Author's Note: I'm hardcore to manga (with the exception of Principe del Tenis), so everything I say is basically manga based. So to you anime viewers, I'll explain Train's "Railgun".

After being shot by the Lucifer bullet and returned to his original form, the residing nanomachines within his body created some sort of static electricity level charge that, when stored in his pure orihalcon gun, could shoot bullets at such a speed that you can't see its trajectory, and it has a ridiculously impacting effect. Unfortunately, he could only shoot it up to a maximum of four times per day.

I was so disappointed when Hades broke, but even after it was repaired Train felt that he couldn't use Railgun anymore. Because of an idea I had for Railgun, this fan fic was created.

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Chapter One: Lost Again!

Naturally, the trio was starving. The young bio-weapon hid her hunger behind the complex sentences of geometrical theorems, and Sven's agitation had increased, constantly directed to the growling, amazingly feline marksman rolling with agony in the backseat, long arms wrapped about his moaning torso.

"Train, you're being ridiculous," Sven barked at him for the twelfth time.

"What else is new," Eve muttered sarcastically into her book.

She looked over her shoulder when fingers gripped the edge of her seat. "My, my," came a childish yet eerily raspy voice, "Princess is getting quite rhetorical, isn't she?"

Eve closed her book and lightly hit Train's forehead while looking out the window with an irritated glance. "Don't hover over my books," she muttered.

Train retreated, clutching his red nose and sending glares at Eve's back through growing tears.

"Huh," Sven suddenly said in a low voice and the car trickled to a stop as he looked over the open map on the dashboard propped up for him to see beyond the wheel. "Did I miss the turn?"

Train groaned tiredly and flopped on his back, arms going up to the ceiling of the car in exasperation. "If starvation won't kill us, Sven's lack of direction will!"

"Shut up back there!" Sven yelled irritably.

"Let me see," Eve pressed softly and took the map from his hands, scanning it quickly before a look of realization crossed her face. "Sven, there's an obvious solution."

Train sat up and Sven raised his eyebrows in question just before Eve held the map at arms width, and then turned it completely upside down.

Sven paled.

"You mean to say that we've been going in the totally opposite direction?" Train yelped.

"Unfortunately," Eve nodded and Sven's head landed on the car's horn with a thunk and a loud endless beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep until Train held him up by the shoulders. "Don't die on us yet, old man," he mumbled with a playful killer's intent lurking at the back of his voice.

"I'm not an old man, I'm a gentleman!" Sven raised his voice and reached for Train's neck.

"Fortunately there's a town nearby," Eve said over their squabble as her eyes continued to pass over the map. "It's five hundred miles away, but we should be able to get there by dusk."

"Hopefully," Sven said with a sigh as he turned the car back onto the road and glanced at the map that was slightly tilted out of his view. He looked at Eve questioningly and she smiled softly, apologetically.

"No offense, Sven," she said, "but I think I'll be the one to read the map."

Sven flushed and muffled laughter came from behind.

"Shut up!"

"Hey, hey! Keep your hands on the wheel!"

"Please pay attention to the road, Sven."

The town was actually a fully developed city, and Train—in his lack of patience and naturally human frustration—disposed of the map as soon as they arrived.

"Nooo!" Sven yelped as he was pulled away by his partners, his feet dragging across the red bricked sidewalk. "That map cost me seventeen hundred yen!"

"It was useless, Sven!" Train retorted, "I told you not to buy it!"

"Especially since it came from that man," Eve agreed quietly. There was a mutual silence as the grinning Woodney came to mind.

"Anyway, aside from that," Train said, brushing off the previous topic with a shake of the head, "how 'bout we grab something to eat?"

"Of course that's the first thing you'd think about," Sven mumbled.

"I concur," Eve said to Sven. "We're all hungry; we ought to take care of our primary necessities before indulging in our next target."

Sven seemed to consider.

"And you'll always agree to what Princess says," Train remarked unwisely.

Before Sven could respond Eve snapped with a quiet anger, "What are you implying?"



"Are you saying that Sven's the only one who trusts me? That I'm not mature enough to be trusted?"

"Princess, I didn't…"

"Train, I challenge you!"

Here we go again, Sven thought bitterly.

And his younger partner wasn't half the adult he claimed to be as he continued to take advantage of Eve, grinning and beaming with the well rehearsed tone: "Alright, Princess, what'll it be?"

"The first one to find the city's public library and report back to Sven via cellular phone wins," Eve said immediately.

What? I'm involved too? Sven thought with an aghast expression.

Train pouted, "Aw, Princess, the library?" he whined, "Can't we go for a more fun location?"

"No," Eve responded firmly, staring Train down. He clasped his hands behind his mess of a head and looked across the road.

"Alright, fine," he mumbled, though definitely not content.

Eve faced forward down the main lane. "Sven, start us off please."

"On your mark get set go," Sven mumbled tonelessly as his hands slipped into his pockets and he looked down the street, expecting to see their backs rushing away from him. He winced when he met their stares from their crouched positions over their shoulders.

"What?" he asked.

"Can't you do it with a bit more life?" Train asked with a risen eyebrow.

Eve's gaze said the same.

"On your marks," Sven restarted dramatically and loudly, "get set," Eve and Train tensed, their stares ahead. "Go!"

And this time, they were off.

Sven shook his head, tipping his hat to a bewildered woman who was passing with her pampered pet on a thin, long leash. "Good evening, ma'am," he said delicately, and quickened his stride to the nearest pub for him to drown his embarrassment in coffee.

Eve trotted through the park, glancing around casually. Train was faster, she admitted, but her study of morphology was more precise. Usually the public library was situated towards the centre of a city, especially one as grand as this, and across from a large park would be sensible enough, though not very common, she had seen it more than once and decided to check there.

Her stride lessened until she was walking briskly, looking about energetically for a mass structure…

"Hey, little princess," a voice came from behind.

The tone of which her term was used wasn't friendly, rather it sounded husky and uncomfortably lustful. She turned around and winced in the heavy grip of the tall man who she would admit was handsome but creepy, an intricate black tattoo of a snake weaving up from his jeans jacket collar to his dark blonde sideburns, and tinted eyewear showed glimpses of narrow eyes with a nasty intent.

Her glare settled on him as she braced herself for attack. "Let me go," she warned.

Before he could retort, chuckle or much less blink, he was powerfully kicked smartly across the jaw, and went to the ground in a spiral, blood trickling from his broken nose and bruised mouth as he settled into unconsciousness with an interrupted smirk on his face.

Eve glanced at him, and then the attacker. He looked like nineteen at most: a black jacket with matching jeans and dark boots walking across the ground to the unmoving man. Fingerless gloves removed a wallet from the limp pocket and tucked it into his own before tawny eyes glanced up at Eve.

"A thief?" she inquired with a tilt of the head, examining him.

"What's with that disappointed expression?" the stranger demanded in a comical anger, before he responded in all honesty: "He robbed me. I'm just taking back what's mine."

"Oh," Eve said simply. She then turned on her heel. "I see. Good bye."

"Aren't you going to thank me?" the voice asked in that shocked tone again.

Eve looked over her shoulder at him. He was taller and looked stronger within that slim build, and though he looked emotionally stressed, he seemed easy-going enough.

"Are you a local here?" Eve asked him.

He frowned at the unexpected question. "Yeah."

"Can you tell me where the public library is?" she asked earnestly, her monotonous expression suddenly turning to a vivid one.

He nodded numbly with a startled countenance and pointed warily to his left, "Yeah, it's over there—!"

Eve grabbed his wrist and pulled him along, going in long strides that he matched awkwardly. "Show me!" she said in a hurried voice and, having less than an option, followed her lead.

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