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I hadn't been able to find Bella anywhere since that kiss and I sincerely wanted to apologize because the true gentleman in me knew I shouldn't have done that. I made my way to Alyssa's room to make sure she was in bed and there she was and so was Bella.

A bright crooked grin made its way across my face as I saw Bella with my little girl. I stood in the doorway until Bella stood and turned, so I beckoned her with my finger.
She walked over to me and I watched her every step; she looked amazing."Miss Swan, I'd like to apologize for before; It was so very innaprop-" she cut me off by putting her pointer and middle finger together and pressed them to my lips with a "shh."

I snaked my arm around her waist and walked out of Alyssa's room with her. "Now, Mr. Cullen, I don't want you to apologize for that." How the hell was I supposed to respond to something like that?

I swallowed hard and I looked over at her with a smile. "If you say so, Bella." I took in everything about her that I could. I really did want to ask her out, but I didn't know how to say it, so I just did. "Miss Swan," I started but she quickly gave me a look I knew too well. "Bella, I'd like to know. Would you like to accompany me to dinner tomorrow evening?"

It was silly for me, a grown man with two lovely children, to be so nervous about asking a girl- woman out. I don't mean to come off as a cocky bastard, but I have had my fair share with girls, so this was nothing new. But, there was just something, something indescribable about Isabella Swan.

I watched as the involuntary rush of red blood cells took over her cheeks. I loved when that happened. She nervously chuckled and bit her lip before answering me. It seemed like it took her forever and a day to respond.

"Yes, I'd be honored to accompany you to dinner tomorrow. I'm actually surprised you're asking me." I don't think I've ever been so relieved in my life. I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding and ran a hand through my –at one point- styled copper hair.

We went over the necessities. What time, where to pick her up. She even managed to awkwardly squeeze in a joke or two.

I locked the door behind me after walking with her to her car. I wondered to myself for the rest of the night if it was wrong that I fell in love with her Audi. I always loved those cars, but never thought to buy myself one.

That night I fell asleep with the lingering feeling of her lips pressed against mine.


"Daddy, you look rather fancy. Where ya headed?" Nikki was always so inquisitive. It had its ups and downs.

"Well, Daddy has a date with-"

"-With Bella. Who else would it be?"Alyssa cut me off mid sentence. What was up with females cutting me off these days? I shook my head and fixed my hair again in the mirror.

"Your babysitter should be here any minute now. And there's food in the fridge, but don't tell her about that. There's money on the counter, tell her to order pizza or something for you guys." I kneeled down and took Alyssa and Nikki's tiny hands in mine. They looked so fragile and their expressions so innocent. The father in me didn't want that to change, but I knew it would; soon for Alyssa. She'd be a teenager in five years. My little Alyssa as a teenager? I shook my head once more as that thought crossed my mind and kissed both of their heads twice.

"Okay, and don't forget to tell Bella 'Hi' for us. Okay daddio?" Nikki raised a brow and put both of her hands on her tiny little hips as she looked up at me. She was sassy just like her mother.

"Yes, Madam Nicole." I playfully rolled my eyes as their babysitter, Lyla walked into the house.

I knew she had a thing for me but I would never be interested. She was underage and that was just wrong.

"Mr. Cullen," She greeted me with what I was guessing was supposed to come off as a seductive smile.

I nodded a hello to her as I grabbed my jacket and blew a kiss to my lovely little ladies.

I remembered Bella saying that she did know a thing or two about rap, so I put in a mix CD that I made a few days earlier into the car radio. We'll just have to see exactly how much she claims to know, about it tonight.


The minute Bella opened the door, still in the midst of putting her diamond tear drop earrings in; I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. It wasn't that I was staring, or being perverted, but she just looked so beautiful..pure, and just perfect. Her dress was too revealing but revealed a suitable amount of cleavage.

It was white with a lace pattern over the silk fabric of the dress. Her makeup was light and natural. I could barely tell she was wearing makeup, until I noticed that I hadn't made her blush yet. She always had a natural rosy tint to her cheeks, but tonight there was just a smidge more than usual. I was glad that she kept her hair down; I loved it that way.

Once I helped her into the car and closed the door behind her, I realized that this had to be special.. even though it wouldn't exactly be the two of us. I quickly turned down the volume, changed the music selection of the night, and turned it back up.

A part of me wanted to-needed to, kiss her badly right now. Just one soft whisper of a kiss on the lips. But I wanted everything to go right tonight, and be perfect just like her.

The conversation was short and I wouldn't say exactly awkward. Sometimes silence was just the right thing for this mood. Every now and then we'd exchange a smile, a chuckle, or I'd gently squeeze her hand.

The look on her face as I pulled up to the dock on the Hudson was priceless. It was just the look I was hoping for tonight.

"An yacht party, Edward?" She questioned an ever present grin on her face. Every now and then, if the weather was nice, my boss and Aunt Liz's husband, would throw a yacht party. Just a few close people wine and dining. I never really went, unless forced to for a holiday or charity event. Mainly because I didn't have anyone to take.

I nodded and took her hand as I draped my coat over her fragile pale shoulders. Just in case it got chilly later on tonight.

As the yacht set sail, and I began to make the rounds, a booming voice called out to us.

"Isabella Swan!" Jacob Black, I thought to myself.

Bella tensed instantly, but loosened up as soon as she noticed I noticed. I raised a brow at her, but she brushed me off and put on a polite smile.

"Jake Black." She chuckled as she was engulfed in one of his monstrous hugs.

So, Jacob Black knows Bella? My Bella…well at least my Bella for the night. This was interesting, and I needed to find out more before the night was over.