Pride of a Saiyajin

By Wickedclowns101

Chapter Five


It was impossible.

A Super Saiyajin!

I had thought it was only a legend. One was bad enough, but two?

I had attacked Gokou's son, knowing that it would either cause him to leave, or let his son die.

"Just you and me, Frieza." Vegeta taunted.

"Yes. But you cannot win." I said.

"Oh? It seems that right now, I am more than capable of destroying you," he said.

"But a Saiyajin, even a Super Saiyajin, needs to breathe. Something that I don't need to do. I'll destroy this planet, and take all of you down!" I laughed.

"You won't!" Vegeta yelled.

"Oh?" I raised my hands, and a black ball of energy, pulsating with purple bolts of lightning formed.

"Taste my deathball!" I threw the ball at Vegeta. His face twitched, and the ball missed him by a hair.

He stared up at me in horror. I folded my arms over my chest.

I watched in bliss, as the ball buried itself in the ground far below. I clutched the Dragon ball that hung around my neck.

"This planet may explode, but I guarantee that you won't be alive to see it!" Vegeta rushed up at me. His eyes full of hatred.

"Foolish monkey!" I screamed.

"For my Father!" he hit me squarely in the side of the head. It was like a sledgehammer blow. I ducked below him, and had a clear shot at his chest. I thrust my hands out.

"Haaaa!" I fired an energy blast from less than a foot away.

Vegeta was knocked back, and was struggling to regain his balance.

He clutched his fists, and a golden aura enveloped him. He put his palms together, and pointed them toward me.

"Final Flash!" a yellow super-charged beam shot at me.

"Yaaa!" I batted the attack away. I focused on the beam, and turned it back on Vegeta. It caught him in the side of the leg.

"Ahhh!" He screamed in pain.

"Scum!" I fried multiple blasts from my fingers. I began to laugh softly.

"Hm hm hm. Even a Super Saiyajin cannot defeat the Mighty Frieza. Ah, brother, Father, I wish you could see me now." I said, thinking about Cooler and my father.

"Hwooooorr!" I turned.

"You can't still be alive!" I cried in frustration.

"Believe it or not, you're still going to burn!" just then, I heard a rumbling.

"Haha! Bye bye Namek!" I laughed.


"Huh?" I looked around to see a flash of green and blue. The Namek and the human girl. Something was wrong. I surveyed myself. The Dragon ball was gone!

"I'm going to enjoy killing you both!" I screamed as I flew after them.

"No." Vegeta flew in front of me.

"Your fight is with me. The others are of no concern to you." He said.

I felt the blood begin to boil in my veins.

"You want this fight, monkey? Fine. Let's go." I said as I prepared to fight Vegeta to the death.