The Pie Is Mine

It's only a short picnic break near the highway—but somehow Dean manages to lose his heart…

My very special fellows out there, this one was a triple challenge for me :-) I've got a "keep" for our awesome guardians, Enkidu07 and Onyx Moonbeam (thank you for this gorgeous community, you rock!), a "pie" for my lovely fellow newbie Shannz and a dog for Helen – Helen, I hope Simba roams the green hills and forests of a wonderful dog heaven, and maybe there's a guy like Dean, who shares his love and his hamburgers with him (her?).

A soft laugh aroused Sam from his slumber.

"Who'dve thought I'd meet such a beauty at a place like this", he heard his brother murmur.

"Now this feels good, doesn't it? No need to be shy, it's all for you—yeah, right, here you go…"

Carefully Sam turned his head to the open passenger door and watched, dumbstruck.

There he sat, like a snapshot from happier days, absolutely relaxed, patting a wonderful golden retriever

that wolfed down one of the hamburgers they had fetched for lunch.

"Wanna keep her?" Sam asked.

"Naaa", Dean sighed, "but I'll keep the apple pie."