The Other Side of Me

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Chapter 9—Secrets

I was on the verge of a panic attack immediately, and my two cousins were not helping. I could almost felt the steam rolling off me, and the panic within just grew and grew and—

"Perce, you're… Smoking." Thalia stated, glancing at me every so often. I realized that steam was literally rolling off my sleeves and such. I could destroy the camp if I don't calm down soon.

I closed my eyes as I concentrated on the ocean, its calm waters and the tides. I calmed down soon enough and had a split-second of eye contact with Grover. His eyes told me everything.

He knew. He knew, even way back in August, when I didn't know the news myself. He could sense it through our link, the link that broke off the second the other gods decided to make me one. He shot an understanding glance at me and encouraged me to go on.

"Guys, I have something to tell you, I'm—"I said, only to be cut off by a certain child of Hades.

"That you're a god? Figured that much by myself." Nico muttered the last part under his breath, and I heard it, though I didn't comment on it.

Thalia looked back and forth between Nico and I, confused, but the realization lit up her eyes as she realized what Nico meant. She gasped, hands flying up to cover her mouth and backed up a little.

I hate my life. Officially, the last two people in the world who could understand me just discovered who, excuse me, what I am and trying to avoid me like the plague. And I do not allow it. I cannot stand it anymore, not when my two best friends were separated from me too just because my identity was different. So what? I'm still the same person, god, whatever. Everything is still the same, and it'll never change.

"Look, Thalia and Nico, I'm still Percy. Not a single difference from just three seconds, three months, or three years ago, okay?" They were shooting glances at each other, conversing in a silent way that they think I wouldn't understand. Sucks for them, I can read minds. (No, I'm not gonna laugh the deluxe Kronos laugh)

Percy's a god. What now? Nico thought.

Boys… Annabeth would be so heartbroken… Maybe she'll join the Hunters after we rescued her? Thalia thought, while I tried not to strangle her right then and there. Annabeth will not join the Hunters… Will she?

I guess I can't play pranks on Perce now, although having one more cousin as a god is pretty cool. Nico thought, of course, the pranks he pulled on me… Hmm, good. I didn't appreciate them that much.

"What now, Lord Perseus? Annabeth was captured; we have to get her back." I didn't even bother to correct Thalia to call me Percy. Instead, I just walked towards the Big House, with my cousins and Grover trailing behind me.

"Percy, my boy! What brings you here?" Chiron said. He stood up and trotted towards me, asking.

"Annabeth was captured." I said, straight to the point.

Chiron captured, frowning. "Again?"

I just sighed, nodding. "Yes, and I request a quest to save her. To bring her back from whoever that dared to hold her as hostage. To let them taste the fury of the god of time—"

"Excuse me? Percy, I do not remember anything concerning a god of time." Chiron said, and I knew that it was essential to tell him the truth, though he was not very surprised.

"Ah, I see. I did expect as much. One problem, Lord Perseus. You cannot save Annabeth in this situation then. Gods are not allowed to go on quests." Chiron said, thinking through.

"They are just codes. Not laws. More like guidelines, we don't have to follow them all the time. Plus, do I ever follow any rules?" I argued back, because I just had to save her, and I knew it.

Chiron smiled faintly, nodding slightly as he granted me to go on this quest. I didn't need his grant anyways, but it is always nice to know your mentor allows you to do certain things you really wanted to do.

I quickly picked out my companions, Thalia and Nico, of course. Grover couldn't come as he had to carry on his duty as Lord of the Wild. I snapped my fingers as all our stuff that are already packed, appear right in front of our eyes. My cousins gaped at me in awe, and truthfully, I was quite fond of that little ability I had.

"Get a good night of sleep guys, got tons of stuff to do tomorrow!" I told my cousins as they trudged into the other cabins. I went to the Poseidon one, although I could either stay in the big house or my own cabin.

Grover followed behind me, and he seemed to have a question or two in store for me.

"Perce, I was curious." I was relieved that he didn't call me by my title.

"About what?"

"Why couldn't you just time travel and go save Annabeth before she was kidnapped?"

I sighed. This was one of the topics I wanted to avoid. Of course I had considered that, it's just. It's not possible.

"Sorry Grover, I can't. Even as the god of time myself, I can't violate any of the laws. This is laws that were set millenniums ago, even before the time of gods. These are concrete laws, not guidelines, I must follow them. Any violation of time can cause serious chaos, and I don't want that." I said, and Grover nodded.

"Well, see you Perce. Maybe I'll drop by some time again!" And my best friend left, leaving me all alone.


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