Hello readers, now before I get moaned at, I have my characters actually acting their ages and put into more adult situations. The reason for this is simple the HP books are originally aimed at eight to ten year olds, if Rowling was specifically writing towards the adult/teenage market I think the characters would act very differently. While I love the books the characters aren't realistic (in terms of acting their age).

I mean Ron is sixteen, before he kisses a girl, none of the characters ever get drunk… it just isn't realistic compared to an English boarding school, trust me I would know, I spent a few years in one, sex, booze and drugs were everywhere.

Also as you will soon see Harry is the primary character, he is also far more independent in this story, the reasons why you will soon find out.

As usual I don't own Harry Potter, JK Rowling does… please note that I have used a few lines here and there from the books as well as the first year sorting hat song… Also so far I have over a hundred and fifty pages written so I will post regularly and I plan to write the story until Voldemort is defeated.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my story and I look forward to reviews.

Harry Potter & Death's Revenge


Back To The Train Station

Potter Estate outside Godrics Hollow

They had built their home shortly after James their eldest had been born, it sat on a large parcel of land nestled amongst a rolling field of lush green grass. The grounds included a crystal clear pond and a small wood that the children had loved to play in when they were younger; the nearest neighbour lived over a mile away. The house wasn't as large as some of the old family estates but it was theirs and filled with happiness, laughter and the occasional explosion. The sandy stone walls were bathed in moonlight and gave off an air of peace and tranquillity that seemed to sum up the house perfectly.

It was nearing three in the morning when it finally happened, Harry Potter, who would be one hundred and twelve years old in a few days time was snoring lightly, next to him lay his wife Ginny, who was also snoring but at a slightly higher volume than her husband. Every now and then she would let out a small snort through her nose. They had been married since the year after she had left Hogwarts and for the most part had been extremely happy together; they had three children, all now grown with families of their own as well as grandchildren of their own. The elderly couple had changed much over the decades, Harry had lost most of his hair when he was in his eighties, he now shaved his head so that the little tufts just above his ears remained neat. Harry had picked up a few more scars over the years, he had fought more battles after finally defeating Voldemort, he had learned much and travelled the world. Harry had made peace with his celebrity status in his early twenties, and he had used it to great effect, helping to bring about positive change for the wizarding world, and he had used it as a rallying cry when he'd needed to. Wrinkles now covered his face and his body, he had never become fat, instead staying lean his entire life, which was something his wife enjoyed.

Ginny lay next to him, she too had aged gracefully, her once fiery red hair long since changed to a silvery grey that Harry thought was quite beautiful. Her figure had changed slightly over the years, she was still athletic but because of age she was no longer the athlete she once was, but according to Harry she could still chase him all over the house.

Moving photographs dotted the bedroom showing their lives together, a few showed Harry as a student at Hogwarts, one showed him drenched in stinksap after an herbology lesson. Some showed them playing quidditch together, their wedding with Harry and Ginny holding hands, then both leaning in kissing for the camera. Others showed baby photos of their children at St Mungo's, James waving his pudgy fists, Albus chewing on his foot and Lilly snuggling under her blanket. There were photos of the children when they went to Hogwarts looking both nervous and excited, one showed James in dress robes waving gamely for the camera and going red when his girlfriend whispered something in his ear. Another showed the kids looking green from dragon pox with nasty pustules all over them, every few seconds they would scratch themselves, newer photos showed James's wedding. Albus waving for the camera with Scorpius Malfoy, both dressed in jeans and muggle football shirts, carrying huge bags just before they headed off for what Albus called their backpacking adventure. One photo stood out with over sixty people waving and smiling, it had been taken a few years ago in front of the house, during a New Years Eve party, George had let off huge fireworks causing the people to jump slightly when the explosions happened.

Suddenly Harry opened his eyes, he had been having a very pleasant dream, he dreamed he was flying a broom, which was something he hadn't done in nearly fifteen years; he had just reached out for the snitch when a pain seared in his chest and shot down his left arm. He managed to take a huge breath in, managed to turn his head to watch Ginny sleeping, he knew what was happening, it was his time, he had a brief fleeting moment of fear but that soon passed. Harry mouthed a silent goodbye to the love of his life and closed his eyes for the final time.

Everything went pure white for a few seconds, too bright to see, then slowly everything started to come into focus and the white light dimmed… I wonder if I'll get to meet mum and dad? He asked himself, suddenly he realised where he was, Kings Cross Train Station. He looked down; At least I am not naked this time.

What's going on? Why am I here?

Harry didn't say the words aloud but his questions were answered anyway.

"I believe I can answer that." Harry turned and saw a pale man in a black muggle suit sitting on one of the metal benches. Harry was sure he'd never met the man before, he would have remembered, because the man had something about him that just screamed I am powerful and you shouldn't mess with me.

Harry took in the black suit, black shirt, black tie, shiny black shoes, the black hair and the piercing black eyes that looked at him intently.

"And who are you?" Harry asked politely.

The man motioned for Harry to sit, "I am death."

Harry took a sharp intake of breath.

"Do not be afraid, you have nothing to fear from me, you have led a good and noble life, any way I do not cause death, I am merely the guide to your chosen afterlife."

Harry was silent for a moment; he was trying to understand what that meant. "Why am I back here?"

"I bought you here when you died; I wish to offer you a second chance."

"Second chance?" Harry asked in wonder.

"Yes, a second chance, to prevent the premature deaths of so many people."

"I don't understand."

"You are Harry Potter, one time master of the deathly hallows, destroyer of the abomination that was Voldemort, he killed hundreds that should have lived, that thing." He spat in anger "cheated death. Through you I will have my revenge and set right what has been broken, to correct the destinies of the dead, I can send you back in time along your own life line. Of course you have a choice, you can go back or you can go on to the next great adventure." Where have I heard that before?

Death remained silent while Harry tried to take in what he was being told; finally he asked another question "What will happen if I go back?"

"That I cannot say, you may change events so much that the whole of your reality is different from what you know."

"In other words, I change things so much that different people die, I don't marry Ginny and my children are never born?"

"That could happen, you could also die much sooner, or you could be victorious and have more children, your fate will be what you make of it."

"When would I go back to?"

"That would be your decision."

Harry leaned back against the bench, "I need to think about this carefully, can I have time to think?"

Death chuckled to himself "Of course Mr Potter, here time doesn't mean anything… take all the time you need."

Harry sat on the bench for what felt like hours thinking things over, he asked himself question after question, he tried to plan things out in his mind, what he would do? What should he do? Could he relive his past? Did he have the right to make changes? Finally he came to a decision, but first he had some more questions for Death.

"If I go back would I be a horcrux again?" Harry needed to know, but he also dreaded the answer.

Death turned to Harry "Yes, you would start at the beginning again, but you would retain your knowledge, your memories, that is the limit of my power."

"And I can chose when I go back to?" He asked, making extra certain.


"What about my magical strength? Would it be the same as it is now?"

"Yes and no, your magic stays the same throughout your life; however your younger body will need time adjusting to what you are capable of, though this should happen quickly with some practice."

Harry nodded "What about after Voldemort is dead? What will happen to the timeline?" Harry asked carefully.

Death turned to focus on him "You wish to know if you can prevent other atrocities?" Harry nodded again "As I have already said your future will be what you make of it, you can do what you think is best, for you, the wizarding world and the world as a whole."

Harry sat back again "I don't really have a choice do I? I have the chance to save my friends, my godfather, all those that died fighting, I can prevent the Spanish incident and put in place the seeds of a better integrated society."

Death nodded solemnly "Yes, but remember you could also fail."

That was a disturbing thought, "Do you think I would fail?"

"No, you are stronger than Voldemort, you have knowledge he doesn't have, you know his secrets, if used wisely and with care I believe you can stop him."

"He has to kill the horcrux within me, doesn't he?"


"So I have to let him regain his body, tie himself to me using my blood, then let him kill me, return and kill him?"


"Okay then, I know what I must do."

"And you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions, whatever they may be?" Death asked quietly.


"And you understand that if you fail, I won't be able to send you back again?"

"I understand."

"A word of warning, if you change things too much, events will be too different from what you know and your knowledge of what will happen will be useless, my advice is to choose wisely what you change." Harry nodded, he'd already thought of that.

"Close your eyes and focus on when you want to return, good luck, hopefully I won't see you again for a long time." A moment later the station flared in bright white light, then vanished.