Hey guys! I just got back from the beach and had this thought in my head and HAD to post it! Hope you like it! Alice and the strawberry milk will be updated soon I hope! Thanks for reading!

(Alice's POV)

"Mom?" I called from the stairs.

"Living room." She answered

I walked into the living room and sat on the couch….

"Mom… will you tell me a little bit about when you were younger?"

"Of course sweetie. What do you want to know?"

"well…. Um did you ever get into trouble?"

She laughed " well of course I did darling…. Every young child does. Hmm… let me see…. The first time I ever got in trouble was…

I walked slowly into the kitchen and tiptoed to the counter…. YES! Momma made fresh cookies! I reached for the cookie jar and lifted the lid slowly… quietly careful not to make any noise. I was too short to see into the cookie jar but I could smell them… I reached my hand into the cookie jar and my tiny hand grasped the warm freshly baked cookie. I slid my hand out and slipped the cookie into my mouth … mmmm warm sweet chocolate. Momma's best cookies ever! I finished eating the cookie and walked outside to daddy's work shed where he was building me a rocking horse.

"Hi daddy!" I called as I walked in.

"Hello darling. What is on your mouth… is that your momma's chocolate?"

I shook my head trying not to look him in the eye. I knew better than to eat cookies without asking.

"Don't you dare lie to me young lady." He said in his stern voice

"Honest daddy I didn't." I shook my head.

" come here Esme Anne…. Let me smell your breath to tell if you are lieing to your daddy…"

I walked slowly over to him. Dragging my feet as I went. I reached him and blew a little breath into his face and looked at the ground.

" Esme Anne… you lied to your daddy." He told me sternly.

" I am sorry Daddy…"

" stay here little lady."

I stood in place careful to listen to my daddy. He came back a few minutes later and hand a switch in his hand.

"no daddy no!" I paniced.

"Esme you lied….."

"I won't tell you the rest Alice…"

"So you got switched for lying?"

" Yes Alice …times were different then though sweetie."

"I sure am glad WE don't get switched when WE lie to you or Daddy…"

" we would never do that….. it hurts too much Alice."

"thanks momma!" I cuddled into a wonderland of her past.