Out of Harm's Way: Chapter One

It was a grey, rainy day in Konoha. Ninjas were sent to the gate to defend against a new, powerful, enemy. They were facing an opponent like no other. He had mastered three different element chakras; lightning, earth, and water. The entire rookie nine, team Guy, and all of the jonin senseis were defending the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Attack after attack, they weren't doing anymore than scratching him. Sai, Ino, Shino, and Ten-Ten had already been knocked out. Kakashi decided that this was time to see how far Naruto's wind-element training had gone.

"Yamato! How far has Naruto gotten with the rasengan?" He asked the wood-user as he jumped over to him, dodging an attack from the enemy.

"I'd say he's a little past half-way to perfecting it. Why? You're not actually thinking of having him use it now, are you?" said Yamato.

"Yamato, listen to me, it might be our only hope of stopping this guy. As far as I know, even if it is only half-finished, his attack will be more powerful than anything else we can do. How many times has he actually successfully formed it?"

"Three or four times, he has almost got it. I just hope it goes well now."

"So do I."

He jumped away to where Naruto was standing, blocking attacks from hitting Sai and Ten-Ten. He had several Kunai sticking out of him, and burns on his chest from where he was caught by the enemy's lightning jutsu.


"Hai, Kaka-sensei?"

"I need you to try your new jutsu on this guy. Are you up for it?"

"Yeah, *huff* I can *huff* definitely *huff* do that."

"Okay, I'll get everybody back so they don't get in the way."

He jumped away, hoping Naruto had enough chakra left to perform the jutsu. He brought everybody, who were now all conscious, back and turned around to watch Naruto face the opponent alone. He had already created two clones, and was forming the jutsu. It let out a loud screeching sound, showing just how powerful it was.


Naruto ran towards his enemy. The enemy ran towards him. The other ninja had a lightning jutsu in his hand, one that would kill you if you so much as touched it. Naruto ran on, keeping his jutsu forward.



They ran into each other, and their jutsus clashed. The enemy's was gone in mere seconds, leaving his body to be shredded by the new rasengan. They were engulfed in a light so bright that the Konoha ninjas had to cover their eyes.

The noise and light died down, and the ninjas all turned to a giant crater in the ground. Two figures were falling into that crater.

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled out.

They all ran to the crater, but didn't get there in time. The two landed in the crater with a thud and a small cloud of dirt coming up. The ninjas all ran down to where Naruto and the enemy lay. The enemy was completely shredded, and probably not identifiable. They all dreaded looking to Naruto.

He was lying on his stomach in a fair size pool of his own blood. His right arm was in front of him, almost in an L shape. His arm was ripped up. His sleeve was missing from below his elbow. His lower arm was heavily bleeding, and the bones were all shattered. His left leg was also broken, obviously because it was also bleeding, and his leg bent inward below the knee, where it should be straight. It was clearly broken from lading on it from the fall.

"NARUTO! Can you hear me? Naruto!" Sakura shook him, trying to see if he was conscious or not. "Naruto!"

"Sakura, stop. He's not going to wake up right now. We have to just make sure he's alive and to get him back to the village."

"H-hai, sensei."

She turned him onto his back, and placed his right arm on top of his stomach. She took his left arm and checked for a pulse. She then leant over his mouth to check his breathing.

"Right, he's breathing, but his pulse is pretty weak, probably due to blood loss. His arm has to wait until Konoha to get fixed. It's really bad, Honestly, I don't even know if Tsunade-sama can fix it. Right now, Ino, I need your help to try and stop the bleeding."

"Hai." Answered Ino.

They worked for five minutes to stop the bleeding, and then stood up.

"We need someone to carry him back to Konoha. Does anyone feel up to-" Ino said.

"I'll do it." Said Kakashi.

"Right. Just… please… be careful with him Sensei." Said Sakura, with a very worried tone in her voice.

This is bad. He thought. If even Sakura is worried… "Of course Sakura." He replied.

He picked up Naruto gingerly, and sped through the forest to Konoha, with the others following right behind him.

Naruto was pale now, very pale. His breathing was also becoming rougher, and more labored. He moaned as he was bounced up and down in Kakashi's arms. Kakashi slowed down a little, and held Naruto a little tighter. Naruto cried out, and Kakashi realized that he had gripped Naruto's right arm. He immediately loosened his grip, and moved his arm further up Naruto's arm.

Looking down on his student, he thought, This is all my fault. If I hadn't gotten him to try and make a jutsu this powerful…he's only sixteen! What was I thinking? He's never looked this bad in all of the missions I have ever done with him…you'd better make it through this Naruto…

They were halfway through the forest now. Kakashi was speeding forward, with Sakura and Ino next to him.

"Kakashi-sensei! Stop!"

He skidded to a halt.

"What Sakura?" He was concerned as she and Ino ran over to him and took Naruto out of his arms. They placed him lying down under a tree. The rest of the ninjas stopped too, but said nothing as they saw the two girls lay Naruto down.

"Sakura, what's wrong?" Ten-Ten asked.

"H-he, He was c-coughing up b-blood." She said shakily.

She turned back to Naruto, and Kakashi moved to stand next to her. She unzipped his jacked, and cut his shirt in half. She opened the shirt to find several deep cuts on his chest. There were burns around them, so they must have been from the enemy's lightning attacks.

"Dammit. I should have checked these sooner." Muttered Sakura.

Her and Ino healed his cuts and burns, making sure that they were fully healed. Naruto was breathing easier now, but still had a pained look on his face. They zipped his jacket back up, and Kakashi picked him up again. They soon arrived back at the village, and Sakura, Ino, Sai, and Kakashi with Naruto ran to the hospital while the others signed back into the village.

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