Good Day Fellow Fanfic-er! We're back again with a SECOND story to our "Decisions" series, called "DECISIONS: Ichigo!" Since we had such amazing success with "Decisions: Naruto," we decided to take a run at doing another one. Just like "Decisions: Naruto," this is a "crossroads" story where the decisions you make will lead Ichigo along the path of lovely ladies, or pain, dismemberment, and possible DEATH! So make your decisions WISELY!

If you have already read "DECISIONS: Naruto" then you know how to read/play this story. Go ahead and jump to chapter 2, and let your new adventure begin! If you have not yet read it then please read the following instructions on how to read/play this story.

You will start reading the story at the very beginning. Then at the end of the section you are reading, you will be presented with two decisions. YOU, the reader have to choose which decision you will have the star of our story, Ichigo, make. Then you will jump to that section, using, CTRL F to FIND the next section you are to jump to. The section names are numbered and in BOLD letters, for example 54FINAL OPTION. If this is the option you would choose, you will hold down your CTRL key and press F to pop up a "find" window. Then you would type in 54FINAL OPTION and OK to be jumped to that section. (The numbers have no significance to the story – they were only used to make each section unique so you don't have to jump to every instance of the words we used in the story.) Then you will read that section says. One of three things will happen next: 1. you will be presented with another decision, 2. your story/game will be over, or 3. you will be successful in reaching the goal of the story!

Here's an easy way to follow the instructions:


Type in "54FINAL OPTION" (or whatever section your decision will lead you to)

Click "Ok."

That's how easy it is!

NOTE: DO NOT try to read the story from top to bottom because it's scrambled and it will make no sense. The decisions you make will jump you to the next part of your story.

In this story, in each section, you will be presented with only two decisions you can choose from. Depending upon which decision you choose, you will lead Ichigo down one path or another. By choosing your path, you might also close off certain paths available to you, making them inaccessible unless you go back to the beginning of the story and start over again! Tricky huh!

What is the goal of this story/game? LEMONS! Your goal is to get Ichigo naked in a positive way with a lovely nubile female! You are to try to guide Ichigo through YOUR decisions, to a lemon ending. If you do have a certain girl in mind that you would like to see him end up with, make different decisions for him and try the story a few times. The ladies that he COULD end up with (in no particular order) are: Rangiku, Tatsuki, Orihime, Rukia, Unohana, Nemu, Soi Fon, or Yoruichi!

The first time you try this story, we would like you to review it, and let us know where your story ended. Did it end successfully? And if so, who did you end up with? If not, where did you get kicked out from? Did you die? Were you fatally injured? Let us know how you did. A poll will also be posted so you can record your "enders" there. Please make sure you answer the poll question, as it helps us to make sure we're not leaning the story in one direction and steering you to a certain person. And please, if you try the story a few more times, feel free to answer the poll question again, or PM your results. All information you can give us is helpful to us JUST IN CASE we get all CRAZY and decide to write a THIRD ONE!

Now, make your first decision to jump to "chapter 2" and read/play the story! GOOD LUCK!