The Other Side of Me

This story is dedicated to my dad—yep, his birthday is… TODAY!

Yep! I. Am. Back! Okay, I will start this story and tell me if ya like me! Eventually you will know the story and reasons behind of this title. Here we goes…

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As the world ends, I realized that the thing truly matters was that whether Annabeth was alive or not. Of course, the gods offered me immortality but I declined it, and made them swore that they would claim they all of their children by the age of thirteen. And also eliminating the pacts concerning Big Three Kids, build cabins for all the minor gods and gained respect for them. I'd say it was pretty unexpected on my part.

After that, Zeus just nodded, and did something I didn't expect a god, especially the King of the Gods will do, "Sure Perseus, these will all be granted. But we had more in store for you." With that, everyone in the throne room went in Party mood, and by that, I mean a FULL OLYMPIAN party. Of course, Kronos was defeated, and that's something to cheer about.

Though for the record, I felt different. Not in a bad way, I guess. It was quite a surprised when I remembered it was my birthday—Annabeth baking a "big chocolate brick with extra blue cement" birthday cake as I recalled, for me. I felt different—more powerful, sure—I just made the choice. Although I was not the hero, Luke was, but I was still in the spot light. I felt… Godly. Yeah, sure, as a demigod, you feel godly. Ha-ha, very funny—not! Only that the feeling right now was much stronger by a thousand times, or perhaps, a million times. No, Zeus won't DARE to do that, right? Well, I can't really say…

The party was over soon and Hermes and Athena both chatted with me. Certain words didn't make sense though, the cryptic word choices made me wonder... Turning down immortality now I see, but not for soon… from Hermes, and Take care of my daughter, I'm watching you, no matter whom you are now—from Athena. Creepy, I'd say, and what exactly do they imply? Nothing changed, right? I had no idea how ironic that statement was.

Later during that day, Rachel was made the Oracle, Annabeth and I…. Blah, blah, blah… I think the scribe of the camp—Rick Riordan (A/N: Rick claimed himself as the scribe in Demigod Files) had already told you that.

So now, a month later, I was attending Goode once and for all AGAIN, and that's the first time EVER I managed to stay in a school for OVER one year successfully. Paul, my stepdad—yes, he and my mom got married—was still my English teacher. And for one thing, somehow my dyslexia was not so bad any more—sure, it was still troubling, but it wasn't as bad that the words swirl off the pages like a hurricane blowing across it. If I just concentrate a tad bit more, I can somehow stumble through a few lines of Shakespeare. Is it a side effect dipping in the Styx, or defeating Kronos? I don't think either is the right answer. But I bet it's not because— Oh no, it better not be. During this month, the suspicion grew stronger; about what Zeus might do. I just couldn't stand the little voice back in my head telling me stuff; it grew way stronger than before. What I meant is that every time when I needed to make a choice, it came out and tell me stuff, like a subconscious. A subconscious that I couldn't shut no matter what I tried.

Another thing: last time I checked, my Achilles spot was at the small of my back, but now, it didn't send a jolt of electricity through my body even if I poked at it lightly. Not even the slightest trace of pain. I ended up poking it hard, but no—nothing. The only spot tied me to my mortal life disappeared… That could only mean—again, that thought is just so ridiculous, plus I think we already covered that.

Anyway, as I said, I was doing better at school, and that was such a surprise to Mr. Blowfish—Blofis. None of the other teachers could believe that I was kicked out from every other school that I attended to. I was taking Marine Biology, and of course, I aced it. It was pretty good, and I was starting to think that my life was finally settling down—Not! Of course, as usual, I had no idea how wrong I was.

Annabeth was in one of the boarding schools in New York. As an official Olympus architect, she had to get on Olympus super often to present her blue prints, and in fact, I hadn't seen her for a month already. No kidding, exactly one month, two days, seventeen hours, fifty-three minutes and thirty-seven seconds. Woah, I had no idea where that came from…

Truthfully, I had been really accurate with time and much more aware of it since my sixteenth birthday. Yeah, so I missed her terribly, but I knew that she would come and visit soon—that's what she said. Oh well, but still, I think the definition of soon is two or three months later, or possibly Christmas. Of course, she was all busy with Olympus and also designing new stuff and cabins for camp.

Right now, and I mean NOW, this very moment, I am just doodling on my homework. Today is a typical Friday night, and both mom and Paul was attending a party that was held for my mom's first published book's success, and I was just bored. Six o'clock and mom told me they would be home at possibly eleven. Well, I can just do my homework and stuff in the weekends and nothing else right now. I want to do something interesting, so I am thinking/brooding over stuff that happened last month. Hey! Don't look at me like that! As much as a Seaweed Brain I am, I still think, okay? Don't let Wise Girl mislead you into thinking that I'm that thickheaded.

The bright flash of gold showers me, and the next thing I know, I'm on Olympus. And that's just my luck.