Chapter 1

Hey guys I started a new story for my HCW fans. ( LOL there aren't many) It is something to read while I am writing HCW and Vis Versa so you won't have to be bored.

Kudos to my wifey-friend that I just friendship married, AlicexEmmett. Our honey moon was on Isle Esme. LOL jk . Sadly it wasn't because I don't own Twilight the characters or Isle Esme. If I did trust me. Things would be a lot different * wink wink nudge nudge*

So hope you like it.

Monday morning.. this Monday morning seemed different. Don't know why ,but the minute I came back from Starbucks with a frappucino in hand and turned my laptop on, I saw that Alice was already online.

She left four messages and she was online early. Shocker!

FashionPoPo91: Seventeen and Teen vogue shoot today. That's why I am up at 4am! :P

FashionPoPo911 :Don't you have something to do today ,bells? Hmm?

FashionPoPo911:I swear if you don't answer me the reason better be Mr. Cullen doesn't have a computer in his house! Ha Ha just kidding!

FashionPoPo911: Did I tell you , Angela works as his nurse assistant? Be jealous, Be very Jealous!

I sighed " This better be a good day."I mumbled to myself before typing.

PetitePirouttePerfectionist: Hey ! long time no chat what's up?

This was a morning ritual of Alice's and I's. I would buy coffee at Starbucks and then talk to Alice for an hour or so before I head off to work.

But two times a week ( Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons) I teach a ballet class to little kids. I love ballet and little kids so it's always so fun.

On Thursday afternoons I teach two ballet and one jazz class for the slightly older kids. They are more serious than I was about dance at their age. It can sometimes be intimidating for kids half your age to correct you if you did your turns or leaps wrong.

FashionPoPo911:Hey! It's Monday morning, shouldn't you be hurrying your ass up to get to class ? And.. see Mr. Cullen ?* wink wink nudge nudge *

Mr. Cullen is the father of Alyssa and Nicole Cullen . Alyssa is in my 8 and up class and NIcole- Nikki-was in my 4 – 7 year olds class. Alyssa was 7 but she was an excellent dancer so she was advanced to the older class. Nicole or Nikki was 5.

Mr. Cullen, or Edward , as he tells me to call him over and over again, is anesthesiologist . It is a really cool job in my opinion.

PetitePirouttePrefectionist:Oh shoot yeah I do. Thanks Sis . Tell Em Hi!Bye! Later!

PetitePirouttePerfectionist has signed out.

FashionPoPo911 has signed out.

Alice really wasn't my sister . She has an older brother named Emmet though. They are like my family, since I'm an only child.(Sorry AlicexEmmet. No AlicexEmmetting will be happening in my FF's!)

Me I always loved teaching , dancing, and animals. So I'm a Vet. But, I always loved dancing so I teach classes here at Manhattan Dance and Arts Academy for the Youth.. It's not really an Academy but it should be.

I had no work this week . It was my vacation week. I have been putting in extra hours and taking over for people that I got a week off.

So I shut down my computer , and headed for the shower. Nothing better than a nice warm shower in the morning right? WRONG! Not when your roommate is a total shower hog!

I quickly undressed and got into the shower, turning it on, while hoping for warm water.


"ROSALIE MOTHERFUCKING HALE! I SWEAR I WILL BAN YOU FROM THE SHOWER IF I HAVE TO!" I yelled when the familiar touch of cold water came pouring down onto me.

Rosalie Hale. The supermodel of a best friend and roommate I have. We have lived together since I started college and she was looking for a roommate.

All of a sudden my water shut off. This day couldn't get any worse.

"ROSE ," I yelled. I was getting sick and tired of not being able to take a proper shower. If I have to sleep in the shower the night before just to get warm water ,I will.

Oh, how I miss Phoenix . I always got warm water . Never having to share anything with anyone!

As I wrapped the towel around myself Rose came barging in. Ever heard of knocking? Guess not.

"Well good morning to you too sunshine!" She said while smiling and drinking coffee out of my Robert Pattinson mug. That bitch would do that!

"Rose how many times to I have to tell you! 5 – 15 minute showers max, and DON'T ever drink coffee out of my Rpattz mug ever again!" She wasn't exactly a morning person either. But, somehow she managed to be happy in the mornings. Huh? Beats me.

She laughed. She had the nerve to laugh in my face. I love her to death , which I predict will happen soon if she doesn't stop laughing. But, never mess with me in the morning!

"Bells. You my friend need to get laid." She said and with that she left.

All she had the audacity to say was THAT? Of all things? She could bring that up. Whatever. So I changed into my black leotard and tights, and slipped on my pink converse. I would wait until I get to class to put my ballet shoes on. I put my hair into a messy bun . I grabbed my bag ,keys, water, and a few granola bars.

"Bye Rose!" I called out . I didn't even wait for her to respond I was anxious. I sprinted down the stairs to the parking garage. I felt good today and no one could ruin my mood.

So as I opened the door to my car I hopped in no longer waiting.

I loved my baby it was a gift from my parents. All though I'm not the flashy type they insisted on buying me a Jet Black 2010Audi R8 GT.

I absolutely adored her so much I named her , Marie. Why Marie? I'm not exactly sure . At the time it was the only name I could think of.

I plugged my iPod into the radio and turned it up full blast. I'm a Kings of Leon freak, So it was perfect when Fans came on.

I couldn't help but sing along while I turned out the parking space onto the exit for New York Dance Academy For The Youth. As I pulled into my reserved parking space I looked at the clock on my dashboard. I'm early.

So I just stayed there for a little with my eyes closed and listening to the music.

Until I heard a tiny knock at my door.

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