Katie stormed towards the lake, she tried not to care that she had stopped the men from helping her. She tried not to think that maybe if she had not sent them to sleep she could be free by now. Luckily the voice was too overexcited to care about her thoughts and he just egged her on to move faster.


Merlin woke up with a start, the page of the book ripping as he lifted his head. He scolded himself for falling asleep and woke Gaius up. They carried on looking for a spell, neither one thinking about going to check if Katie was still in Merlin's room.


Katie found herself riding towards some unknown area, the trees were thinning to show a road.

Why have you stopped?

I think I may have gone the wrong way.

You have got to be joking.

The last time I went to the lake was when I was a little girl and that was in the day time. So bare with me.

Secretly she was glad she was lost, then she could gather her thoughts, which she considered her last, before they got to the lake.


After an hour or so Merlin found a spell, it was going to be difficult but he had to try. It was the only thing they had found that might release her from whoever or whatever was possessing her. The boy walked into his bedroom and stood over the bed, ready to say the incantation when he realised it was empty.

Katie was gone.

"No." He whispered before running to Gaius, "She's not here!"

Merlin thought over every conversation he and his beloved had, had since he had returned.

"Was there anything she was incredibly interested in?" Gaius asked.

"I don't- Killing the dead." Merlin realised. He immediately left, not bothering to explain to Gaius what he was talking about. He flew down the stairs to the stables and grabbed a horse hoping he would get to the lake in time.


Katie wondered through the forest, she was hoping she would wonder upon the lake just by chance when she heard something. I think we're close.

You said that an hour ago.

Yes but this time I can hear water.

Even though she felt like something was going to go wrong, the end was in sight and Katie raced towards the sound. There, in front of her, was a huge lake, one that she had only seen as a child and in it lay the ticket for her release.

Finally. I've found you. The voice said she guessed it was to the sword. Katie rode on a little further, closer to the water. She stopped, dismounted and stared into the clear water bellow her.

How do we get it out?

Try a spell. The voice commanded. Katie tried a few but nothing moved, the water calmed but it was obvious a spell would not retrieve the sword.

I think you're going to have to go swimming.

But it could be at the bottom, I could die! Katie felt panic rise through her body.

A necessary sacrifice.

No! No it isn't. Why do you even want this God dammed sword anyway?

It is the most powerful item ever created.

That's it? Power? All of this for power?

I will not argue about this with you.

Yes, you will. I have travelled all over Albion looking for this, stupidly thinking that you had a good reason for this and all you want is power? You have power, you are a sorcerer! Why don't you use your powers to help people, instead of possessing them and sending them on ridiculous errands?

Are you quite finished?

You will never listen to anyone because your pride is too great. You are as bad as Uther. As soon as she thought it Katie regretted it. Comparing a sorcerer to Uther was the biggest insult possible.

She felt her control of her body leave and something else take over. No, please. I'm sorry. I didn't- She climbed into the water, it was freezing but she could reach the bottom.

Yes you did. Well, if I'm like Uther then killing another sorcerer won't mean anything to me.

Katie tried to fight him and apologised again and again as the voice moved her legs closer and closer to the middle of the lake.

Take a deep breath now. He taunted and made her dive into the deep waters. The ice cold water felt like daggers on her skin and she felt herself go to the surface again. The voice was playing with her.

She took a long deep breath and felt herself dive again, she knew she would never live to see another sunset. Her eyes stung as she opened them to search for the sword. After a short while she could feel the pressure on her lungs reach fever pitch and she knew she was about to drown.

She thought of Merlin, all the times she had tried to tell him and he had finally understood but just too late. She thought of their first kiss and what would now be their last. How could her destiny be so wrong? They were supposed to help Arthur together, maybe in some way her sacrifice would help Arthur on his way. She imagined how lonely Merlin would be, how ashamed he would feel and wanted to cry.

Her lungs felt like they were going to burst and she desperately wanted to breath in. Hold on a little longer. The voice pleaded, she guessed they were near.

I need air! She screamed. Before she knew it she took control of her body and desperately pushed upwards towards the surface. She felt lighter and as she broke the surface she almost leapt out of the water gasping. Katie stayed where she was, waiting for the voice to take over but it didn't.

She turned around looking at the banks of the lake she could see a figure in the distance but before she could do anything she felt heavy, really heavy and the voice chuckled, You don't get away that easily.

She took a deep breath and started to sink, quickly, she tried to struggle against the weight but it was just tiring her out. Her lungs started to hurt again as she sank and her eyesight was getting more blurred by the second.

She felt something hit her, like a spear with a blunt edge. It didn't hurt her but the voice yelled out, What was that?

She stopped sinking, Katie remained stationary wondering what was happening when something else hit her, harder this time. Katie looked around to see what was doing it but nothing was there. She then realised she could move. She felt odd, like there was something she had forgotten to do and she kicked her way to the surface once more to feel herself be pulled down again.

The sun was a round light in the middle of dark blue above her and no matter how fiercely she kicked it seemed to be getting darker.

There was a stabbing sensation in her head that made her gasp, she felt cold water enter her lungs and she kicked with all her might screaming, I will not let it end like this!

She saw a flash of light and found herself swimming upwards. But the darkness was already taking over, she reached her hand towards the surface and her legs kicked slower. No, you can't… come on… She weakly thought, Do it for Merlin.

She pushed out the water in her mouth even though she had no breath, she kicked again imagining herself floating to the surface. As she did a hand grabbed hers and pulled her towards a body, she felt no more and the world went black.


Merlin dragged Katie's soaking wet body to the bank. He was cursing at himself for taking to long to do the spell, for taking so long to find the spell and not finding Katie quick enough. He breathed into her mouth and pressed on her chest, not quite sure what it would achieve.

"Come on." He muttered. "Not now."

He tried spell after spell hoping he could save her. He wanted Gaius to help but he hadn't told the man where he was going.

Suddenly she started to splutter before going into a coughing fit and being violently sick. Katie burst into tears, she had no idea why, and Merlin held her tightly, not quite sure how she was alive.


Gaius checked over her when Katie and Merlin returned and asked about everything she had done, checking to see if she was put under any pain. Merlin told Arthur that she was safe and was very vague about how he knew so. Merlin didn't leave her side that night, he was constantly checking up on her and he told her that those stabbing sensations were probably him trying to rid her of the voice.

The next day Katie went to talk to Uther about her place in Camelot. She was expecting a lecture but instead she was made to promise she would never scare him like that again or leave.

She did so with pleasure, even though she knew it would be harder for her to keep her relationship with Merlin a secret now that she was back in the castle.

Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed the story and thank you to everyone who kept up with it even though I was awful at updating.