Pride of a Saiyajin
By Wickedclowns101

Authors Notes - Not much to say about this one. It takes place
during the Frieza (Freezer for my subtitle
only people) saga on Namek. A little inverted,
as you'll soon see.

Chapter One

Certain defeat.
It was un-avoidable.
Unless Gokou could do the impossible, Frieza would destroy the entire planet.
Gohan was just a child, and unable to fight. Krillin and Vegeta were dead. Killed at Frieza's hands.
I was unable to help. I had lost against Frieza in his second form. Now, he was in his final form.
"Gokou!" I yelled.
"What is it, Piccolo?" he said, not taking his eyes off Frieza.
"We need those Dragon Balls before Guru dies." I hissed.
"Bulma is on it." He said.
"She'll need help." I said.
"Then go. But hide Gohan. I don't want anything to happen to him." He said. I nodded.
I looked down. Gohan was standing at my feet, watching Frieza intently.
"Gohan." I whispered. He looked up at me.
"Yeah Piccolo?" he asked. I looked around, and blasted a small hole behind a deep trench, out of sight.
"Gohan. I want you to hide in that hole until I get back." I said.
"B… but Piccolo!" he protested. I silenced him by raising a finger.
"No buts. Go. Now." I commanded. He sighed, but finally turned, and floated toward the hole. I took one last look at Gokou.
"Good luck. You're going to need it." I whispered.
I turned, and blasted off toward Guru's shrine as fast as I could.
As I neared the shrine, a could almost feel Guru's pain. His sorrow for our home. Two Namekian guards stood watch in front of his throne room. Their swords were crossed over his doorway.
I waved them down.
"Greetings, Master Piccolo." One of them said.
"How is he?" I asked.
"Not well, I'm afraid." The other guard said.
"Let me through." I said. They nodded slightly, and uncrossed their swords.
I opened the door. The air inside the room was heavy. I could hear guru, breathing in short, exhasperated breaths.
"Welcome, Piccolo." He said tiredly.
I approached him, and bowed my head.
"It is an honor, Guru." I said.
"Why have you come?" he asked. I straightened, and spoke loud and clearly.
"I wish to have your permission, to summon the great Porunga." I said. He opened his eyes wide, and raised a wrinkled hand.
"G... granted." He said. I breathed a sigh of relief.
"But..." that got my attention.
"But what, master Guru?" I asked.
"Two of the Dragon Balls are held by the human girl." He said.
"That's not a problem." I said.
"And another, is held by Frieza." My heart sank.
"T... this is the truth?" I asked in disbelief.
"Nothing but." Guru said.
"Then... there has to be a way to get it from him," I said.
"I believe in you, Piccolo. Find the human. She will be able to help you in your quest." He said, wheezing.
"Of course. By your leave, Guru." I bowed.
"May you remain strong, and in good health." He said.
I walked quickly out of the room, giving the two guards a quick nod. They re-crossed their swords as I lifted off the ground.
I closed my eyes, and focused on the form of Bulma. She was to the South.
I re-directed my course, and took off at full speed.

More to come!!!