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Chapter one

Amelia Pond woke up on the morning of the 26th of June 2010 feeling strange. Not a good sort of strange, a, well, strange or empty sort of strange. She had just had an incredible dream that was fast fading from her memory, something about a space and Pandora's Box? She didn't know. A tear rolled down her face. She didn't know why. She put it down to the thought of her parents being alive and pre-wedding nerves. It was weird; some part of her was recoiling from the prospect that until today she had mostly accepted. She had the feeling she's lost someone and was incredibly frustrated she couldn't remember the dream; her memory was like a thick impenetrable fog. Someone had told her to remember her parents and they'd be there, but they weren't. They never would be again. Surely, they would have shown themselves by now? She blamed herself, she was supposed to be thinking of them when the dream ended but she didn't, she couldn't bring them back because of the memory of a man; now just a fuzzy grey shape in her head, was the last thing she'd thought of. The conclusion was so saddening that, as Amy reflected, she began to cry of her own accord. There was a knock at the door. Amy's hear beat picked up pace as she heard the sound, grasping on to some vain hope the dream was real and it was her parents come back to, well, console (she guessed would be the right word) her.

"Amy, dear, are you alright?" Amy began to cry harder, it was only Aunt Sharon

"Oh Amy!" Aunt Sharon exclaimed on opening the door and seeing the pale woman in tears, her auburn hair tangled around her face. "Whatever's the matter? Come here sweetie, it'll all be ok, Shhh." She mumbled softly as she put her arms comfortingly around her niece.

"Mum and Dad were supposed to be here! Someone told me they'd be here!" Amy cried through her tears, beating her hand weakly against her pillow in frustration.

"Let's not dwell on that, sweet heart. Not today of all days! You're getting married in," Aunt Sharon looked at her watch, letting Amy sit up, "precisely four hours and fifty three minutes!" She said with a smile.

Amy grimaced and looked at her clock. Sure enough, it read 07:07. By lunch time, she'd be Mrs Rory Williams. Why had she agreed in the first place? She was sure there was someone else that she had been in love with, more so than Rory. She didn't feel THAT kind of love for him, she'd have to just live with it though, she supposed. She tried to remember. For some reason, she was fighting the urge to call him Roranicus, she smiled, not quite sure why.

"I'll leave you to get dressed. Breakfast's on the table and then I'll sort out this hair of yours." Aunt Sharon called over her shoulder, leaving the room.

While pulling on her most comfortable jeans and t-shirt, Amy reflected. She was sure she didn't want to get married, not to Rory anyway, but there was no possible way out. No possible means of escape for the Scottish girl in the English village. Getting married would be the final nail in the coffin Leadworth had gradually been building around her. "Too late." She whispered at her reflection in the mirror as she turned to trudge downstairs.

Amy's morning passed in a blur. It was as if she wasn't present in mind, but there in person. She was silent while Aunt Sharon helped her with her hair and makeup, non-committal when the dress was placed over her head and didn't even respond when she was taken out to the car (a vintage Aston!) that would deliver her to the church.

Aunt Sharon was worried. At first she had thought it was only pre-wedding jitters but this was something different. Amy's state of lethargy had been brought on only this morning, seemingly after the mention of the wedding and how close it was. What had happened over this one night, this one dream to make Amy so sad and, Sharon guessed, not want to get married to Rory, who clearly deeply loved her? She held Amy's hand all the way to the church, making small attempts at unimportant conversation, about the weather or how lovely Amy looked et cetera. Amy made only very weak and sometimes unintelligible responses such as a nod or a well deliberated word. As the car finally pulled up at the church, Aunt Sharon prayed that Amy would perk up, or at least act happy, for the sake of the guests. She and Rory could sort whatever this was out later.

Amy didn't know what was happening until it did. The car stopped and she hurtled back to reality. "This is it," she thought, "no way back now, just grin and bear it." She sighed and stepped out of the car after the door was opened for her. Amy put on a passable false smile and rushed to greet the guests in pretend excitement. This continued until the clock struck twelve and the guests finally filtered inside to take their seats , leaving Amy on her own outside to 'enjoy her last moment of singleness' as she'd put it, jokingly.

Amy leant against the wall of the church and simply looked around herself. The sky was a light blue-grey that was the best this day of England's autumn had to offer. The leaves on the trees were changing to gold and were plucked from the trees by the slight chilly breeze that ruffled Amy's veil and made her shiver slightly in her dress. There was no sound bar the rustling of the leaves or the faint chatter from the church behind her. The whole scene was so clean cut and crisp that Amy didn't quite believe it was real and happening to her. As usual, there was a twist.

"Amelia Pond." Said a vaguely familiar voice...

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