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Most nights I dream.

Sometimes, these dreams are of the past. Work days when I would sit in the office, filling out paperwork the Colonel put off. Even in my dreams, I could feel the swell in my chest and my heart beat in anticipation for the time when Mustang would release me to stretch my legs and smoke.

Most of my dreams though, are of the future. Most nightmares, where I'm confined to this-god damn chair for the rest of my life; having to look up at all my family, my friends, and them, look down on me, in more ways than one.

But there are the amazing dreams. Where I stand tall, taller than I thought possible, with the sun shining beating down on my face, as I look out at all my smiling friends. To be able to be useful again, to be able to run- hell, to be able to walk again to my smoke breaks, grumbling about having to do the Colonel's paperwork. To be able to get back up from sitting under the tree, that is a dream that will keep me moving.