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Total Eclipse


Quiet. Dark. Lonely.

This is the time that I usually look back to the good old times; reminiscing the happy days I had gone through.

The days when I was not alone. When the melodic laughters of the children fill my day; when the lovely smile of my wife waits at the end of the day. The time when I was not trapped in this body. When my skin was not withered like how it does now.

I truly miss those days. I won't lie. I miss to be as how I used to be when I was way younger. I miss it to be able to do anything. Not that I couldn't do a thing right now, I could, but they don't let me to. And now I do things in my wheelchair.

I hate to be in this thing. I want to use my own legs. Even though now I can barely walk without my legs shaking.

I miss the time when I still have people who really need me. When there are still some people who lean on me. Right now I feel like I'm useless. Nobody really needs me. I feel like I'm left behind. I mean, I know my family do love me, and I do love them too. But it's just that I'm not really a part of their lives anymore. They do visit sometimes, but every visit seems like just a duty for each of them.

Well, except for one person.

While the others come here because of their 'duty', she comes here because she wants to. She is the daughter of one of my children, but I can't remember which one. Blame this old man's brain. If she doesn't come here almost everyday, I might not be able to remember that her name is Laura.

But now even the one that seems to really make me a part of her life is going to leave. I still remember the first time she told me she is leaving soon. She is growing up, and it's time for her to catch her dreams. I do understand that. And I have gotten used to be left behind, too. I have gotten used with people saying goodbye. But somehow I feel this one will be harder.

I shifted in my bed. Pulling up the cover, I closed my eyes. And so I feel asleep in the middle of a dark, quiet, and cold night of summer. Alone.

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