Summary: we all know what happened from the day Sharpe saved Wellington's life this is the story of Sharpe's life up to that point.

The small shabby boy of 5 looked up at the man who had beaten and bullied him and his mother their whole lives until last week when his mother had finally given up her poor excuse for a life, He looked up at the gates of the large grey building not knowing what to expect once he entered them, The man who rang the bell on the outside wall and then scarpered, leaving the boy alone to face the music of whoever answered his call.

"What der yer want?" a large woman dressed in a variety of greys and beiges spat at him.

"Me mothers dead miss, I was brought here and told to wait till someone answered." He whispered.

"I best go and fetch the warden he'll know what to do with you" She said a bit softer this time "wait there and don't run off yer won't get far" She ordered.

The child crouched down and sat on the dirty pavement flags and waited for what seemed to him a very long time but in reality had only been 5 or 10 minutes. A large Gentleman arrived with a key and opened the very noisy gates.

"What are u doing down there boy, get up and show some respect." He barked loudly.

He rose to his feet hastily not wanting to anger the man further.

"I'm sorry sir" He mumbled pushing his dirty blond hair out of his eyes so he could see the man better.

"Hmmm do you have a name child?" He asked.

"Sharpe sir, me names Richard Sharpe" He answered quickly.

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