No Glory

After a drive down the streets of Mesa, barely far away from the Big Winner's Den Casino, Murray and Adams entered Wesley's bar, which apparently seemed to have quite a crowd of customers. Several drunkards sat at tables and booths, all jugging down what was obviously alcohol - according to the smell - and whistling at each woman whom passed by their vision.

Oh boy, Murray rolled his eyes as he over heard the pick-up lines those drunk bastards shouted, hearing them say "I'd tap that" and "Wonder what's under all those clothes" just made him shrugged as he tried to ignore them.

"Well Murray, here we are," Adams told him, "good ole Wesley's has just the booze and the party you could ever ask for."

"Er... I don't know, Adams," the hippo replied, visibly cautious around all these drunk strangers, "there's a lot of people here I don't know, and a... ugh! What's that smell?"

"Oh don't worry about that, that's just the booze you're smelling. Sure, it's got a pretty bad stench, but a pretty good buzz to it that's definitely worth it. You've gotta try one."

"But Adams, Slick told me to stay out of trouble and incognito, I think that includes going to a public bar, a place I've never been to, and drinking," Murray explained. The Doberman shrugged.

"You know what, screw Slick! Okay? Because it's time he learned that you're his boss, and that you need a little freedom to blow off a little steam after a good end to the racing season. Now c'mon, I'll buy you a drink."

Although it didn't seem like such a good idea, Murray was sure that turning down a drink paid for you would probably get him noticed, and that would be a problem if someone were to call the paparazzi to Wesley's so they can interview "The Murray" on why he makes such a peculiar public appearance. He followed Adams and passed several of the likely already drunk customers that crowded the whole barroom, politely apologizing to each of whom he pushed through.

As Adams made it to the counter, Murray spotted a stool next to his and started for it, unwillingly bumping into a woman. He turned his head back to apologize to her, but found himself surprised as he got something of a glimpse of her. She was a clouded leopard, by the quick look of it, she looked quite beautiful, but actually sort of familiar. In fact, if he wasn't already drunk, he's think she was...

"Murray." Called a voice from behind him, just as a hand landed on his shoulder. He nearly jumped as he spun around, finding Adams at his side, "What's the hold-up?"

"Oh I uh... I - it's nothing. I just thought I'd... saw something," the hippo replied, shrugging as he glanced back, only to find no trace of the mysterious woman - must've disappeared among the crowd. Deciding it must have been nothing, he turned back to the Doberman, as they both took a seat on the stools, seated in front of the two mugs placed in front of them.

"Alright Murray, here's where you get your first taste of the good stuff," Adams told him, collecting his mug while the hippo picked up his own, "don't be scared to hold back, it's a little strong the first time. But if you want fun out of it, just jug it."

Murray glanced at the liquid residing in his mug, shaking it lightly to watch it swish around, and watched as Adams began to jug his. Curious, he smelt the alcohol known as booze, and he was right, it smelt just as bad as he thought, regardless he took a sip of it. It tasted equally bad, but as he recovered from the taste, there was a kick, a buzz to it that made him feel a little energize from some odd reason.

After a long sip, draining the mug of its contents, he finally placed it back on the table, working the last of the buzz from his teeth. He looked at Adams, who smiled at him. "See? What'd I tell ya? It's strong, but it's still fun, right?"

"It was okay, but I don't really like the taste of it that much."

"Well of course you don't, neither do I. In fact, it all pretty much tastes like shit all the time. Nobody who drinks alcohol does it for the taste, they do it for fun, that's why they do it all the time, to have a good time. Wanna another, my treat?"

Murray hesitated, but then nodded, "Alright, sure. Hit me!"

After two... no, three hours of consuming jug after jug of booze, both Murray and Adams were intoxicated, or as people seem to call, "wasted". They both sat at the counter, rows of empty glasses at their sides, while they laughed in stupor at jokes neither of them even exchanged. They were just so drunk, neither of them could see straight.

"Wow!" Adams said, remotely amazed, "Murray dude, I am so wasted."

"Yeah, I think I am too," the hippo said, quizzically, "everything looks weird, even you."

"That's not what the ladies say," he replied, bursting into laughter. He spotted a group of woman seated at a booth on the far end of the barroom, "Hey, if you don't mind, I'm seeing something worth looking at... I'll be right back dude, I'll meet up with you in about - I don't know..."

Before the Doberman could really make out an exact ending sentence, he hopped of his stool and soggily sauntered over to the booth, leaving the hippo by himself.

Murray looked back to the half empty jug in his hand, and reluctantly drained the alcohol from the glass - no point in letting it go to waste, right? With the last of it, he thought about getting another, sure Adams wouldn't mind him getting another drink on his tab, but found himself a little too sluggish to call to the bartender, in fact he nearly slumped on the counter.

"Hello there," greeted a feminine voice. He turned his head to his right, finding a woman in front of him.

She was a clouded leopard, a gorgeous one at that as far as he could tell. In fact with all of what he observed from her he thought he would have thought about whom she reminded him of, but he was too stupor to think or see straight.

"You look a little lonely," she told him with an alluring voice, "Mind if I keep your company?"

"Uh... sure." Murray replied, surprised that a stranger - especially a woman - would really approach him to make such an offering.

She smiled and took a seat on the stool beside him, while he kept his eyes fixated on her. She had a body worthy of a dancer, she wore a hooded jersey cut short in length, which revealed half her belly, some dark jeans, along with pair of boots on her feet, and dazzling features of stripes all around her body. Her face captivated him, with her striped cheeks, purple lips, emerald eyes, and long raven hair.

Her smile grew wider, obviously catching on to him checking out her features, "See something you like?" She asked him, batting her eyelids as he shuddered nervously, "It's okay, I'm not offended if you were. Listen, you seem like a nice guy, not like all the idiots in this bar, maybe we can find some place quiet - like maybe... your place perhaps?"

"Uh... okay, but - but I just need to get my friend," Murray replied.

"Really? Tell me good sir, is your friend familiar with Mesa City?"

"Yeah, Adams knows the whole town inside and out. He can find his way around easy."

"And you, do you at least know where your place is?"

"Yeah, I live at the Big Winner's Den Casino."

"My, that's a sweet gig," she said, "you know, since your friend knows the city good enough, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we drove to your Casino and left him behind. He can find his way back any time, so he won't be angry. What do you say?"

Murray thought about it with his half-dulled mind and decided it wouldn't hurt anyone if he did just leave Adams here, he was having a good time so he probably wouldn't have cared anyway. "Okay, let's go," he said, standing up from his stool as he began to wobble a little.

The clouded leopard took to his side, wrapping an arm around him to help support him as they made their way out of the barroom. He showed her to his Van as she ushered him into the front passenger's seat, while she took the driver's spot.

As they entered his suite, she marveled at all the features and accustoms to his home. "Wow, you've certainly have quite the digs. I'm sorry, what was your name?"

"Murray," he said, making his way sloppily to the love seat, where he slumped upon the comfortable cushions. She casually took a seat outstretched next to him, kicking off her boots as she now sat close to him.

"Well, this is nice Murray," she said, stretching her arms above her head as she sighed, "excuse me Murray, but do you mind if I make myself a little more comfortable?"

"Sure, go ahead," he allowed, but was taken off guard as she reached underneath her hooded jersey and pulled it up over her head, tossing it on the arm of the couch. To his extreme surprise, and although he wasn't expecting her to get that type of comfortable, she wasn't wearing a shirt underneath her jersey.

She sat back within the couch, wearing only a tight, purple brassiere on her torso while she drew closer to him, leaning on him. She moaned, "Yes, this is really nice, isn't it Murray?"

The hippo murmured, unsure how to react to this situation. Here he was, drunk into a stupor, with a hot and likely aroused clouded leopard leaning too close to him to make him feel a little uncomfortable, but slightly aroused himself. He looked at her as she held that bewitching smile, with those two purple, delicious lips looming closer to him.

"Miss, wait," he tried to protest, but she ignored him and started kissing him.

Murray tried to push her away gently, but she refused his gesture and continued repeatedly kissing him over the face, getting close enough to wrap her arms around his head and pull herself closer. Soon, he found himself resisting less and less, and finally accepted and pulled her closer to him, as she pressed her body into his. Placing both hands on his head, she massaged his scalp with her thumbs and shared her breath with his own, and the kiss grew deeper and more breathy with each passing second.

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her bridal style up the stairs and into his room, where he strolled over to the bed took a seat at the foot of the mattress. She leaned further onto him, using a mysterious strength to push him down onto the bed, where she now lied on top of him. Her fingers danced and dug into his shirt, fiddling with the buttons until she finally removed it, and pushed him further into the mat.

Lying flat on his bed with his shirt practically ripped off, Murray watched as the beautiful woman slipped her fingers into her jeans and pulled them off, showing off her incredible, slim legs to him as she climbed to his eye level. She pushed him further into the mattress and kissed him full again, pressing her body close to his own.

He could only stare as she leaned up and smiled as her hands crept behind her back, easily slipping off her brasserie's hooks each and slipping it off. The bra was stripped and dropped onto the mattress, along with the rest of their clothes, as she slenderly lowered and pressed her body into his. His cheeks were compressed by both her hands as she smashed her lips onto his.

He had felt the need to resist or protest but decided against it, the textures of her lips widened and sparked while the movements of her naked form vibrated circular on his own. He felt one of her hands trail down his cheek, down across his torso and belly, and appeared to caress his manhood. She leaned closer, taking his hand in hers and pressing it against her body, as her tongue roamed and probed his mouth, licking his lips on the way in. He could only close his eyes and let her continue.

He felt the sun beam shot from the window and shine over his eyelids, and Murray finally opened his eyes and awoke sober. He sat up from underneath the covers, unsure exactly what had happened to him last night. He remembered Adams taking him to a bar where he paid for both their drinks, he was guessing apparently he had drank too much—and had gotten drunk for his first time.

He also remembered a woman, a clouded leopard specifically, who had approached him at the bar and kept him company throughout the night, especially when she had drove him to back to the Big Winner's Den and escorted him to his room. His mind was still a little blurry from the alcohol, he remembered them sitting together and...removal of clothing? He couldn't really remember.

Murray looked around the contents of his suite bedroom, just about everything looked to be exactly where it was when he had left, until he casually glanced to the other side of his bed, finding a feminine body with long, raven hair shielding the rest of her form lying underneath the covers. He couldn't believe it, was it all true?—he extended his hand and touched the lock of hair, as it slid smoothly off his finger.

The dark, raven hair was soft as silk, and the stirring moan was more than enough to tell him that she was definitely real—and it was at that point that he realized he had gotten himself into trouble.

"Uh... Miss?" He gave her a gentle nudge, "Miss? I - uh, I think you need to wake up now. We've... got to talk."

He felt like such an idiot whispering to her in that light, mild tone, it wasn't even funny, but as a result to his actions the woman turned over to face him, and it became the greater surprise.

"Yes, dear..." Neyla replied, her head leaning on her propped arm as she smiled.

Murray's eyes flew wide with an obvious shocked reaction as he faced Neyla, the same devious feline who had double crossed him and the Cooper Gang those years ago. He hadn't forgotten, how could he have forgotten? She was the back stabber whom was responsible for the first separation between him and Sly and Bentley, the very person who had played them all for idiots, who had used them to get what she had wanted, and - awkwardly - the naked woman lying in the same bed with him, eying him with a wide, satisfied smile.

The hippo slowly turned his gaze away from hers and fell back into bed, overwhelmed by the predicament he had suddenly found himself in - what the world happened last night?