This is based around the episode 10 of season 1 of Merlin. This will lead up to episode ten and probably have an AU version of it. May carry on through the episodes and delve into season two, not too sure yet. I own Katie/Kathryn no own else at the moment. Just so you know Katie never appears in any of the Merlin myths she is an oc I've created.

A girl flung open the door to Gaius's house. "Gaius?" She had murky, long blond hair and bright blue eyes. Her features were almost pixie like and her voice rang out like music.

At first she thought no one was home and her brows furrowed. She turned to leave and was about to walk out, until Gaius poked his head over the banister upstairs. "Katie!" He cried and, as fast as he could, walked down the stairs to embrace her.

"Hey, Gaius. You miss me?" She asked mischievously. An unnoticed boy poked his head out of Katie's old bedroom door.

Gaius smiled at her. "Of course I did, don't be silly. You have to meet my new apprentice, Merlin. I think you'll like him."

Gaius turned to the boy and Katie muttered, "You might be right there." Before actually looking at him.

"Hello." Said a soft voice at the back of the room. Merlin's dark hair emphasised the colour of his eyes and cheeks as he started to blush.

"Hey." Katie replied happily. "You must be Merlin. I'm Katie." Merlin nodded.

"The Lay-" Gaius started, proudly.

"Gaius, no, not yet. I have to go and beg for forgiveness first." Katie rolled her eyes at Merlin and he chuckled nervously.

"So, I hear that you were Gaius's apprentice, once upon a time." Merlin stated.

"Gaius talked about me, did he?" Katie laughed, "Oh, many, many years ago, before Uther took me in, I think I was six."

Gaius laughed, "But you wanted to learn about being a physician, unlike Merlin here." Gaius hit Merlin around the back of the head, the boy shrugged slightly and looked a little embarrassed.

"I suppose I better go." She smiled sadly, "I'll come and visit you soon, Gaius. I guess I'll see you very soon Merlin, I hear that you're Arthur's manservant."

Merlin nodded, slightly puzzled. Katie then left, leaving confusion and annoyance behind her. "How on earth did she know I'm Arthur's manservant? Did you tell her?"

"It's amazing the things she knows." Replied Gaius coolly. He gave Merlin a strange look when he wouldn't stop staring at the door. Merlin shrugged and turned to the glass cage of leeches nearby, knowing it was his job to clean it and it might keep Gaius off of his back.

"She should be more careful." Gaius muttered under his breath, once the boy had moved far away enough.


Katie walked into the courtroom and was almost instantly stopped by a tight embrace from Morgana. "Kathryn. It's so good to see you!"

"It's good to see you too." She muttered, her words partly muffled by Morgana's hair.

Uther and Arthur stood behind the Lady Morgana and Uther smiled at his old ward. "Kathryn, we have missed you." Said Uther as he embraced Katie.

"Yeah, we all did." Stated Arthur, keeping his distance. Uther rolled his eyes at his son, as he let go of his ward and held her at arms length. Katie was just glad Arthur was still talking to her and that had backed away, he had turned into a very attractive young man in her absence.

"Where have you been? Tell us everything." Morgana pleaded.

"Before I do, I must ask you, King Uther whether I could be your ward again?" Katie asked, as she was released by his iron grip.

"Of course. You didn't even need to ask." He embraced her once more and then sat her down.

"I mostly travelled with gypsies," She watched Uther's face grow darker, "I did not learn anything and no harm was brought to me." She assured him, "I asked them if I could travel with them. I was a young girl who needed to be looked after." the King relaxed and looked guilty. "Nothing really happened to tell the truth."

"You're telling us that in the five years you've been gone, nothing happened?" Morgana asked sceptically.

"Well, things happened but I don't really remember most of it. There's nothing that comes to mind. I generally travelled around the country doing good deeds." It was a lie but Katie knew her adopted family would just be glad to have her back.

"Well, your things will be taken to your room. You will dine with me tonight?" Uther asked Katie but she knew it wasn't a request.

"Of course." She curtsied and walked out of the main hall.

Uther glared at his son. "You could have been more welcoming, she was your betrothed once upon a time." Arthur stalked out of the main hall and towards the training ground, he needed to blow off some steam.


Katie sat on the large double-bed and started unpacking her clothes. She heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" A black woman walked in, a huge grin on her face.

"Katie!" The woman hugged Katie tightly.

"Gwen! You're working here now? " Katie said, through Guinevere's shoulder.

"I'm Morgana's servant." The woman replied with pride.

"So, you know Merlin?"

"Yes, I do." Gwen smiled, Katie raised her eyebrows, "Not like that, we're just friends. Not saying that anything's wrong with him or anything-"

"Gwen. It's ok I get what you mean… Is he a good person?" Katie held the younger woman at arms length.

"Yes, he saved me from execution."

"You were going to be executed?" She asked, appalled.

"There was a terrible disease that hit Camelot that was brought on by a powerful sorceress and my father caught it. My father miraculously recovered and our house was searched. Uther thought I had caused the disease. Merlin, Morgana and Arthur discovered the real cause and I was let go." She told Katie very matter-of-factly.

"Dear lord, why was it mostly Merlin who saved you then?" Asked Katie, slightly perplexed.

"He convinced Arthur to go. Arthur would do anything for him, not that he would ever admit that he enjoys Merlin's company. Of course, after that everyone thought Merlin was in love with me." Gwen laughed.

"Is he?" Katie asked, quickly.

"I don't think so… Now, I was sent up to help you unpack."

"I can do it, I've not had a servant for many years. I learnt to do things myself." Katie smiled.

Gwen let Katie help her put away the items anyway. "Are these the only clothes you have?" Asked Gwen, looking at the very large space in the wardrobe.

"Yeah, you can't carry a lot when you're travelling."

Gwen smiled, "Give me an hour and I'll get you a wonderful new dress to wear to dinner."

"Fine, but take this." Katie gave her a large bag of money.

Katie let Gwen leave, then decided to re-familiarise herself with the castle. As she walked through the many halls Katie was attacked by old memories. The day she had been given to Uther, then given to Gaius, then Uther again. The day she had given her heart to Arthur, how stupid she had been, the moment she and Arthur confessed their love for one another, a child's love; unreal and quickly forgotten. The memory that stuck was the moment when they became engaged.

As she walked further outside, the memories became darker and started to suffocate her. The moment she had been accused of being a sorceress, when she overheard Uther mentioning her execution tearfully, when she made the decision to leave her home, the boy she loved, her friends and family. She clutched her chest and wished she had not returned.

Katie walked out into the training grounds, thankful for the fresh air. She found Arthur angrily attacking invisible enemies. She picked up a sword. "Hello, Arthur." He stopped suddenly and turned to look at Katie.

"Kathryn. Why have you got a sword?" He groaned.

"Want to practice?" She asked brightly.

"Not against you." He replied coldly.

"Why? You afraid I'll beat you?" She mischievously asked.

"You are a woman, not a girl anymore. I won't hurt you." He refused to look at her.

"Oh but when we were together you were quite happy to hurt me." She said half joking.

"Not like you hurt me." Arthur muttered and Katie looked at the floor.

"Arthur, please." Katie moved forward and Arthur drew his sword. Whatever he had said before was forgotten and he looked furious, Katie had feared how he would react when she returned. Katie drew her sword slowly making sure not to startle the young man opposite her.

The two started circling and Arthur lunged forward. Neither were wearing armour so Katie kept a safe distance.

"If you would just listen, I could explain." Katie told him as she narrowly missed his sword as he lunged.

"Explain what? That you left without a goodbye?" Arthur replied, angrily. She hit his sword as it brushed past her face. She ducked away from the next blow. The swords engaged in the next stroke and Katie didn't let Arthur move.

"They though I was a sorceress, your father was going to have me killed."

"What?" Arthur pulled back.

"I had a choice between not saying goodbye or dieing." Neither put their swords away or prepared to fight again, they both just left them hanging limply by their sides.

"Why didn't father-" Arthur began, feeling betrayed.

"Tell you? Why would he? He knew why I left."

"Why did you come back then? If he thought you were a sorceress shouldn't you still be running?" Arthur moved forward, suddenly concerned.

"He doesn't think I am anymore. He wants to trust me again. He wants me back. Who am I to turn down a King?" Katie giggled, nervously, hoping that Arthur wouldn't realise that she knew Uther wanted her to return without anyone telling her.

Arthur took Katie's sword and put both his and hers back in the rack. "I'm sorry Arthur. I truly am, I never meant to hurt you. And I learnt a lot while I was gone... For example, we have different destiny's, mine is not to be by your side when you become King. You are destined for a greater woman."

"Those gypsies you travelled with?" Arthur asked, leaning on the rack.

"It was best that I left when I did, we could be stuck in a big mess if I had stayed." Katie laughed, forcefully.

No one even noticed the manservant nearby, who had seen the whole conversation.

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