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Ulquiorra's POV:

You know the saying "if at first you don't succeed, try,try agrain"? Well, I tried to limp to the mountains in search for Orihime. I've done it multiple times; each time I'd only make it halfway and then I'd colaspe from exaustion and have to wait for a ThunderClan patrol to find me. I don't understand why I do this, but I still do it. In the middle of the night, the grief would consume me and drive me to the mountains. I know that's where they took Orihime.

I'm so close to the base of the summit right now. The grass is getting more and more scattered, and tiny pebbles are slowly melting into boulders the size of me. The great rock looms over me, casting a dark shadow over me. The moon-almost full-peeks tentively from behind the tip. This moon reminds me of the one back in Huecto Mundo, but besides appearances, they're nothing alike. This moon had the company of the glittering stars, thus it would never have to be alone. This confuses me, but then again, I will never understand the meaning of love. Orihime is trying to teach me, which is why I have to save her; evenmore importantly save myself. I'm getting farther than I ever did. As I climb up the steep steps of the cliffside, I feel my broken leg give up. It shakes and refuses to move. Move leg! Quit slacking! With relief it listens, and I continue upward. A river black as the sky rolls over it's banks peacefully to the right of me.

Gratefully I bend over to lap up the water. The cool liquid replinshes my parched throat. But when I try to stand back up, my leg falls asleep again and drags me down. And when you can't get up, gravity will work it's wonders and pull you to it's deepest depths. The tranquil water now was a dangerous enemy that if I didn't limp out of, I'll drown. I tried to claw back onto the banks, but alas it's too hard to get a grip on slippery stones, and the churning water carried me downstream. With a bittersweet feeling rising in my throat, I realize that my whole existence has been like this. I try, but then end up back at square one. That's probably why I'm a hollow, too. Perhaps I tried to be a good person while I was alive, but ended up screwing everything up. I realize now that my early life as a hollow was just a cycle of attempts a failures. Right now its just starting all over again. The water was rising above my chest, but by now I didn't care. I stopped my feeble attempts at swimming and let myself go under.

Forgive me for giving up. But then again, I could care less.


I awoke in a den. But this wasn't Leafpool's den. I sniffed the air, the scent I found was unfamiliar. A brown cat with white tabby stripes walked in from the enterance. "Who are you?" I asked, my neck fur rising.

His amber eyes immediately shot to me. "Oh, Half-helmet. I'm Onestar, leader of WindClan." he stated proudly. His pink nose then wrinkled with discust."You reek of ThunderClan, so I assume they took you in, am I correct?" He sneered. I bared my fangs at him.

"I follow no one." I hissed. Then I looked around the earthly burrow. "Who's den is this?" I asked in an almost-unconcerned voice. An old brown tabby then rose from a grassy nest near the enterence. His eyes were dark and held deep shadows underneath them.

He padded up to me and nosed a cobweb on my head, sending a shiver down my spine. "It took me all night to bandage that gash up." The cat said, and then I understood that this was his den, the medicine cat's den. "I'm Barkface, by the way," He said as he walked over to Onestar. "We found you unconsious on our side of the border. You showed signs of drowning and had a serious wound from hitting a rock. It took me a while to bring you back, but I think it was worth it." Barkface purred. Onestar stared into me with a stare that seemed to see into my soul.

"The gathering is tonight. I'll be telling Firestar this."

Grimmjow's POV:

The sky was a bright azure blue. The clouds were pearly white but faint in the perfect sky. I was running through a meadow of bright wildflowers, my laughter like high-pitched chimes. With little white paws I leaped over different clumps of blue and yellow flowers, crimson tulips dotted in the couples occasionally. I felt so young and carefree, not having any knowlege of Aizen in this world. It was so perfect, but deep down, buried underneath the joy was a sick pervertedness that was bringing me away from this place. I refused to go, for in here I didn't have to face the dangers of reality. Even though I knew this was not my body I was running in, I wanted to continue my visit in this fantasy land. But then reality came in like a fist, tearing away everything, leaving me alone in cold darkness. I felt all the joy in me being sucked away with the color.

Alone. back in my body in the real world. What kind of nighmare is this? "Come back!" I screamed, but no answer. But I knew why, the dark is a coward. Its too scared to give me an aswer to my demands.

A white kitten with eyes the same color as mine came out. The kitten was male and small, probably small enough to curl up in my hollow hole. With horror I realized that this kitten's body was the one I was using in my paradise. "I'm sorry that you can't play in my memories anymore, but if I left you in any longer you would've kept them." it said in a squeaky voice.

"What the hell doe that mean? And who are you, anyway?" I roared. I didn't care if this was a newborn I was yelling at, all I wanted was some answers. This kitten didn't seem too normal, anyway.

"I'm Chishiro. And if you want to play some more, you'll have to get me back." It purred tauntingly.

I growled in frustration. "Just tell me why you're doing this!" I told myself over and over again that this was just a dream, and that I would wake up with none of this real. But as I felt the realm twist and churn, I knew that somehow this wasn't just a figment of my imagination.

The kitten walked up to me, leaped onto my shoulder, and slowly licked my cheek. I flinched at this. "Oh poor Grimmjow," it murmured in my ear."You left me for dead, and now I'm back to reclaim my body. I am your soul."

I woke up next to Hazeltail, beads of sweat covering my body, frightened for my life.


I walked into the medicine cat's den, about to announce my presence when I noticed Ulquiorra was missing. I groaned, he was probably out by the territory outskirts in search for his precious Orihime. I recall Jayfeather scolding him about straining his injured leg and preventing it from healing. Grimamacing, I bounded outside and looked around for Firestar. I spotted him giving out orders to Cloudtail, Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and they departed, I asked,"What's going on today?"

Firestar gave me a death glare. "Your friend Ulquiorra ran away again. If he keeps doing this I'll have ta cut off his paws. Tonight we're going to a gathering," He flicked his tail in the direction of his clan,"and I want you to come with us."

It was my turn to glare. "But that sounds boring!" I whined.

Firestar's back was to me now. "Its either that or babysitting the kits and apprentices." He walked away. "Its your choice." He called.

I didn't want to go to some dumb meeting. But I didn't want to babysit someone else's children, either.


"Babysit Wonderwice for me today and I won't kill you." said Tosen as he slammed my door shut. Before I could yell back at him, he was out of my 100-mile sensing radius.

I glared at the dumb blonde that was sitting at my feet, but then I grinned. "Hey Wonderwice! Wanna know how to say hello to people with your hand?" He nodded vigorously."When Tosen comes back," I said, walking up to my door,"do this." My grin grew wider, and I flipped off the door. Wonderwice made a sheep sound and then copied me. This was too easy. Too bad he couldn't talk; I could've taught him swear words.

Based on what happened the next day after that, I decided to join the clan at the gathering.


"Today, Heavystep managed to die for the 1,004,670th time since he's been born." Leopardstar said. I stiffled a yawn of boredom. "He saw a 'dinosaur' and it ate him. It turned out the dinosaur was just a really big rabbit." She droned on. This was so boring. Kill me now, please. After killing my brain, she pounced back to her spot. A cat Firestar said was Onestar then came foreward.

"This leaf-fall has been unusually plentiful for us, so bare-leaf will be now issue for us." He said. Then he turned to Firestar."We found a rouge with your clans' scent on it and want to return it to you. I don't care why we found him as long as you pick him up tomorrow." Onestar muttered. "As long as Half-helmet poses no threat, I have no reason to keep him." He found Ulquiorra!

As he left the middle branch, the next leader brushed past him with eagerness. Fright was visble in her eyes, even though her body was composed. The cat, Russetstar, yowled,"Cats, today I tell you horrible news! We were invaded by an immortal armay of loners, and their leader slaughtered warriors, including our leader, Blackstar! These cats are not normal cats! They have skulls covering their faces and holes in their abdomen! If anyone finds a cat like this, kill it one sight, for if you doubt it for just one second it will kill you. Their leader has plans to enslave the clans...if we don't unite against this unusual enemy will will all die or become slaves! His name is Aizen! He has powers greater than that of StarClan, which is all the more reason why we must unite!" A dark shadow of fear had settled on the clearing when she finished. I grew anxious; what if ThunderClan decied to turn on me now? A great commotion had been stirred up by Russetstar's news; frightful whispers soon escelated to shouts of fear.

Firestar rushed foreward. "Silence!" he roared; all cats grew silent. "I have a solution! These cats are hollows; I know this because I have one as prisoner! He has told me what to expect from Aizen, and even a possible way to defeat him!" He stared down at me, and then everyone else followed his gaze to me. As I walked up to Firestar I could feel eyes full of hate burn into my pelt. Unwillingly I leaped up to his side, some cats from the other clans hissed at me as I did so.

I cleared my throat, then said, "My master Aizen is ruthless. No doubt about it he's allying himself with one evil cat in your history. Do not underestimate Aizen; that's how I'm standing here right now. He allowed another hollow to turn me into a mortal; hollows are dead spirits without souls. A hollow is you rworst nightmare, it is a creature that lurks in the night, it is a creature that with slaughter whole families of innocent, it is a creature that feasts on your soul. Aizen made an army of them, and the only cats that can defeat them are insiders like me." My gaze turned into one of pity. "Poor cats like you stand no chance." Cats were staring at me with hollows of horror; I expected this. I braced myself for something far worse than death- judgement from my peers.

You need a soul like me in order to be accepted; otherwise, no one will see the truth in you. A little voice taunted.

Gin's POV:

I heard Kira's door slam shut and two people walk in, and I pretended to be asleep on the couch. "Kira, Gin's no good fer ya!" I heard Hisagi say. It was the middle of the night, so I can assume that Hisagi had just consumed sake.

"I know..." Kira muttered softly. "but I can't help but-"

Hisagi cut him off. "Why are you even taking care of 'im? His pressence is causing you insomnia; everyone can see it, you know! You're so stressed out and on edge since he's come back!" he roared drunkenly at poor Izuru. With guilt I agreed with Hisagi that Kira has indeed been very paranoid in my pressence. I tightly forced my eyes shut as I continued to listen.

"I...I don't know...why, but..." I could tell that from Kira's tone he was deeply upset. perhaps even close to tears. "I can't get him out of my head! I seem to have this...need for him...that outshines all my other needs...I don't know why but he's messing with my head!" he sobbed. I felt my heart breat in two as he said this. I knew I was a poison to Izuru. But I never knew it was this bad; he never told me, and I never saw it in my blind obsession with teasing him. I could now hear in his shaky breathing that I had disturbed his innocent mind beyond repair. According to Hisagi, I was even killing him by just being with him.

"He broke you." Hisagi stated sadly."He broke my best friend. This is not how a captain should treat his loyal liutenant." In his words were underlying misery from his lost captain.

"All I wanted was to serve him with my best...I never thought he would do so much...he took me in, turned me upside-down, then left me..." Kira cried softly; his voice was muffled, probably from crying into Hisagi's shoulder. Is this how my liutenant thinks of me? As a horrible, savage monster that betrays those close to it? What if I am that monster...I cannot live with myself right now. I want to just crawl out of my skin and be someone else, someone who isn't so feared and disliked. Or maybe perhaps go back in time and stay behind with Izuru and not leave with Aizen and Tosen in the first place.

Hisagi opened up the door. "...good-night, Kira-kun." he muttered before leaving.

Kira walked into his room, didn't bother to shut the door, and flopped down in his bed. After a while, I decied to follow him into his bedroom. He lay in fetal position on the sheets. I softly jumped up next to his face on the bed. Though sleeping, he felt this, and stretched out on his back. Kira had a look of troubledness on his pale face, and his body was still rigid in a way while he slept. I couldn't help but allow the shining tears to fall from my face. In my blind pursuit of knowlege on how to stop Aizen, I didn't realize my loyal Kira had almost died from heartbreak until now, where its too late to help him. All I can do now is appologise and hope for the best. "I'm sorry, Izuru." I murmured, even though I knew he couldn't hear me. In all this time, now was when I finally cared about his feelings. I curled up on his chest, saying, "I can fix this."


"GIIIIIIIN!" Kira screamed.

I jumped two feet into the air in surprise. "What? Is there an intruder?" I asked warily.

I felt Kira then settle down and relax. "No, you just...surprised me." He muttered. I smiled faintly. I surpried poor Izuru by caring. "Now it's time for your medication." Before I could protest, Kira scooped me up and carried me into the kitchen. He set me down on the tile countertop, then fumbled through a plastic bag on the table. My smile was now a frown of terror at the thought of what Kira was Going to do...he pulled out a trasparent tube filled with pale pills...I didn't want to snuggle with Kira anymore. "Don't fidget." He murmured into my ear as he came closer. I hissed.

"Who made them?" I growled.

"Captain Myuri did-"


Kira sighed. "Here, I'll call him up right now and ask, okay?" He said, punching in the numbers on his soulpager. After a few rings, Myuri answered with a few f-bombs. "I'm deeply sorry to call you so early in the day, Captain Myuri, but Gin here is concered about turning into a woman if he eats them." There was a pause on the other line.

"Well," The clown-face began,"There is a 60 percent chance that a daily consumption of his pills will turn ex-captain(he made a big effort to stress the "ex")Ichimaru into the opposite gender." I shuddered at the thought of having...boobs.

"T-thank-you, Captain Myuri." Kira said as he hung up. He turned to me. "Don't look at me like that; how was I supposed to know that?" He said to me. My grin grew wider. I pounced on him, knocking him down, purring. Kira looked at me with big, bright blue eyes full of shock. I rubbed against his bare chest(he fell asleep shirtless), then moved up to his collar bone, then to the crook of his neck. Silver strands of fur covered the upper left portion of his body. Kira only lay still, paralyzed as my head brushed against his cheek. His quickening breath stirred the furs on my chest as I leaned in close to his ear. Ever so slowly I traced around the outside with my tounge, Kira quivering the whole time. I paused, then nipped it. "Ah!" he squeaked softly.

"I'm always right; remember that, Izuru." I whispered, smirking. Most people have trouble making Kira stutter words beyond recognition. But it only took me ten seconds to leave him speechless.

"...Gin...that felt..." Kira drifted off in a dreamy tone. I gave him a look that said: Too bad I'm a cat, right?

Firestar's POV:

The gathering last night was a disaster. My cats were now back to acting skittish around Grimmjow, well all except Hazeltail and Bumblekit. I hadn't been haunted by the ghost kitten last night, but he still feels fresh on my mind. Why was this kitten visiting me? And what did he have to do with Grimmjow?


Grimmjow followed my closely as I led ThunderClan back home. He stopped me. "I saw that cat, Firestar. it says it wants to play." He looked just as frightened as I did.


"The Warrior of Destruction will kill you, Firestar. He will also destroy the Three; and yet you let him sleep inches from you. Why is this?" The white cat hollered at me in it's ghostly tone. It's blue, pupiless eyes glared at me with a gaze as cold as ice. In the black realm a twisting wind tugged at our forms. The ghost's appiration was steadily being tugged away into the darkness by the grasping wind. The cat's eyes bore into me hungrily as I hesitated.

"I feel that he can give us answers! If you don't like how I lead my clan, then kill me!" I roared furiously with my head held high. The ghost smirked evilly, then bared its fangs. Dark claws arose from the shadows at my sides and then ripped my belly open. I screamed, but it only came up as a sickly, gurgling sound as I vomited blood.

"May a thousand claws of fire rip you apart, foolish mortal!"The cat hissed.

A thousand claws a fire...will they be weilded by Grimmjow? I know now that he's the Warrior of Destruction, and now all I have to do is wait for him to finish his job. I am all alone as I wait for my own demise, and the sure demise of ThunderClan that will follow. Not even Sandstorm must know of my fate. No longer can I tell her the nightmares that whisper my death into my scarred ears. She has suffered enough from what she already knows.

I reluctantly left Sandstorm's resting side and walk outside in the dawn's light. The sky was still only a faint violet, not yet day. Now is the perfect time to bring back Ulquiorra. I pad into the warrior's den, and wake up Graystripe and Dustpelt. "F**k you, Firestar. I'm too tired." Dustpelt grumbled. I then kicked his ribcage. "Fine! I'll come!" he hissed.

I led the two cats to the camp exit, then briefed then on my plan. "We will go to WindClan and ask for our prisoner back. If they ask anything, don't answer. Don't make a scene either. Once we have Ulquiorra back, we'll leave." When they nodded in understanding, we left. Gracefully we walked though the forest, barely making a sound in the dim morning. The only sound we heard as we traveled was the chirping of birds warning us and the stream separrating WindClan and ThunderClan growing closer. The trees grew more and more sparce as the sky grew brighter, until finally it faded into gorseland. Windswept grass greeted me and my small patrol as we continued onward. "Waiting for a patrol would take too long." I explained to my confused comerades.

When we got to the camp we sat and waited for WindClan to wake up. In the meantime Graystripe and I coversed about what is worse: eating a fish or babysitting ShadowClan kits. We hushed as Crowfeather appeared out of the warrior's den and spotted us. Instead of sounding an alarm like I feared, he dissapeared into another den, then came back out a few minutes later with Onestar. They confronted us. "Getting Half-helmet back?" Onestar asked, and when I nodded, he bounded off to the medicine cat's den. he returned Ulquiorra, but I wasn't happy.

I feared that the cat of Despair was going to haunt my clan for the rest of his pointless imprisonment.

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