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The herd of sirens had begun to look like a simple innocent flock of birds in the distance by the time the Doctor reached the TARDIS, still clutching a very weak and, despite what she would have said if she could, fragile Amy in his arms. Normally, he would have headed straight to the medical bay, but the Doctor just wanted Amy to be comfortable and heal, he also knew he had the equipment in his room anyway and thus rushed there instead.

Pushing papers and books of his (very surprisingly) made up bed, he gently laid Amy down before rushing off to find a few gadgets and gismos to take readings and monitor the state she was in. After rummaging around in his very large, very messy, but still definitely very ordered bedroom, the Doctor found what he needed and safely concluded that Amy was basically fine, but her body was incredibly tired out from the immense stress it had been put under by the tricks of the Sirens. She just needed rest and time in which her body could heal itself completely without resistance put up by staying awake. The Doctor rummaged some more before finding a flask in the medicine cabinet in his en-suite containing a draught that would send Amy into a deep and dreamless sleep. Kneeling beside Amy's lolling form; he pulled her head up gently into his lap and stroked her hair from her face. He told her what was wrong and what he was going to do and was met by no resistance bar a few whispered words from Amy,

"When I wake up, I am gonna bloody kill you."

The Doctor took this as a very good omen.

On day four of the coma-like sleep Amy had been in, the Doctor ran out of reasonable things to do. He had probably never stayed in one room for this amount of time before and was getting rather bored. He had checked Amy's monitors countless times, attempted to tidy, called off the tidying attempt, read seventeen books, created a new theory of quantum mechanics, disproved said theory, fixed his black hole tracker, creating a mini black hole in the process, which he spent a good 5 minutes destroying, along with several other things. The Doctor looked at his watch, it read 4:30 in the morning, and he thus decided to pass some more time sleeping. He wasn't tired but still, he curled up under the covers beside Amy and after shutting off part of his brain, fell asleep. He got a good 2 hours sleep before a sharp kick in the shin woke him up.

Blinking awake, he looked around for the source of the pain.

"If you don't get your hand off my breast right now, I swear I'll do that again. Higher."

It was then that the Doctor realised that in his sleep, his arms must have moved from around Amy's waist to a considerably more dangerous position. He hastily pulled his hand away before realising that Amy had finally woken up and hugged her tightly, yet still lovingly. Amy happily returned the hug but when the Doctor moved to kiss her cheek pulled away.

"Hey? What did I do?"

"What did you do?" Amy said slightly annoyed, sitting up against the headboard.

"Yeah! What did I do?" The Doctor sat up next to her.

"Would you like me to list?" She took the Doctor's silence as an invitation to continue "Fine, well, first you got drunk then left me to try and fit in whilst controlling you in front of Victoria, which is actually pretty difficult! Have you ever tried to control a drunk Time Lord? Then you left me alone in an opera box to be leered at and then kidnapped by some obsessive weirdo, then you let yourself be kissed by another woman! And not even a proper one! She was really a massive bird thingy! I could go on!"

"Fine, I'm very sorry." The Doctor responded, amused, "but you're forgetting who freed you, brought you back here and looked after you whilst you were otherwise incapacitated?"

"And whose fault was that..." Amy began to mumble, the Doctor interrupted her.

"Do you know how boring it is to stay in one room for four days making sure you're alright?" he sighed, "Truce?"

"Fine, whatever, truce."

"Can I kiss you now?"

"I suppose..."

But the Doctor's lips were already upon her, silencing her. His lips were firm, but gentle and Amy loved the way this kiss felt, so passionate and loving after their adventure.

"Don't you ever do that to me again!" The Doctor mumbled between kisses

"I'll do my utmost," Amy breathed, nibbling the Doctor's ear, making him shiver with delight and laugh at the sensation. When his hands took on a life of their own and began to make their way a little too far north, the Doctor knew it was time to stop.

Breathing heavily, Amy asked a question,

"What happened whilst I was tied to that chair? I could see everything that was happening, but I couldn't hear anything, only your voice whenever you said my name."

"Really? How interesting! I've never come across a body-mind split before, only a possession of the unfortunate's body whilst the mind is in place so I don't really know why that happened."

"I heard you say my name and it drew me back to my body for some reason."

"Hmm, I suppose it could be the psychic connection formed together with the TARDIS that made it work? Anyway, I'm glad it did, I don't know what I'd do without you." He kissed her nose gently, he was obviously trying to earn brownie points. Amy rolled her eyes and sighed,

"Yeah, yeah, so what did happen?"

"Nothing much, she told me her story in return for the identification of our species' and home planet, I told her that I was a Silurian from Albertronnos 7. Sirens seem to be a bit thick really as Silurians obviously live on earth and there are only 5 planets, completely inhospitable, in the Albertronnos system."

"What was her story then?"

"Oh, basically, she wanted to take over the world to show her home planet that their singing was appreciated, because her band of Sirens wasn't allowed to sing at home because they were considered awful."

"That's quite pathetic. Why didn't their singing have any effect on us? I mean, look at what it did to the rest of them, even the Prime Minister!"

"Because, I'm not human and your mind has been trained by the TARDIS to think, well, differently, and so isn't susceptible to attacks such as those of the Sirens."

"Thank you... um, Old Girl?"

The TARDIS wheezed in an appreciative response, the Doctor laughed,

"She say's you're welcome and to stop dwelling on what's just happened and get better. She really seems to like you!"

"I'm glad! She could easily make my life hell." The TARDIS made another noise that was presumably her laughing.

"Me too, it's like introducing your girlfriend to your parents! Everything rides on whether or not they like you."

"So I'm your girlfriend then?" Amy said jokily, resting her head on the Doctor's shoulder,

"Well, if you'd like to be. I mean, I was sort of under the impression we were... well... a different sort of couple."

"Hmm? How so?" her eyes flicked upward to study the Doctor's face

"Well, not every couple runs around saving planets, and each other, and travelling in time and space!"

"So what does that make us?" Amy raised her head up to look the Doctor in the eyes

"I don't know, let's see, well, I love you,"

This earned him an appreciative kiss on his collar bone from Amy,

"You love me,"

"Yep," she began to work her way up his neck with kisses,

"We live together,"


"We have been known to share the same bed,"

"Yep," the kisses were nearing his mouth now

"We have been known to save planets, and more recently, the universe," Amy moved over to his ear,

"I could go on."

"You haven't answered my question" Amy whispered into his ear before nibbling it slightly.

"I... well... ah... hang on, will you stop doing that, I'm trying to answer a very deep and important question!" The Doctor said humorously, Amy stopped, the Doctor resumed, "well some would call us lovers, but then again you could be really cheesy and call us soul mates. I guess we are each other's other half, constant companion and partner in life. There's really no word for what we are."

Amy was silenced, listening, completely in awe of what the Doctor was saying about them, about her. She had never felt love for the Doctor as strongly as she did now.

"I mean that much to you?" A tear began to leak from her eye, followed by another, and then another, "I'm sorry, I must seem so pathetic..."

"You could never... But of course you mean that much to me, Amy I love you! Do you know how difficult it is for me to say that word, to succumb to this emotion? My dear, silly Amelia!"


He laughed and kissed her gently, she giggled,

"I'm sorry, I'm just so happy! I love you so, so much!"

And then they began to kiss, like earlier, only this time with more passion and emotion. This time they led into a more sensual and intimate realm which had hands wandering and soft moans escaping. Before things could get too far, the Doctor's stomach let out a hungry gurgle.

"Talk about ruining the moment!" Amy mumbled, slightly put out, but slightly pleased, they weren't quite ready for that yet.

And so, she took his hand and led him, still slightly shakily, into the kitchen for a breakfast of scotch pancakes and fish custard where they sat and talked about what adventure they'd have next.

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