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Part Five

K-9, Rose, the Doctor, Jack and Mickey were all back in the TARDIS. Everyone was stood around K-9, waiting to hear more about the next part of the competition to win Rose's heart. Everyone that was, except Mickey, who was sat in the background, nursing his smashed up face and wounded pride. He let out the occasional whimper of pain, although most of the throbbing had dissipated, just in the hope that someone might care enough to turn round and ask if he was okay. No-one did.

"Announcement, announcement," K-9, um, announced, as they all jumped to attention...apart from Mickey. "Just to run over the competition so far," the more superior tin-dog continued, "The Doctor won the first question round, Captain Jack Harkness won the first physical challenge at the Grand Canyon, but the winner of the figure skating round was...the Doctor!"

The Doctor's face lit up as he bounded up to the dog, grinning. "Oh, you good dog!" he exclaimed, patting K-9's head enthusiastically. "So I'm beating Jack!"

"Affirmative, master," K-9 confirmed, swivelling his head round to give Jack an apologetic look. "The score now stands at The Doctor – two, Captain Jack Harkness – one, and Mickey Smith – zero."

"Oh shut up," Mickey muttered grouchily as he chucked a spanner at K-9. It bounced off his metal head and everyone gasped, turning to look at Mickey in shock.

"Mickey!" Rose cried. "How could you do something like that? Poor K-9!"

Letting out a long sigh, Mickey just scowled at all of them and turned away to continue sulking in the corner, bottom lip protruding like that of a small child as he did so. "Mickey," the Doctor called over to him. "Mickey, can you come over here please?" There was silence, and Mickey didn't move. The Doctor sighed, his patience wearing thin as Rose bent down and continued to stroke K-9's head, comforting him whilst Jack perved on her arse. "Mickey Smith, I'm not going to say it again. Can you please come over here?"

Letting out a loud huff, Mickey slipped off his seat and grouchily made his way over to the Doctor. "What?" he asked, not in a good mood at all. He was injured, hurt, trying to compete for his teenage sweetheart's love, and everyone was taking the piss out of him.

The Doctor looked down at him severely, his arms crossed as he looked at Mickey, then nodded to K-9. "I want you to apologise to K-9 for hurting him, please."

Mickey's eyes widened, his eyebrows hitting the ceiling. "What? I'm not some kid! He's a tin-dog; he probably didn't even feel it!"

The Doctor didn't look at all impressed, and merely turned up his 'disapproving figure of authority' act. "Yes, and so are you, but I'm sure if we threw a spanner at your head, you'd feel it."

"Ooh, I'll volunteer to test that out," Jack piped up, finally dragging his gaze away from Rose's backside.

"Shut up," Mickey snapped, moodily looking at K-9 before letting out a long-suffering, irritated sigh. "Fine...whatever makes you happy, since that makes Rose happy an' all that..." He bent down to speak to K-9. Needless to say, Jack didn't feel any desire to perv on his arse.

"K-9, I'm really sorry for throwing that spanner at your head. I didn't mean to take my anger out on you." He glanced up at the Doctor, but the Timelord's face was still expectant. Sighing, Mickey turned back to address K-9. "And I promise to never do it again," he added sulkily.

"Ah, there we go!" Jack exclaimed happily, beaming. "Now hug, kiss and make up you two, I have a third physical challenge I need to beat the Doctor at!"

"Ah yes," Rose said, her face glowing with excitement as Mickey tried to look a little less sulky, for her sake. "So, K-9, you wonderful tin dog, what's the third physical challenge going to be? Where we going?"

K-9's head swivelled round to address all of them, before announcing, "The next physical challenge will be... Twister!"

At that, the Doctor, Mickey and Jack all reacted at the same time.

"Twister?" Mickey cried, incredulous.

"Twister!" the Doctor exclaimed, clapping his hands, absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of playing his favourite game.

"Twister?" Jack repeated, looking excited, but slightly confused. "What's Twister?"

The Doctor, K-9, Mickey and Rose all rounded on him, their faces shocked and horrified. The Doctor in particular looked especially murderous. "Y-you...You d-don't know what Twister is?" he asked, stumbling over his words, unable to believe what he was hearing. "How can you not know what Twister is?"

"That is weird, man," Mickey said, actually looking quite pleased that the others all agreed with him on something.

Nodding, Rose shook her head at Jack, still gobsmacked. "That's mental, Jack! How can you have never played Twister before?"

Grinning his most devilishly handsome grin, Jack shrugged. "I don't know; guess I've just never come across it! Anyway, I'm sure I'll soon find out what it is. Hey," he said, laughing, "Even though I've never even heard of it before, I bet I'll still beat Mickey Mouse here at Twister!" He turned to K-9 and announced, in the gay, elaborate fashion that so brilliantly became him, "Lead the way to Twister-land, K-9!"

All the way down the corridors of the TARDIS to the Doctor's special 'Twister' room, Jack could be heard to be singing at the top of his voice.

"Heeyyy, let's twist again! Come onnn, and twist again!"

Hip-thrusts and twists included.

"Wow, this looks awesome!" Jack exclaimed upon seeing the massive Twister mat that the Doctor had in his 'Twister room'. "So, what do you do with the massive picnic mat?"

"It's not a picnic mat," the Doctor explained, rolling his eyes along with Rose and Mickey, who felt glad to be included again. Especially as they were all now ganging up on Jack, sort of. At least, that's what he told himself they were doing. Deep down, he knew it was just friendly teasing, but in his head, they were all secretly fed up of him and were ready to lock him in a room with a hundred bloodthirsty, carnivorous aliens who liked eating self-obsessed Americans for breakfast...

"This is a Twister mat. Basically, Rose will spin the, erm, spinnery-thing, and she'll say something like 'Left hand, yellow', so then you have to put your left hand on yellow. Then she'll spin again and say something else, and you have to do what she says. The winner is the person who can remain in position for the longest time. If you fall on your backside, you're out!"

Jack nodded, surveying the mat and taking a look at the 'spinnery-thing'. "All looks pretty awesome and easy-peasy to me. Let's play!"

Grinning, the Doctor turned to Rose, gave her a hi-five and handed her the spinner. "Here you go, all yours. Spin away!"

Jack burst into song again, singing his heart out as he twirled around and around in circles, "You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record baby! You spin me right round, baby, right round!"

"Jack?" Rose called out, smiling sweetly.

The captain suddenly came to a halt mid-spin, resulting in him swaying a little from side to side as he waited for the room to stop spinning, Rose's face blurring before him. "Yes, my love?"

Rose smiled a little more at him. "Shut up and get to your starting place."

Giving her a mock salute, Jack nodded and took his position at the edge of the mat. "Yes, Ma'am, I am loaded and ready to go."

This earned him a giggle from Rose as she fluttered her eyelashes flirtatiously at him. "Bet you say that to all the girls," she laughed, before spinning the spinner.

Fifteen minutes later, and the Doctor, Mickey and Jack were in some rather...compromising positions.

The Doctor was perhaps the best off out of the three of them. That is to say, he wasn't the one with Mickey's arse in his face, or Jack's leg wrapped around his neck. He was in a crouching position, bent with one arm back in a half-crab pose, and looking pretty comfy on it too, despite having to keep his back arched the whole time to stop himself from falling on his backside. Rose thought he looked kinda, well...foxy.

Mickey however, wasn't looking too happy about the situation. He was in, well, what could best be described as a 'doggy' position. He was stretched out on all fours, backside in the air and he would have been pretty stable... had Jack not been forced to wrap a leg around his neck in order to be able to put his right foot on green, leaving his face in a rather...awkward place, and his whole body was beginning to buckle under the weight.

Jack wasn't loving it either. Yes, it was safe to say, Rose decided as she happily chewed popcorn, spun the spinner and laughed at them, that Jack's first encounter with Twister wasn't exactly a positive one. Yes, Captain Jack Harkness had most certainly drawn the short straw with this one. He was currently bent over backwards, one leg wrapped around Mickey's neck, one hand stretched out behind him so that his body created an arch over Mickey and his head, well... That was twisted round and situated rather inconveniently in front of Mickey's backside. Nice.

To put a long story short, the general gist of the situation was this: there were a great many people with whom Jack would have loved to be in that particular position with, but Mickey Smith was not one of them.

Gleefully, Rose spun the spinner again and called out, "Left hand, red!"

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," the Doctor said, manoeuvring himself to see that he was going to have to reach around Mickey's ankle to reach the nearest red dot to him, thereby entangling himself into Mickey and Jack's 'situation'. He was about to move his hand to the red dot, when Mickey decided to do so at the same time, resulting in their heads colliding with loud bang, and more to the point, both of them falling over. Jack managed to remain in position after wobbling a little, but only just.

The Doctor and Mickey meanwhile were sprawled on the floor, a tangle of limbs and bruises as they both groaned and rubbed their heads.

"Bloody hell," Mickey grumbled, the first to sit up, though that made him feel dizzy and he swayed a little bit. "You've got a hard head."

The Doctor grinned at him through the pain, still rubbing his own head, messing up his hair even more. Rose thought he looked gorgeous when he did that, which he was fully aware of...so he did it some more, even though the pain had pretty much subsided. "That's because I've got lots of brains in there, Mickey," he quipped, reaching out to pat him patronizingly on the head before turning to look at Jack. "Well, suppose you won this one then."

"Affirmative!" K-9 confirmed, moving forwards from where he had been watching the game from a safe distance. The robotic dog didn't really fancy getting trodden or fallen on. "The competition now stands at Captain Jack Harkness – two-"

Rose interrupted with a cheer, jumping up and down on the spot, clapping, and then swooning when Jack grinned and sent a cheeky wink her way.

"The Doctor – two-"

Cheering yet again, Rose and the Doctor exchanged hi-fives and not for the first time, Rose wondered who she really wanted to win. The Doctor or Jack? Mickey was out of the question of course. It was like this was a science experiment, and Mickey was just the control variable – the part that no-one really bothers about but is needed for entertainment, or something like that...

"And Mickey Smith – zero."

There was no cheering this time, but Mickey looked at Rose, faintly annoyed, so she gave him a half-hearted, "Yay...!"

"Aha, what did I tell you all?" Jack said, chest puffed out, his hands on his hips. "I knew I'd win! Because I am just that amazing..." He grinned. "Not to mention handsome, of course." Rose giggled again at that.

"Oh leave off it, Jack," the Doctor told him, though he was smiling too. "Come on, K-9, you good dog. What's the final part of the competition then?"

The robotic tin-dog looked thoughtful for a moment, something that doesn't sound possible for a metal dog, but it was. "Hm," he said, his antennae flashing. "K-9 is tired now, and suggests that everyone gets some rests, and the contest may continue tomorrow."

"Ooh," Jack said, "I'm up for that! A little bit of bed time..." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at Rose, sending her into fits of giggles again as Mickey sighed wearily. Why he didn't just leave now, he had no idea. Hell, he should have opted out when the Lycra and ice skates came out.

"Affirmative," K-9 said, "The contest will be resumed tomorrow. I am off to my bedroom." With that, the little tin dog rolled away down the corridor and out of sight.

Rose looked at the Doctor, perplexed. "He has a bedroom?"

The Doctor shrugged, looking amused. "Apparently so!"

"Do I have a bedroom?" Mickey asked, butting in.

"No," came the chorus of replies from the Doctor, Rose and Jack.

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