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And it's just like the ocean under the moon
And it's the same as the emotion that I get from you.
You got the kind of lovin' that can be so smooth
Give me your heart, make it real; or else forget about it. - Smooth, Santana

Part Three

"Draco." A soft voice cut through his senses. A fiery red-headed female. Draco didn't want her there. He wanted to be alone. "We have to go."

"No," he argued, his deep voice cut through the crowd like knives – as though he was attempting to part the sea. She took hold of his upper arm, trying to lead him away, but he refused. He held onto the cooling body in his arms all the more tightly and pulled downwards, making it difficult for her to hold on.

"Draco, come on," she pulled at him once more, but her calming voice was having no affect on him.

"Leave me."

She refused, pulling at his torn, bloodied shirt. She struggled, but was not giving up for she too had lost more than just friends on this battle field; Draco knew this. But his loss seemed all the more. At least she had someone to comfort her, someone who loved her, someone who was still here. He had no one. Draco Malfoy had no one.

"Leave me!" He cried, brandishing his wand.

Ginny looked straight into his bloodshot eyes; his platinum hair had lost it's shine, his eyes had lost their cruel gleam, his face had lost all colour. She knew his threat held no intention to cause harm – enough violence had occurred tonight. Yet, she stepped back and allowed him to wallow in his self pity and misery. She, who tried to comfort him, to be there for him – not because she agreed, but because her friend had seen something in him that others had not. She walked away and allowed him to whisper a quiet apology before rocking to and forth with the body resting against his torso.

"I haven't seen you in four days!" He exclaimed. "No classes, no note, no explanation as to where you have been! I've been having to do all the work by myself and I have been struggling incredibly and I only find out that you are in the hospital wing when I overhear two teachers talking about you in the staffroom."

"Been spying again, Draco?" She muttered with a soft laugh. "I'm fine, by the way. I just have a cold."

"If you have a cold, then why are you not in your dorm rather than here?"

"The nurse knows me too well," she smiled before erupting into a fit of coughs.

Draco reached over to the bedside table, handing her a cup of water. "You wouldn't stay there," he muttered in realisation. "You'd still go to all your classes and infect the other students. Nice of you to think of us all," he laughed.

She hadn't thought of it like that. She hadn't realised her intentions had been selfish either. She frowned in thought – was it really her classes that she was so desperate to get back to? Or was it something else? Was it a particular thought-consuming Slytherin who clouded her ideals? She shook her head. No.

She shivered. The window had been opened for the majority of the day due to her temperature, but now the rain left a puddle on the stone cold floor and the wind howled ferociously through the hospital wing.

Draco gave her a worried glance, taking a step - ready to get the nurse on duty.

"Cold," she mouthed with a soft smile and another shiver.

He wandered over toward the window, pulling it tightly closed and blocking out the storm from outside. His eyes darted round all aspects of the room as she pulled the sheets and blankets up close around her neck, gripping onto them as though they were going to save her life. He shrugged off his cloak and threw it over her pile of blankets. She pulled the black material close to her face – it was still warm from his body heat and felt good against her dampened skin. A faint aroma came from the collar – a soft underlay of spices made the back of her throat tingle.

"Make some room," he laughed.

Shuffling further to the edge of the small single bed, she felt his weight as he lay on top of the sheets at an attempt to warm her. He dropped an arm over her still lump that would be her figure and stroked back her hair from her face. Her eyes dropped as he murmured a "shush" into her ear, calming her, and making her blood pound all at once.

The next morning, he had gone.

Part Four

He smiled at her still face; beautiful, even in death. Her lips still held there colour – a luscious pink in contrast to her pale skin. Her eyes were closed and there was no visible wound; Draco could have easily fooled himself into believing she was sleeping. He brushed back her wild, tangled hair, kissed the top of her forehead – letting his lips linger against her cold skin for a few minutes – and whispered softly in her ear. Whispers of memories, promises and near chances. He laughed softly to himself as he reminisced how it felt to be with her – he felt more alive, more daring, and more at home than anywhere else in the world.

"Careful, Malfoy," she murmured quietly as he dragged her down a deserted corridor. "You don't want us to get caught, do you?"

"Safe to say, I never saw you as the type to skip class," he smiled, lacing his fingers through hers, slowing slightly while a small group of lost first years hurried past.

She shrugged nonchalantly, "we had finished the task, weeks ago," she mused. "What was the point."

He smiled at her, a devilish glint in his blue eyes. Her heart pounded, and she bit her bottom lip trying to cover her reddening cheeks. "Ow," she winced, biting in and breaking skin.

He tilted her head up with the touch of a slender finger, wiping away the blood that she had missed. His gentle touch made her mind whirr with endless possibilities. How she so desperately wanted to find out how he tasted; to see if if his lips were smooth; to feel his hand tangled in her hair and her hands wrap around the base of his neck as he held her closer by her waist. Her eyes poured into his as her slight blush and his quiet chuckle let them both know he knew what she was thinking.

She thought he would turn away, keep walking forward, leaving herself to be disappointed. She thought he would laugh at the idea. Instead, his actions caught her entirely off-guard.

Draco smirked, wrapping one arm around her waist, and keeping the other hand entwined in his. She caught her breath, half expecting it to all be some form of harsh joke. He edged closer, studying her and causing her to melt under his warm embrace. This couldn't be right; no one would agree to this pairing. In fact, most people would frown upon it. It was unheard of, and everyone knew of Draco's nature. But, in it's sense of being so wrong made him seem all the more alluring; a danger that intrigued her beyond her imagination.

A bolt of electricity sparked through her making her insides sizzle. He kissed her with such a vehement passion she didn't believe to be possible. He was so tender; so careful with her, treating her like an ice sculptor – if he held her too most, she would melt awayl if he was not cautious enough, she would shatter. She pushed back with a strong force of love, filling her kiss with a sense of... of... lust.

Echoing footsteps from down the corridor forced them to reluctantly break apart. She struggled to get her breathing back down to a normal pace and she could swear her heart could be heard pounding for miles. Her face flushed a prominent red which Draco chuckled at, brushing her cheek with his cool hand.

"Got a hot flush there?" He asked.

She nodded, prodding him in the side with her elbow as she took several calming breathes. Faking physical pain and emotional hurt, Draco laughed as he playfully pulled her back into his arms, making her laugh. He kissed her lightly once, twice, three times as she settled into his arms.