So you gave it a shot, did you? If you have, we'd love to know how your story ended. We would appreciate it if you would review this "crossroads" story and tell us how you did. Did you end up getting Ichigo a little "slap and tickle?" Did you die a horrible death? Did you get knocked out and have to start again? Please answer the DECISIONS: ICHIGO poll question and let us know how you did!

Again we encourage you to try this multiple times and see if you can make it through, making different decisions each time. There is a path to EACH PERSON listed in the first chapter. Your job would be to find each of those paths. Try multiple times and see if you can find them all.

There currently have TWO ADDITIONAL "DECISIONS" STORY PROJECTS we plan on working on after this one. We took the suggestions you gave us from the last story, and combined them with our own ideas to come up with two more stories that will post as soon as they are ready. We are open to other suggestions too! Please PM with any people/ideas/scenes you'd like to see. We'll be happy to consider them.

We hope you enjoyed this story/game. We enjoyed writing it.