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This fanfiction will go AU from the point of its beginning, especially because I don't like how nonchalantly Megaman's deletion was handled in MMNTW. And I love angsting AIs.

~Ellipsis Flood


Chapter 1: rm -f MegamanEXE

Just as Megaman grabbed Protoman's hand and let himself be pulled up, he caught a glimpse of something in the background. Instinctively, he pushed Protoman aside, only to be hit by an energy beam a moment later.

"Megaman: Data deleted."

The corners of the blue navi's mouth raised a bit before he finally got dissolved into pixels.

In the net, the other navis just stared at the recordings. There was a lot of static in them, but they were clear enough for them to see what happened. Glyde practically froze, Iceman's and Gutsman's jaws practically dropped to the ground and Roll sank to the ground, almost breaking out in tears.

"He can't be gone! No, he can't!"

"You just saw the recordings, right? So you can't really deny it. Megaman got deleted, deal with it."

Protoman crossed his arms in front of his chest, shortly glancing at the navis, but his eyes stopped at Roll, who now got up and stormed towards him. But before she could get there, he was logged out again.

"That... that..."

Rolls words changed into growls.

"Protoman bad, guts!"

Roll looked down to the ground and nodded slowly.


"What do you think, Protoman?"

Chaud looked from his PET over to the place where the dome had been.

"He's strong for sure. Megaman was a worthy opponent, and that navi deleted him with one blow.

Protoman closed his eyes, hidden by his visor. In these moments he was truly grateful for his creator to give him one. Even tough he didn't want to admit it, Protoman was a bit shocked by what had happened after the battle and the fact that it could have been him instead of Megaman.



Chaud's voice tore him out of his thoughts again.

"Pharaoman can't be disappeared. I'll head home right now, but I'll send you to the net to look for that navi. We'll meet at home later."

Protoman nodded silently and Chaud made his way to the nearest terminal in order to jack Protoman in.


The net was suspiciously quiet. Regarding today's events, that was just naturally. People feared about their navis being deleted just as Megaman was. Without any clue where to start, Protoman just flew trough the net, looking for anything that might give away Pharaoman's whereabouts.

Not having found anything, Protoman just kept standing in a small public area not many people visited and waited for Chaud to return home for him to get into the PET. Walking around a bit and looking into the sky, he began wondering what deletion felt like. Maybe it wasn't that bad, like how some humans depicted death. After all, deletion came really close to human death. Or maybe it was rather painful. He didn't know. Deleted navis didn't return. That was the whole point of deletion after all.

Protoman shook his head fiercely.

"Why am I thinking about that? Data get's deleted and that's it."

Then his look fell onto another navi in that area. He hadn't noticed it before, so he decided to get closer. After a few careful steps he recognized it.


She turned around abruptly, her face spotting a great shock, and before Protoman could react, she had sent him flying with one of her arrows.

The red navi landed hard on his back a few meters away and tried to get up slowly, while Roll slammed her hands in front of her mouth, gasping. She run towards him, knelt down and stretched out her hand.

"Oh I'm so sorry Protoman I'm sorry I didn't mean to I just thought you weren't you but you're you I'm sorry!"

He just stared at her, took her hand and mumbled:

"I though you were glad I was hit."

This made Roll shake her head angrily.

"I'm not that kind of navi!"

When he looked up at her, he saw tears in her eyes. Was she still that concerned with Megaman? Protoman took in a slight breath before talking.

"I... I want to apologize for what I said before."

Roll stared at him. Protoman apologizing for something was new to her.

"Even tough I can't really comprehend your behavior, I shouldn't have reacted like that."

He let out the breath he was holding and his eyes rolled up in relief. Thanks again for the visor.


Before Roll could say anything else, Protoman interrupted her.

"Now go home. Pharaoman is still somewhere out here. You're not save in the net now."

He had switched from personal to professional within the blink of an eye and the usual aura of aloofness around him was back. After a moment of silence, Roll simply nodded and walked off. When she looked back, he was already gone. The pink navi stared onto the ground and walked on, tears dropping to the ground.