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"Listen to her," Edward urged. "Can you hear her voice?"

Riley's ferocious snarls echoed through the deep forest, sending heaps of snow falling from the leaves to the ground. Victoria's eyes zeroed into Bella, determined to finish her off a thousand times more painful than Edward did with James.

"Listen to me, Riley. She is here." Edward's voice carried with the cold wind.


Riley froze.

The voice which had vanished from the surface of the Earth long ago...the voice that gave him all the strength to carry on...the voice that meant the world to him...It was there. He had heard it, loud and clear.

He spun around in hope that he would find the voice again. He spun and spun, looking for her. The snow covered trees were bare - empty and cold. Seth pranced, leaping forward, attacking Riley straight in the neck. Another figure flew, and Edward pushed Riley away, almost throwing him to the other end of the perimeter.

"Stop, Seth!" Edward commanded. The great wolf growled, baring its razor-like teeth.

Riley, where the stream and river meet, there our hearts will always be.

"Rhea." His lips barely moved.

"Riley, don't listen to him, darling." Victoria cooed. "He's lying. They are all liars. They can even imitate another's voice. Don't be deceived."

Seth snarled at Victoria, and she gnashed her teeth back at him. Edward was cautious. For a brief second, her attention was towards the wolf. Bella was defenseless. He turned back to Riley, who looked back to Victoria.

"The deceiver stands before you," He pointed to Victoria. "All along, you have searched desperately for someone to give you the love Rhea had. But every kiss she had placed on you - do you feel the same feelings that Rhea had planted?"

Riley's mind whirled.

Rhea leaned in, and placed a soft kiss on his lips. His heart fluttered merrily when their lips came in contact. For a minute there, he felt like the happiest man alive.

When she drew back, he smiled the most adorable, boyish grin she had ever seen.

"What was that for?" He chuckled.

A sharp gasp brought his mind back to the present. Before he could react, Seth threw Bella against the snow, his howl ripping through the air wildly. Victoria snarled. Bella crawled away quickly.

"Riley!" Her voice was fierce with feign burning passion. "You would rather believe him, than me? After all the nights we had spent together, this is how you view me as? A liar?"

I love you, Riley. Don't choose the wrong path.

This time, he was certain that Rhea was indeed talking to him. Perhaps she was far away, yet still able to communicate with him.

"Everybody is getting killed in the clearing, Riley. All those newborns are going to be defeated easily. Take your stand wisely." Edward's voice was calm.

"Riley!" Victoria hissed.

Edward walked forward. "I can communicate with Rhea. She can read minds over great distances - across countries even. She wants you. She needs you."

"Don't leave," Rhea whispered. Her pale lips were pulled downwards. "Please, Riley. I don't want you to leave me."

Without a word, Riley stayed.

"Just as how Rhea is your river, Bella is my stream. We will never part. Not in this life, or the next."

Riley looked at Bella. Her eyes were wide, breaths shallow. For awhile, he wondered why he was told to kill her in the first place. There was no evil in those brown eyes - just purity.

A howl ripped through the air. Seth lunged for Victoria. She jumped onto a tree above, and landed on the great wolf, pinning him down. There was a loud crack. In a few minutes, they grey wolf lay in the snow, whimpering in pain. Its collarbone was broken.

Riley moved to Bella in a fluid sprint. For a second, Bella's heart raced. It was her end. She was going to die.

Edward growled as Victoria soared into the air, landing firmly on her feet right in front of Riley. She laughed, pleased that Riley had made his decision to aid her.

But she was wrong.

His stance before Bella became extremely protective. He bared his teeth at Victoria. Her head snapped back in surprise. He grabbed her forcefully and pushed her back, sending her flying down the rows of trees.

The snow-covered forest groaned, as the trees toppled over.

She stood up, eyes flashing with anger and hatred. Edward moved - faster than the speed of lightning, towards her.

And it was finished.


Riley watched Victoria's body being burnt. There was a certain sadness at the back of his mind. After all, she did look after him, even though he was used. Somehow, he could not seem to hate her.

She gave him a second life.

She gave him a second chance with Rhea.

"The Volturi are drawing near," Edward said in a low voice. "They will not spare anyone whom she has created. Rhea is waiting for you, across the Brazilian borders."

Riley looked at the bronze-haired stranger, before turning his gaze to the brown-eyed girl. She stood behind him, her hand slipped into his.

"There is a river by the borders. She is there. Go, before it is too late. Follow your senses. It will lead you to her."

Riley nodded, and started down the snow-covered tracks. He stopped, and then turned back to Edward. "Thank you." His voice was barely audible. "Thank you for sparing my life."

Edward nodded. "Thank you for sparing Bella's."

Bella, Riley thought. What a pretty name.

And he ran through the trees.

Rhea sat by the cross sections between the river and the stream. She gazed at the waters beneath. She could hear Riley's thoughts - they were clear and strong in her head.

Thank you, Edward Cullen, She thanked mentally.

Take good care of yourself, Rhea Andrews. The faint voice replied.

Soft footsteps traveled from behind her. She turned.

It was like a dream. Riley stood before her, his ruby eyes wide with emotion. He could barely speak as they walked towards each other. Quietly, she placed a palm on his cheek.

He wrapped his arms around her immediately, never wanting to let go. He had finally found her.

She smiled, and whispered into his ear. "Where the stream and river meet..."

"...There our hearts will always be." He finished.

That day, two lost souls found each other again, at the crossroads of eternity.