sparkling hazel eyes of course, not her.

"Don't play with me you jerk, I don't take playboys," she growled.

He snickered, and then from behind, the door opened and a blonde boy came out, ruffling his hair while yawning heavily. "What's with the ruckus in the morning Natsume?" he asked.

Mikan observed his face. Ah . . . azure eyes. She compared the raven haired boy with the blonde one. Their faces didn't match, though she was sure that the both of them were handsome. She snorted inwardly, since when did she care about boys and their looks anyway?

Ruka's azure eyes traveled and landed on Mikan. A blush crept onto his cheeks as he saw the girl standing in front of him.

Feh. Natsume didn't like the way Ruka looked at Mikan, but he shrugged the thought away.

"Ruka, where are the others?"

Ruka turned his head to meet Natsume and then slapped his forehead. "They're still asleep, though I've tried to wake them up," Ruka was snorting loudly here,"—Koko even had his head spilled with water but it's useless . . . he slept like a log."

The Natsume man nodded and then proceeded to leaning on the door, smirking in all his glory, "Oi, little girl, come in, don't you feel cold?"

Mikan glared at him, before flashing a very, very sweet smile at Ruka, and then stepped onto the floor carefully. She noticed Natsume's foot and she smirked evilly while staring at him.

Natsume thought that maybe Mikan finally realized his charm, and was checking him out. But how wrong he was because she took a deep breath, and stomped on his foot with her high-heeled boot.

"Shit! What the hell?"

Mikan had a smug grin on her face, and then winked while giggling childishly. "That's for not answering the door bell earlier," he heard her mutter.

Ruka gaped, and then patted Natsume's shoulder while chuckling amusedly. "Ryuki's right, that girl is entertaining."

Natsume glimpsed at his best friend before he growled in pain, "And she has one heck of a foot."

Mikan entered the mansion gracefully, with Natsume and Ruka trailing behind her. From the stairs, she heard bickering, arguing and some chuckling sounds mixed together. She narrowed her eyebrows suspiciously, and looked at the three people.

"You stupid ass! I told you to wake me up! Ryuki's sister was coming and damn it, my hair is a mess, and look how damp it is!" Koko argued as Kitsuneme pulled his hair and snickered at him.

"And it seems that the princess has come," Tsubasa announced while grinning at the drooling Tono beside him.

"Oh shit!"

Mikan smiled at them, before sitting down at the sofa and sighing. She looked up to see that all eyes were observing her. Like the dense girl she was, she beamed them a smile, and cracked up with charming laughter. "Nice to meet you guys, the name is Mikan Sakura, and I'm Ryuuki's twin sister!" she chirped happily.

Tono whistled and bent his head slightly, showing her a charming smile.

Mikan rolled her eyes before pointing her index finger at him and declared, "You must be Akira Tonoichi, that idiotic brother of mine has warned me that you're a certificated playboy."

Tono flinched before muttering curses under his breath, "Damn that brat, what load of crap has he told his sister about me?"

Koko laughed along with Kitsuneme who was clutching his tummy at Tono's reaction; it was priceless.

Ruka chuckled lightly before turning his gaze back at his best friend. Natsume was beyond amused now, and amused would be an understatement. An amused Natsume could be dangerous for all we know.

"Yup, you got that correct Mikan-chan. That guy has major girls issue, and by the way, I'm Tsubasa Andou. You can call me Tsubasa-senpai if you want!" he introduced while showing Mikan a cheeky smile as he pointed at Tono.

Koko and Kitsuneme moved to the front, and then grinned at the sight of Mikan."I'm Koko, and this guy is my twin, Kitsuneme. By the looks of your face, are you a prankster too?"

Mikan gasped and then nodded her head up and down before jumping up and down excitedly like a child. "Yes! Ryuuki never told me that he has friends who love to do pranks, damn! Where were you guys up until now?" She high-fived them, and smirked naughtily. At least she had some friends that were like her.

"My name is Ruka Nogi, nice to meet you Sakura-san." Ruka flashed her a warm smile. Mikan nodded and then directed her gaze to the lad beside him.

"Natsume Hyuuga," He simply answered. "Pleasure to meet you, brownie."

Mikan shook her head in disbelief before walking towards Natsume and pinched his cheeks.

"What the hell are you doing with my cheeks, little girl?" He groaned at the itching pain he got thanks to her.

"Your expression was not suited to greet a person, and it's a nice, wonderful morning today! Shouldn't you smile and be grateful? You're stupid."

Natsume scoffed at her stupid reason, but then something wrong happened.

It was really, really wrong.

A smirk curved on his lips, plastering on his handsome face as his hand made its way to tilt up her chin.

"Fine then." And just like that, he kissed Mikan Sakura's cheek, a girl he barely knew for about ten minutes—that's what everybody thought with their jaw dropping to the ground.

Correction, Natsume Hyuuga just licked Mikan Sakura's cheek seductively, a girl he barely knew for ten minutes, before he pulled away to see the face of Mikan gaping.

"That. Is my greeting for you," He continued.

Mikan fumed up at him, and blushed furiously. She felt a vein pop on her forehead, and took a deep breath, several at a time. Mikan, breathe, breathe, the guy was just toying with you, so snap out of it!

Natsume expected her to bite his head off, but frowned when he heard nothing. The girl was trying to piss him of. A scowl made its way on his face, and Mikan noticed this. She congratulated herself by flashing a smirk, with her winning the match with this Natsume-guy.

She forced a smile towards them, before bowing her head in a polite way.

"Please take care of me from now on!"