Chapter 26: The PM and the Truth.

Harry Potter thought he was going to die.

Every muscle ached as he finished his first thirty minute session on his brand new rowing machine. He had spoken to Peter Webb and arranged for Dobby to deliver it to Hogwarts and place it in his trunk. In addition to his twice daily push ups and sit ups Harry was determined to row for at least thirty minutes twice a day. He would have liked to run instead but it wasn't that practical at Hogwarts, the cold, rain and snow that graced northern Scotland for months at a time prevented it. He could have gone to the room of requirement but that meant traipsing through the castle, whereas with the rowing machine he could simply slip into his trunk in just his boxer shorts and start exercising in seconds.

Hot and dripping in sweat Harry staggered to his bathroom and started to run the bath. While he was waiting for the bath to fill he examined his body. He was sure that he was definitely taller than he had been when he was thirteen the first time; he hoped that he would manage a few inches more than he had been.

It had been a real pain being five foot five with everybody towering over you, especially when everyone considered him to be the most powerful wizard alive. He was a little broader as well, he was also slightly heavier set, and he was sure that he was stronger now than he had been at seventeen the first time around. Now if he could only do something about his knobbly knees, he mused.

He looked closely in the mirror and realised that he had some minor bum fluff at his side burns and around his top lip. Harry smiled, finally over the summer he had started to become a man again. Now he hoped that the crack in his voice would settle down along with his hormones that were driving him crazy. Damn near everything made him aroused, it was maddening and utterly brilliant all at the same time.

He slipped into the hot water and sighed as the air jets on his Jacuzzi bath soothed his muscles. He knew that he was fairly fit for his age but that didn't mean that he had prolonged stamina, hopefully rowing everyday would change that. As he sat in the hot water he used the razor that Petunia had given him for Christmas and very carefully shaved. Just for a moment he thought that it was weird having another first experience. A man's first shave was always remembered.

Twenty minutes later he was dressed for the day and heading down to the great hall for breakfast with Ron, Hermione and Neville. He had just sat down when a nervous Hufflepuff first year approached him and handed him a note.

Harry thanked him and quickly read the note.


Please come to my office after breakfast, as no one has declared their candidacy the Wizengamot must confirm Amelia into office.

Best Regards


P.S I enjoy flossing spearmints.

Harry excused himself and told his friends that he was needed in London for the day; he quickly went back to Gryffindor tower to change into his plum Wizengamot robes and then made his way to the headmaster's office. Carrying the ridiculous hat under his arm and wondering if he could get away with not wearing it.

Together they used the floo to travel to the Ministry. The Atrium was busy; it was already filling with witches and wizards waiting for the announcement. Reporters waited patiently near Eric the welcome wizard. Harry was about to join the visitors queue when Dumbledore gently pulled him aside.

"As a member of the Wizengamot you have automatic access rights." He whispered in his ear.

Harry nodded and followed Dumbledore onto the lifts to take them down to the courtrooms.

From what he had gathered from Dumbledore no one had made any move to contest Amelia as Minister, as most people believed that she would be an excellent Minister. Harry followed the headmaster into the court room and to the bench. He felt slightly self conscious being the shortest person in the room and after his last dramatic appearance before the court all eyes were on him.

Dumbledore as the chief of the Wizengamot stood and addressed them. "Good morning witches and wizards of this esteemed and respected body. We meet today to confirm Amelia Bones to the office of Minister for Magic. As no one has pledged to stand against her, a seventy five percent majority vote is required to confirm. In the event of a failing vote a panel will convene to search for three candidates for a general election." Dumbledore took a sip of water and looked over at Amelia standing before the court; she stood tall in dark robes, a steely confident expression graced her face. "Please show a lit wand if you think we should confirm Madam Bones."

Harry raised a lit wand instantly, as did most of the court. Once it became clear that she'd had more than seventy five percent of the votes, the hold outs raised their wands. Madam Amelia Bones was confirmed unanimously to the post of Minister for Magic. She took the oath of office and the court disbanded, Harry and Dumbledore were immediately called to her office.

The office had changed somewhat, now instead of the conference table stood three large sofas around a smaller coffee table. The office was still business like but far more comfortable. Harry reached into his bag once he had sat down, and pulled out a large box of Honeydukes Finest Reserve chocolates and handed them over to the Minister.

"Congratulations." He said with a wide smile. It had taken a lot of work and he'd risked his own life to get Amelia into office. He just hoped that it would turn out for the better.

"Thank you Harry," she said with a wry smile, "I am still not sure if this job is a blessing or a curse but we shall see."

Dumbledore laughed "Now you know why I never wanted it."

"I am not sure I do either." She admitted, "I wanted to talk to you both about our next moves."

Harry nodded understanding completely. "We have done all we can with regards to undoing Voldemorts ties to this world until he gets a new body. The next thing is a meeting with the Prime Minister and then getting Sirius his freedom." Amelia nodded and started to serve tea.

"I propose we create a private force of wizard and muggle special forces, I am willing to completely fund the project." Dumbledore already knew this, Harry waited for Amelia's reaction.

"To what end?" She asked, she was more intrigued than anything else and for some reason not at all surprised at what Harry was saying.

"We have to plan for every possible eventuality, what if the Ministry were to fall? We must have an independent fighting force. The Order of the Phoenix, while capable is much more suited to intelligence gathering than actually fighting a war."

Dumbledore had to admit that Harry did have a point about that. He had come to realise Harry would not only fight Voldemort, he would lead the war weather anyone else liked it or not.

"It's my hope that these people will one day become Aurors or join the Ministry."

Amelia lent back in her seat, her ever present monocle dropped from her right eye. It was a bold plan, but she was still worried.

"But you do intend to create a private army; you can see how I would be concerned, especially after our discussion the other day." Amelia said with a small smile.

Harry sighed, and to Amelia it looked like the boy had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"I can see your point; I believe that I will win against him Amelia, but what if I don't? What if he escapes? Do you want to take the risk? Because I don't."

"I believe that you can trust Harry with this Amelia." Dumbledore said solemnly. Once more putting his personal and political support to Harry, and the fight to rid the world of Tom Riddle.

"Alright, on to something else. If Voldemort is looking to return we should do something about his followers. There were a lot of people that claimed innocence that we can look into."

Harry grimaced "Actually I'd like you to hold off on that."

Dumbledore and Amelia both looked at him incredulously.

"Why on earth not?" Amelia asked with more than a little heat in her voice.

Harry took a drink of coffee and composed his answer. "If we start going after them one by one, we'll tip them off and they will go to ground and we'll never find them. However, I have been working on a plan to draw them all together in such as way as there is no doubt that they are Voldemorts followers. We can get them all at the same time; we can also begin moving the prisoners of Azkaban into my new prison."

Amelia shook her head "I will want to see the prison before I agree to that, but if you can draw the death eaters together then I'll hold off. How are you going to do that?" She asked intrigued.

"I intend to use Lucius Malfoy and set them up." He answered simply. Amelia fought the urge to laugh at the thirteen year old, if anyone else had said that she would have scoffed at them. Somehow she knew that Harry wasn't kidding and she felt vaguely sorry for Lucius.

"Are you all set for our meeting this Saturday?" She asked with a smile, she herself was quite excited about their upcoming meeting.

"I am, I intend to send the book tonight if you agree?"

"I do, I shall inform the portrait to pass along a message."

Harry nodded, things were working out well.

"I can take you to the Pit, which is the name of the prison on Sunday if you like? We can start moving prisoners after that."

Once more Amelia nodded and found herself agreeing with a thirteen year old on matters of national security. Harry Potter was the strangest boy she'd ever met and idly wondered if he would be interested in meeting Susan outside of school. Just as Dumbledore was stepping out of the office, Amelia pulled Harry back for a moment.

"I have also made a decision regarding Percy Weasley, I'll interview him, but I make no promises."

He smiled. "Fair enough and good luck with the new job, if you need anything just call."

It was lunch time by the time they returned to the castle. Harry ate quickly and headed off to his first Ancient Runes lesson. Classes were still easy for him, the better part of a hundred years worth of bedtime reading meant that he was well versed in many subjects. He enjoyed his first Runes class, they were only working with parchment but it was still fun. After that he had Transfiguration and sat through a lecture on basic animal to inanimate objects that he'd learned more than a century before. Harry was fast coming to realise that his time could be used better elsewhere. Even if he hated the thought, he started thinking up ideas that could work.


The Prime Minister Tony Blair sat down in his office; he had no more meetings for the day. His personal secretary had gone home for the night. He was just enjoying a quiet drink while reading an intelligence report, when from across the room a cough could be heard. The Prime Minister instantly cringed, he knew that voice and it only led to headaches.

He looked up and saw the small grubby portrait by the fire place at the other end of his office.

"Yes?"He inquired with as much dignity as he could muster as he was talking to a man in a painting.

In a formal voice the portrait addressed him. "To the Prime Minister of Muggles, the new Minister for Magic, Madam Amelia Bones would like to request a meeting with you this Saturday night or at another time if that would be convenient."

The Prime Minister sat surprised at the paintings words then recovered.

"Yes, as it happens I do have this Saturday clear, from ten o'clock onwards, is that okay?"

"That will be fine," the painting told him, "I have been instructed to tell you that you will soon be receiving a briefing book."

The Prime Minister nodded and the painting became still once more.

There was a new Minister for Magic, and she had actually requested a meeting rather than just turning up unannounced. He took another sip of his brandy.


The Prime Minister looked up; at... well he wasn't sure.

Nervously he asked. "Er... who are you?"

Dobby had just arrived in the Prime Minsters office. Harry Potter had asked him to deliver a book to the most important muggle in the country. He took a second to look around and then stood to attention to the man in front of him who was wearing funny grey robes.

"I is Dobby sir! And you is The Prime Minister! Mr Tony Blair!"

Completely out of his depth at being confronted with an entirely new species of sentient life, the PM asked slowly. "And er... what are you Dobby?"

"I am a house elf sir; I serve Harry Potter, the greatest wizard in the world!" Dobby told the leader of muggles reverently.

"I think I've heard that name before from Minister Fudge."

Dobby nodded. "Harry Potter is famous the world over, he asked that I give you this and told me to tell you that only you can read it." Dobby handed over the thick handwritten leather bound book.

"Thank you... er...Dobby."

"You is most welcome Sir!" and with that Dobby disappeared from number ten downing street.

The Prime Minister sat back down, massaged his temples for a moment and then started to read. He ended up staying up half the night as he became engrossed in the history of the magical world.

Saturday morning Harry flame travelled to London, he had breakfast with Sirius and then went shopping for a new suit. He walked up Bond Street looking for men's suits. He found a shop and glanced in the window, it was one of those designer shops. He was dressed in jeans, a polo shirt and his jacket. As soon as he started to look around a shop assistant was at his side.

"Can I help you?" Her accent seemed Russian, he turned his head. Drop dead gorgeous was the only way to describe her; he fought desperately to keep his body under control.

Harry nodded dumbly and managed to say without squeaking. "I need a good suit for tonight, shirt and shoes."

The beautiful dark haired assistant nodded and gave a small frown.

"I see that you are alone, how will you be paying?"

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled a thick wad of notes. "Cash."

An hour later Harry was dressed in a dark charcoal suit with a black silk shirt and no tie. He bagged his other clothes and left the shop, and went for a new haircut. The receptionist also pierced his ear so he could wear his small dragon fang. Harry smiled as he checked himself in the mirror; he had plans for that ear ring. They involved clever use of a super sensory charm and a vibrating alarm charm.

A few minutes to ten Harry once more found himself back in Amelia Bone's office accompanied by Dumbledore, Scrimgeour and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Harry gave himself a small smile, while everyone else was wearing robes he was dressed exactly like a muggle.

As the floo in Downing Street was restricted access, they could only travel from the fire in the Ministers office. They lined up and Amelia tossed floo powder into the grate.

The Prime Minister sat nervously waiting. The portrait had informed him that the Minister was bringing others including a man named Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter. He wasn't sure he liked the thought of his office full of wizards and witches.

Suddenly the fire turned a dark green and a woman wearing a dark robe and a monocle stepped into his office. Followed by a man that he thought looked like Merlin reincarnated, a tall dark skinned man, a man that looked a lot like an old lion and a young teenager.

The woman, who was obviously the new Minister, held out her hand.

"Amelia Bones The Minister for Magic."

"Tony Blair, Prime Minister." He turned to the man that looked like Merlin and said "you must be Harry Potter."

Dumbledore started chuckling, as did the others.

"I am not Mr Prime Minister, though I do wonder why you would say that?" Dumbledore enquired with a small smile.

The Prime Minister sighed, "Er... the house elf Dobby I think his name was told me that Harry Potter was the greatest wizard in the world, and that he was famous the world over and you looked the part."

The snickers stopped and Harry stepped forward and spoke up. "Actually I am Harry Potter and Dobby just thinks rather highly of me."

The Prime Minister looked at the teenager; he took in the suit and said.

"I don't understand."

Harry smiled, "Sir we are here tonight because we have recently had big changes in our government, I doubt the previous Minister treated you very well. I am here for a number of reasons, but the first is this, our societies are very separate. A lot wizards and wizards have been raised in all magic environments and as such sometimes they have trouble communicating properly with non magicals. I have spent a lot of time in the non magical world; it was thought I could act as an interpreter, for example if I talk to you about teleportation you know exactly what I mean, whereas if I were you use the magical term which is apparition..." Harry trailed off.

The Prime Minister smiled.

"Excellent, you also wrote the briefing book?" The PM asked rather intrigued with the young man in front of him.

"I did."

"Well then, let's all sit down and you can tell me what's going on in your world."

After introductions Amelia explained in detail what had happened for her to become Minister, with Harry only jumping in when the Prime Minister gave him a questioning look. Then she explained that she wanted her government to form stronger bonds with the non magical one.

"Why?" Asked the Prime Minister.

"Perhaps Harry can answer that one better than I can."

Harry took a deep breath, what he planned would bring about major changes. "Simply put sir, we live on the same planet, many of our problems are also your problems and vice versa. Climate changes, drugs and terrorism are just as much problems for us as they are for you. There's also the fact that one day the statute of secrecy could fall, we should build bridges of trust now as we move forward."

"I thought that was your highest law." The Prime Minister questioned.

Harry nodded. "It is, but times are changing in your world, the invention of the internet, mobile phones, and personal computers. Hopefully we will never be revealed as it would only hurt innocent people. But if we build a strong relationship now, if we are ever discovered you and other world leaders can go on television and say. 'Yes I knew all about the magical world, they have been helping us for years. They live in a democratic lawful society and in fact some of the greatest inventors and scholars of the past five hundred years have been magical. Da Vinci, Ben Franklin and Benjamin Disraeli to name just a few.'

The Prime Minister nodded at this even though he was completely stunned that a Prime Minister and a founding father of the American government had both been wizards.

"We are also facing a grave threat, in the book I sent you I made reference to the blood war."

The Prime Minister nodded, "Yes, but I thought that the leader... Voldemort was defeated."

Harry nodded "Defeated yes, but not killed, not completely."

The Prime Minister gave in a curious look "How can you not completely be killed?"

"When he attacked my family and tried to kill me, his curse backfired, his body was destroyed and the war ended, but he lives on as a sort of non corporeal wraith. He used the darkest of magic's to give him a form of immortality; however over the last two years there have been two attempts by him to regain a true body." Harry saw the look the PM was giving him.

"I know it sounds completely insane, but I give you my word I am speaking the truth."

"I have managed to prevent him returning, but it is only a matter of time before another attempt is made."

The Prime Minister took a look drink of his brandy "Why you?"

Harry answered as honestly as he could "Before I was born a prophecy was made, it stated that I would be the one that could defeat him."

The Prime Minister narrowed his eyes and looked directly at Harry "Could?"

"Yes and if I lose, we all lose." Harry answered grimly.

The others in the room had sat back and let Harry take control of the meeting. Rufus Scrimgeour sat watching Harry Potter; the boy astounded him at every turn. Rufus decided right then and there to help Harry Potter however he could. He didn't know it but Kingsley Shacklebolt was making a similar pledge.

The Prime Minister sighed, he was right the so called Magical world was nothing but a headache. "Forgive me for saying so but you are just a boy..."

Harry smiled. "Yes I am currently thirteen, but I have been trained by Professor Dumbledore." Harry indicated his headmaster. "It is widely believed that he is the most powerful and skilled wizard in the world, I am the only person to have defeated him in a duel in decades."

Harry took a drink. "You would call me a prodigy; I am also very powerful, magically, financially and politically."

Again the PM gave him a very strange look.

"I can confirm what Harry has said; there is no doubt in my mind that Harry is more than capable of killing Voldemort." Dumbledore spoke softly, but with complete confidence.

The Prime Minister squeezed the bridge of his nose, "Alright, I guess I'll have to take your word on that."

"Sir, while I am the one that can kill him, I don't intend to fight alone and we have a plan, however there are risks involved. Risks that you deserve to know about." Harry told him.

The Prime Minister poured himself another brandy, his third of the night.

"Tell me your plan."

"As I stated earlier I have stopped him twice already from returning to a true body, there is only one way left for him. We plan to set an ambush so we can kill him once he gains a new body and his remaining followers at the same time. However that won't be for some time, nearly two years."

The Prime Minister raised his eyebrow at that. "You can be that certain of the time frame?"

Harry nodded "Somewhat, you see Professor Dumbledore and myself understand him. We have spent years finding out every detail we could about him. We know what makes him tick, what his goals are and his ambitions. Right now our information tells us that he is laying low in the forests of Albania, he is possessing small animals and is of no immediate threat as he does not have the aid of any of his followers." Harry paused so everyone could take this in. Amelia Bones wondered just how the hell Harry and Dumbledore got their information.

"We have a plan that would see one of his followers returned to him, a man by the name of Peter Pettigrew, which hopefully should happen by next summer. Now as I said, he wants his body back, there is a very dark ritual that can accomplish this. However because of some very old magic I was protected by my mother's sacrifice when he killed her and he wants to remove this protection by using my blood in the ritual. The only way for that to happen is if he kidnaps me." Harry let the sentence hang in the air.

"He will want to do this in such a way to strike a blow against our government and Professor Dumbledore who is the only person other than me that he has ever feared."

"And you are willing to be kidnapped by this madman?" The Prime Minister said incredulously.

"Yes, but instead of kidnapping me in actuality we will be springing a trap and we would like your help to set up that trap."

The Prime Minister rubbed his temples, "Let's just say that I believe you, what would you have me do?"

"While I believe that I can destroy him, I think it's prudent to plan for all eventualities in case he manages to escape or kill me. As such with the permission of Amelia I am in the process of setting up a private Special Forces unit, I would like to include your people as well."


"For a number of reasons, your people use guns, explosives and tactics that we do not use, we can learn from each other. I believe it will also help to build trust and understanding between our people. We also need to work together to protect important places such as our shopping area and Buckingham Palace."

"How big will this unit be?"

"I am hoping for five hundred wizards and witches, with five hundred non magicals. I have recently purchased a very large manor house in Wales, not that far from Hereford as a base of operations for this unit."

The PM looked at Harry intensely, "That's a lot of people, how will you keep it secret?"

"Through the use of a magically binding contract, your people will also be paid rather well."

The PM smiled slightly "I can't just take five hundred Special Forces soldiers from current operations; it would gut the Special Forces regiments."

Harry smiled "I actually had an idea about that, what about if we recruit the retired and the injured; our medical magic is far superior to your hospitals."

The Prime Minister sat back in his chair, "How superior?"

Again Harry answered as honestly as he could. "If you lost your hand through non magical means we could grow it back. If you damaged your spine, we could remove the damaged bones, repair the nerves and re-grow the bones."

The Prime Ministers jaw dropped open. "That's impressive."

"There are many things that we could help you with Mr Prime Minister." Harry held his wand out and conjured a metal bucket, he filled it with water. He jabbed the surface of the water and instantly it rose to a boil. "I can also keep the water boiling indefinitely, just imagine what that could mean for power stations, global warming and of course how much coal and gas this country uses. Think of the money that could be used elsewhere."

The Prime Ministers jaw dropped open. He stared at the boy wizard Harry Potter and slowly he started to smile. "Harry... I think this is the start of a rather unique friendship, my friends call me Tony."

Harry smiled at the man. "Thank you Tony."

Kingsley Shacklebolt sat in the office of the Prime Minister in a bit of a daze. Over the course of two hours the Prime Minister and Harry Potter had discussed everything from power stations to setting up clinics up and down the country. They were now on first name terms and it was obvious that they were fast becoming friends. He sat back in his chair and mentally went over everything he knew about Harry Potter. His gut was still screaming at him that something wasn't right but he still couldn't figure it out, for a professional investigator it was maddening. There was something very strange about the boy but he didn't think bad, just very odd.

Harry and the PM had reached a tentative agreement that Amelia had approved. In truth Amelia, Dumbledore, Shacklebolt and Scrimgeour felt like bystanders, it was only Dumbledore that realised just how much Harry had manipulated the muggle leader and the ministry of magic.

There were only a few more items that Harry wanted to cover. "Tony, as I am sure that you are aware Sirius Black recently escaped from Azkaban prison." The PM nodded.

"Sirius Black is innocent; the previous administration just locked him away without a trial or even proper questioning. We are in the process of clearing him now, but as Sirius is also my Godfather I would appreciate it if you could notify your police to stop looking for him."

After all the revelations of their meeting this was nothing for the Prime Minister. "I'll see that it's taken care of first thing in the morning."

Harry nodded and gave the man a grateful smile.

"At the moment Professor Dumbledore is master of the protections of Downing Street, Parliament and the royal residences." The Prime Minister looked over at Dumbledore, who was nodding amicably. "This was arranged as part of the Second World War and continued during the blood war. As he is independent of the Ministry for Magic it was thought that if the Ministry ever fell the buildings would still be protected." The Prime Minister nodded at this, but he was a bit unsure where this was going.

Harry smiled at Albus before continuing with their plan. "I think it's obvious to everyone that Albus is an older gentlemen." Harry paused and looked at Albus as if to say 'Sorry'. "It is not unreasonable to assume that the Professor could die in the near future." Harry told them bluntly.

Amelia, Scrimgeour and Shacklebolt shifted in their seats not liking that thought, but also a little amazed that Harry had the audacity to say that.

"We both think that these protections should be transferred to me as Professor Dumbledore's chosen successor."

Amelia hadn't expected this but it made sense and didn't realise she was nodding along with the others.

"What do these protections do?" The Prime Minister asked.

"They stop various forms of magical travel, only the master of the protections and those authorised can teleport and use an item called a portkey, which enables the user to teleport. They also stop wizards and witches of ill intent and provide defensive magic against attack. By being the master I will be able to teleport directly into this office and help you in the event of an attack. I also want to provide you and your family a personal voice activated portkey, and we will want to begin integrating some magical police into your protection detail and that of the royal family. I will also need to travel to the Royal residences with Professor Dumbledore to transfer the protections."

The Prime Minister sat back in his chair and sighed.

"Harry you've told me a lot tonight but up until a few days ago I knew next to nothing of your world other than what Fudge told me and as it turns out that wasn't much at all. You and everyone else here seems very competent and trustworthy, but how do I know this isn't some sort of set up to gain control of our government and the crown."

Harry shrugged while the others gave outraged looks. Honestly he thought that it was a fair question especially as the PM had a duty to protect his government and people.

"For starters you have my word; hopefully you'll soon come to know what that means... secondly..."

Harry shot his wand into his hand and pointed it at the Prime Minister. "Imperio." He whispered. The curse hit the Prime Minister, his face went a little slack and his eyes glazed over.

"MR POTTER!" Amelia shouted. "EXPLAIN YOURSELF!"

Harry held up his hands to quiet the outraged Minister. "Please everyone keep calm I am merely proving a point," he turned back to the Prime Minister. "Please pour me a whiskey." The Prime Minister stood, walked around the desk to his drinks cabinet and poured from a decanter into a heavy crystal tumbler. He immediately turned and handed Harry the drink.

"Thank you sir, Finite." He pointed his wand once more ending the curse.

The Prime Minister sagged and stumbled back a step.

"I am sorry about that, but as I just proved if we wanted to control you we could. That particular spell normally earns a one way trip to our prison as it robs a person of their free will."

The Prime Minister looked at him incredulously, as did everyone else. Harry Potter had just used an unforgivable as if it was a simple levitation charm on the Prime Minister no less. They had to admit though he had proved his point.

"Sir," Dumbledore interrupted hoping to avoid a confrontation, "you could always ask the Queen about me, we have met before."

The Prime Minister looked at Dumbledore and nodded, but still obviously disturbed by what had happened. Amelia, Shacklebolt and Scrimgeour all glared at Harry who didn't care at all. It was far more important that the Prime Minister understood the situation properly.

Dumbledore stood, as did Harry. They walked over to the fireplace; Dumbledore tapped his wand against the mantelpiece. Suddenly the fire died down and the entire fireplace split to reveal the master ward stone made of granite. The headmaster stepped forward and tapped the stone in sequence, he then motioned Harry forward. Harry copied the actions of the headmaster then tapped his wand against his forehead, gaining control of the wards. They stepped back and Harry tapped his wand against one half of the mantelpiece and the fireplace rejoined.

Harry turned back to the Prime Minister, "Do you have something that you always wear and never take off, such as a wedding ring or necklace?"

The Prime Minister nodded and showed Harry his wedding ring.

"I would like to make it into a portkey, all you have to say while wearing the ring is say 'Phoenix Fire' and you and anyone else touching the ring will be transported to a place of safety and met by someone we trust." The Prime Minister slid off the ring and handed it across, once more Amelia and the others got to see Harry performing advanced magic that he wasn't supposed to know. The ring glowed blue for a second and Harry handed it back. He then reached into his bag and pulled out a mirror and slid it across the desk.

"If you need to contact me, Amelia or Albus just hold the mirror and say our names, it works like a phone. That mirror also has a tracking charm so if you keep it on you we can find you quickly."

The Prime Minister asked a question that had been bothering him "Do you think I am in that much danger?"

Harry shook his head, "Honestly no, I don't think it will happen, but I believe in planning for every eventuality, there's an old saying 'I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it." The Prime Minister nodded along he could see that Harry was just taking precautions.

"The last item of business needs to remain amongst myself Tony and Amelia." Harry stated. Dumbledore gave him a calculating look but said nothing as he stood once more from his chair. Dumbledore, Shacklebolt and Scrimgeour all shook the PM's hand and left the office via the fireplace.

Harry hadn't discussed this last item with anyone but felt that drastic times called for drastic measures.

"A few weeks ago I had an idea, one that will earn a tremendous amount of money and deal a massive blow to the largest drug cartels in the world. I propose that we steal all their money and arrange for their leaders to confess their crimes."

Both the PM and Amelia Bones blinked, but Harry continued talking.

"This will happen completely off the books and I would be the only person that would know that you each authorised it."

"You are suggesting going to another country, targeting muggles and stealing from them?" Amelia questioned incredulously.

"I am, but keep in mind Amelia that these particular muggles are drug dealers on a massive scale; they kill more people than Voldemort ever has. This will give us a large slush fund to fight the war but we can also use the money to pay for wolfsbane, make Hogwarts free of charge and cover the short fall of the Ministry indefinitely."

"It could also be considered an act of war." She stated with some force.

"Perhaps, but I promise you both that we will not be caught, this has the potential to have a huge impact on world crime and helps prove to our non magical allies just how useful we can be."

The Prime Minister started to laugh.

"Brilliant!" he finally said.

Amelia looked at him incredulously and waited for him to explain himself.

"Amelia we have been after the cartel leaders for years, they are wanted the world over by nearly every government. The drugs that they sell kill millions every year; by helping fight them you would be doing the world a favour." The PM stated with conviction.

"We can use also use the money to encourage more children, because if we do not then our society will suffer greatly."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Did you know that the total number of students at Hogwarts in nineteen ten was nearly a thousand, by nineteen fifty that number had dropped to six hundred. In nineteen eighty one that number was four hundred, it's currently at three hundred and fifty, that is what the Second World War and the blood war has done. So many families were completely destroyed, there used to be wizarding villages up and down the country. Now families are fairly isolated which further hinders our people. We can use this money to give tax breaks for larger families, but also encourage foreign witches and wizards to move here."

Amelia sat stunned; she'd had no idea that Hogwarts numbers had dropped so dramatically.

"Your society is dying." The Prime Minister stated simply.

Harry nodded "It may take another five hundred years but yes... at least in England, it will be worse if another war happens. This year was the largest Hogwarts class we've had since eighty one."

"For what it's worth, as long as this can remain secret, I have no problem with the plan." The Prime Minister stated.

Amelia looked over at Harry Potter, at all of thirteen years old and sighed once more.

"Are you certain you won't get caught?"

"I give you my word, there is not a government in the world, muggle or magical that could hold me."

"I don't like it for at least a dozen reasons but... yes I approve. For Merlin's sake just don't get caught, your name linked to this would be news the world over." She told him.

Harry nodded and stood to leave.

"The next time we meet please can you arrange for some items from your family so I can make them into portkeys." The Prime Minister nodded and shook his hand. Harry reached into his pocket for a little floo powder and left the office.

The Prime Minister turned back to the Minister for Magic. "Interesting boy."

Amelia snorted "You don't know the half of it, if it wasn't for the age requirement I am quite sure that Harry would be Minister for Magic."

The Prime Minister reared back a little "He's that powerful?"

Amelia nodded "Harry Potter is literally seen as a savoir to our people, he is famous the world over, intelligent, rich and trained by Albus Dumbledore himself who I assure you is an incredible wizard. He marched into the Wizengamot and in minutes he had the sitting minister removed and in chains. He talks like a seasoned Auror and has formed alliances all across our world including the American President of Magic. I have observed him doing magic that many adult witches and wizards have trouble with; the portkey spell alone is a restricted spell and requires a degree of concentration that most teenagers are simply not capable of. I didn't even learn it until I was twenty five."

"You sound like a fan." The Prime Minister smiled.

"I guess I am, he's the reason I am Minister, and I do believe he is our best chance against Voldemort. Every time I meet him I see the boy less and less and see a strong confident man that has the potential to lead our people into the next century more and more."

They chatted for a few more minutes before Amelia stood and returned to the ministry.


Harry had to endure a rather stern rebuke for his use of an unforgivable on the Prime Minister from Dumbledore much to his amusement. He was also a little annoyed at being sent out of the room. When Dumbledore finished Harry just wished him goodnight and left his office without saying another word. Not for the first time Dumbledore pondered who Harry Potter really was.

Amelia had visited the Pit prison with Harry, she had been impressed enough to agree to start moving the prisoners of Azkaban to the pit over the next few months.

Harry also worked on his runic bookshelves and tried to come up with a plan to deal with the Acrumantula in the Dark Forrest.

It was a few days later and after many talks with Amelia he thought he had an idea that would allow him to work with the Aurors, members of the order of the Phoenix and the Marauders of Hogwarts. He climbed the steps to Dumbledore's office and knocked.

"Come in Harry."

He stepped inside, "Good evening Albus."

"You as well my boy." Albus blue eyes twinkled at him, "Coffee?"

Harry nodded and sat down on the soft arm chair while Dumbledore poured.

"I think I have worked out a plan for a training schedule, so that I can work with the Aurors, the order and the Marauders."

"Oh?" The headmaster asked with a slight raise of his eyebrow.

"I think it would be best if I do self study, or I do an apprenticeship under you, I can spend my days in the room of requirement and the visitors can come to the castle via the Hogs Head passageway."

Albus looked up at that. "There isn't a Hogs Head passageway."

Harry smiled back at him, took a sip of coffee. "Oh yes there is, it just isn't there most of the time."

"Would you still take your OWLS this year?" Harry nodded.

Dumbledore stroked his beard for a moment. "I can think of no better plan, how do you think this will affect the time line?"

"I don't think me doing an apprenticeship would stop him coming after me, in fact he probably already assumes that is already the case. As long as we arrange a secrecy oath I don't think this will affect things too much. I will still see a lot of my friends; I will still be on the Gryffindor team and live in the tower. This will just allow me better use of time; I can also see Sirius and naturally my own skills should improve even further."

Dumbledore nodded, "I will speak to the other teachers, we can start on Monday."

"Can we make it Wednesday instead? I am planning on spending the full moon with Remus and Sirius."

"You're going to headquarters?"

"Yes, I have a space in my trunk we can use and I have wanted to show them my animagus form for a while."

Dumbledore smiled, "Just what is your animagus form Harry?"

"Sorry, I want Sirius and Remus to be the first to know, but I promise that you'll know soon."

They discussed when they would be going to the Royal residences the following weekend and it was nearly midnight before Harry crawled into bed after another thirty minute work out on his rowing machine. He'd only been using it a week and he was already seeing benefits.


The night of the full moon, Harry met Remus in Dumbledore's office and used the floo to travel to Tallington Lane. It was still a few hours until the moon rise and they decided to have an early dinner. Remus and Sirius were desperately trying to get him to tell them his form or to transform at the dinner table. Harry refused and laughed at the looks on their faces.

It was Remus that broached the subject of Delores Umbridge, he wanted to know how he was feeling and he seemed quite concerned.

"Harry you can't just kill someone like that and not suffer for it, I am amazed you haven't broken down."

Harry stared at Remus with an open mouth as he finished the last of his treacle tart.

Harry answered carefully, but if he was honest with himself he was getting tired of the looks Lupin was giving him. It was strange for other reasons as Remus was constantly reminding him of his son Teddy who Harry had raised with Andromeda.

"Remus, did I like the fact that I had to kill her? No I didn't, am I upset by it? No... I don't know if that makes me a monster or if I am just someone that can rationalise it."

"Harry you didn't have to kill her at all!" Remus hissed.

Harry shook his head. "How can you of all people sit here and say that to me? You know the sort of person she was, look at all the bigoted laws she has championed. Look at how she acted, drawing her wand on me. I gave her the chance to apologise; it is not my fault if her anger got the better of her."

"I am just worried about you Harry; I don't care what anyone says a person's first kill affects them."

Harry nodded "I agree completely Remus, but Umbridge was hardly the first person I have killed and she won't be the last."

Remus had asked the question as he was sure that Harry had killed before and he'd wanted confirmation, but the blasé attitude was shocking as was the fact that Harry said he would kill again.

Sirius interrupted "How old were you the first time?" He demanded to know.

"Well if you don't count Halloween then eleven years old."

"Eleven!" Sirius hissed "how many?"

Harry shrugged, "Honestly I have lost exact count but at least sixty or so."

Remus dropped his drink, Sirius just stared open mouthed at him.

"Sixty?" Sirius managed to say.

Harry shrugged again. "There have been attempts on my life, and I have had to protect other people." He said simply.

Sirius and Remus couldn't quite believe what they were hearing.

"And Dumbledore knows about this?"

"He knows about the time I killed Professor Quirell and obviously Umbridge but not the rest."

Sirius started shaking his head and mumbling under his breath.

Harry leaned in so he could hear.

Sirius was chanting "It's my fault." Over and over again.

"IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, IT'S FUCKING FATES FAULT..." Harry shouted. "It's my destiny to fight Voldemort, I don't have the option of a normal childhood, if I had been coddled I wouldn't stand a chance against him." Harry hissed.

"I don't like killing, but I will do it to protect others, we are facing a war and it's a war we cannot afford to lose."

Remus and Sirius looked at each other, unsure what to say. Finally Sirius put his hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I am so sorry that I haven't been there for you."

Harry looked up. "You're here now, that's the important thing."

"Perhaps we can take a more active role and you can take a step back." Remus mumbled.

Harry laughed "You can help, of course you can, but I won't be taking a step back, if anything I will be doing more." Harry then told them about his plans for the room of requirement and his training with the Aurors and the Order.

Harry constantly amazed Sirius Black; from the first moment they had met Harry had taken charge. Everything had been arranged and already he had gained allies in his fight for freedom as well as his last best friend. He didn't like the fact that Harry had killed, or that he had killed so many but he had decided long ago that he would always be there for his godson. He looked over at Remus and waved him off from his questioning mainly because he wasn't sure that he wanted to hear more.

Harry secured the house, said goodnight to Dobby and entered his trunk with Remus and Sirius. Remus took the last gobletful of wolfsbane potion and they made their way into the training room.

"Now will you show us?" Sirius demanded.

Harry turned around and smiled, "Oh yes you're going to meet Puff."

"Puff... that's the name you chose?" Sirius laughed incredulously.

"Just you wait!" Harry called out taking several steps back.

"Well get a move on with it then."

"Try not to wet yourselves!"

Instantly Harry's view of the world changed. Suddenly he was looking down on Sirius and Remus.

"Fuck me!"



Harry let out a massive roar, flames burst from his mouth and lashed against the wall. He stomped one of his massive clawed feet and spread his wings before turning back to his human form.

Both men were absolutely speechless.

Harry would definitely be taking pensieve photos of this to show other people.

"How?" Sirius finally croaked.

"You can't be a magical animal." Remus stated. "It's not possible."

"Not true." Harry pointed at him, "There are two ways to discover your animal. A potion that physically changes you or you can meditate to discover your inner animal, then as Sirius knows you simply access the animal after lots of practice. However I learned a different form of meditation. One of the Elders of an American Indian tribe took me on a spirit guide journey that was totally amazing, that's where I met Puff, the magic dragon. I learned that a person can have a magical creature as a spirit guide and as an animagus form. Loads of the American tribesmen have magical forms."

"Puff the magic dragon!" Remus shouted with a laugh.

Harry gave him a sly look. "It's always the quiet ones."

"I don't get it." Sirius grumbled.

"It's a muggle song that's normally sung for small children but it's really about smoking opium." Harry stated. "I thought it was a brilliant name." Sirius gawped at him, while Remus just smiled.

"What breed of dragon are you, I didn't recognise it."

"That's because I am extinct, I am a Welsh Black, cousin of the Welsh Green, died out around two hundred years ago."

"Change back again I want a better look at you."

Harry instantly complied. Sirius and Remus admired Harry's massive form.

Puffs skin was black and rough, spikes stuck out all the way down his back leading to a long tall with a thin deadly spike at the end. The black spikes of his head seemed to shoot up in different directions much like his hair. A thin white line highlighted his lightning bolt scar. Harry lowered his head so they could get a better look at him.

Remus stared into to the bright green eyes of Puff, they were exactly the same shade as Harry's.

They continued to look until Remus started to feel the change and told Sirius to transform.

Harry had a very interesting night in his trunk.

The next morning he woke as Puff, which was a unique experience as he'd never done that before. He stretched and saw that Remus had transformed back. He was shivering and nearly unconscious, Harry transformed back into himself and levitated Remus out of the room and into his bedroom. He placed him in bed and went to wake Sirius.


He received the first of his country maps from Bill and Charlie and he had added them to his vault in his trunk. Harry had checked out the new duelling club class room and was impressed. Now a dozen alcoves graced the room, each with their own practice dummy. Warded duelling circles were inlaid into the floor and the walls showed large photos and drawings of various magical creatures. The first session of the year happened after he'd started with the aurors.

His friends had taken the news rather well that he would be doing an apprenticeship with Dumbledore, especially as he promised them he would show them everything he learned from the headmaster. Professor McGonagall told him that she wanted him to take mock OWL tests after Christmas and told him that she expected nothing short of outstandings.


Lucius Malfoy had written nearly a dozen letters to Harry Potter but had not sent any of them. He was still unsure about the boy and he wanted a second opinion. So he had sent a letter to Severus Snape and asked that he meet him in the Three Broomsticks for dinner.

Lucius had requested a private room and was sipping on fire whiskey when Severus entered the room.

"Good to see you again old friend."

The potions master nodded, removed his long cloak and sat down.

Lucius lifted his wand and cast no less than a dozen charms to prevent eavesdropping. He poured another glass and slid it across the table.

"Your message was cryptic, what can I do for you Lucius?" Snape asked, getting straight to the point.

Lucius took another drink. "I wanted your opinion of Harry Potter, your honest opinion."

Severus looked across the table at the man he had known nearly all of his life.


"I have had a few interesting encounters with the boy, he is unusual and I am interested in him."

Dumbledore had warned him that the older Malfoy may ask about Potter, his orders were to be honest.

Severus sighed. "Honestly I can't stand the boy, but that has more to do with his father than anything else. From what I have seen the boy is quite gifted, I saw the memory of the Dementors as did you. I know of no other thirteen year old that could do that. He excels in class and has many friends across the houses, he also leads the duelling club, he is a decent teacher and a natural leader. Many of the fifth and seventh years received higher marks than were anticipated thanks to Potter's efforts. I know that he is an occlumens and has been for a long time, Dumbledore has admitted to training him in secret and I have just been told that he is to officially become Dumbledore's apprentice." Snape took a look drink.

"Potter has political power and I know that the Potter family were wealthy. I also know that hundreds of families now owe him a life debt, including yours."

Lucius thought over Snape's words, he knew that the man hated James Potter with a passion and disliked his son just as much. It must have been hard to say that, but at least it was honest.

"You and I both know the reason why the Dark Lord targeted Potter, and we both know that he is not truly gone."

Severus looked at his friend closely.

"Your point?"

"If he returns..." Lucius trailed off, not wanting to voice his question.

"You want to know if Potter is a threat to the Dark Lord?" Severus asked in all but a whisper, Lucius nodded.

Severus considered the question; it was one that he had asked himself.

"I believe given time he will be, Dumbledore is training him to be his successor. You and I both know just who and what Dumbledore is, he wouldn't do that unless Potter had talent and it was worthwhile."

Lucius digested this and decided to change the subject.

"How is Draco getting on?"

"Well enough, he is an adequate brewer."

Rosmerta entered with menus and another bottle.


Wednesday morning at nine o'clock Harry entered the room of requirement wearing a dragon hide armoured vest that Dumbledore had given him, a black shirt, jeans and his dragon hide jacket. The room had formed into a huge training room lined with stone and training dummies. He walked across to the large portrait of Hogsmead on the wall and asked the room to provide a passage to the Hogs Head. The portrait opened and Harry stepped into the opening and started down the passage.

A few minutes later and the portrait of Ariana opened in the basement of the Hogs Head. Harry found Rufus and Kingsley waiting for him.

Kingsley smiled a predatory grin "I figured I owed you for that stunner in Diagon Alley, it's payback time Potter!"

Harry laughed and motioned them into the passage; they followed him all the way back to the room of requirement.

Rufus was off to the side looking around the room, as they would be taking it in turns to duel. The pair stood forty metres apart and readied themselves. Harry decided that he would let Kingsley start the duel as he was interested in how Kingsley would duel him. In the old timeline Harry had duelled Kingsley many times as the minister liked to keep his skills sharp.

Suddenly and without warning a stunner raced at Harry. He flung himself to the side, rolled and was standing again in an instant conjuring a massive wave of roaring fire that raced at Kingsley.

Harry disillusioned and silenced himself, he took a few running steps. Kingsley managed to disperse the flames but Harry had disappeared on him, before he could even think about finding him lightning erupted from across the room.

Kingsley dived, as he didn't have enough time to cast any sort of shield. Another crack of lightning and Kingsley rolled away. Harry quickly transfigured two of the dummies into stone lions and sent them after the auror, he followed that up with another lightning bolt.

Kingsley was on the run and he knew it. That was when the lightning finally connected and pushed him back flying in the air. Harry followed up by disarming him and bound him in ropes before calling off his lions.

Rufus stood utterly shocked, Kingsley was one of the best duellers that he had ever met and Harry Potter had just taken him to school. He would never let his friend live it down, but he had the suspicion that he wouldn't fare any better against Potter. The boy was good, very good.

Once Kingsley came out of shock of being hit by lightning, he realised he was bound and once more he was being looked upon by the grinning face of Harry Potter. Kingsley groaned as he conceded defeat.

Rufus walked across the room to take his position while Kingsley sat down for a few minutes. "You did well catching him off guard like that." Rufus called out.

Harry nodded and shouted back. "No instant death curses, everything else is in." He started by sending a high powered cutting curse that would burn through a man easily. Rufus quickly threw up a shield which stopped the curse in its tracks.

Harry had never duelled Rufus Scrimgeour in the old timeline, they had almost been enemies, but Harry knew that the man hadn't given away his position when he had stayed with the Weasleys in his seventh year. He also knew that he had duelled Voldemort for three minutes prior to being captured, that in itself demanded respect.

Rufus sent back a golden line of fire. Harry transfigured a section of the stone floor to rise up into a solid wall to intercept the curse, then launched a huge blasting curse at the wall. It shattered into thousands of pieces and flew across the room at Rufus.

Harry had to admit the man was good, instead of deflecting the stones Rufus had crouched down and formed a purple half sphere shield that completely protected him from the onslaught. Harry sent a series of blasting curses across the room that Rufus had no choice but to shield against. Suddenly there was a large bang and Harry was knocked back slightly, but managed to keep his footing.

Rufus stepped forward with a look of determination on his face, he decided take a cue from Harry and send a crackle of lightning at the boy. Harry dived over the lightning and waved his wand at his lower half, which turned into black smoke. Suddenly he was flying, close to the ground but moving incredibly fast, he rushed past Rufus and using a conjured whip from the tip of his wand snagged the man's boots.

Rufus flipped over as he had been taken so completely by surprise and dropped his wand. Harry flew quickly about the room, turned and summoned the wand. He stopped a few feet from Rufus and dropped his spell; regaining his feet he bound Rufus while he was still groaning from hitting the stone floor so hard.

"What the hell was that?" Kingsley shouted out "You flew without a broom!"

Harry grinned back "You can't?" He asked cheekily.

Kingsley shook his head, from what he had seen so far there was no one in the auror department that could stand against Potter, at least not on a one on one battle. It also seemed that he might learn a few things from the boy.

Harry released Rufus and stood well back as the man seemed more than a bit upset at him as he'd broken his nose and lost a tooth from hitting the floor.

For the next two hours they duelled almost continuously. The duels that followed were longer as each man had underestimated Harry to begin with. They became far more intense with each of them picking up scrapes, cuts and the odd broken bone. Rufus and Kingsley dragged themselves out of the portrait for the trip back to Hogsmead. Harry needed a bath as he was hot and sweaty from the morning. The room of requirement morphed around him and Harry found himself in a room that closely resembled the prefects bathroom. In minutes he was stripped and letting the hot water sooth his muscles. He stayed there for nearly an hour before getting out and headed out to lunch.

Ron wanted to know what he had been doing for Dumbledore. Harry told him that he was mainly doing duelling practice and his own reading for the moment. He tucked into a thick and juicy steak, a small mountain of vegetables and half a dozen roast potatoes. Followed by two large goblets of a chocolate flavoured protein high energy drink, that Peter Webb had sent him that would help him build muscle. He had found since he had started rowing twice a day he was eating like a pig, but he still wasn't quite in Ron's league.

After lunch Harry went back to the room of requirement, once more he requested the training room and the passage to the Hogs Head. He didn't feel like walking so he activated his mirror and called Aberforth and told him he could send the next duellers through.

Surprisingly it was Tonks and Hestia Jones that entered the training room from the portrait on the wall decked out in auror robes.

"Harry what the hell did you do to Shack and Rufus? They're laid out in Abe's basement and look like they're on the verge of dying." Tonks chortled.

He grinned back, "They are the ones that wanted to duel."

"They told us not to underestimate you, and Shack told me you could fly but he seemed a bit out of it at the time."

He couldn't help it he laughed and walked over to the two women and shook hands, they had met briefly in the great hall at the beginning of the year but hadn't really spoken properly.

"I have also spoken with Minister Bones." Tonks told him with a wink, meaning that she now knew Sirius was innocent.

"Excellent, shall I arrange a meeting for you and your parents?" Tonks gave a quick nod, while Hestia looked on with an odd look on her face as she had no idea what they were talking about.

"Thanks for coming; basically we will be duelling for the next couple of hours, if there's anything I do that you want to learn just ask and I'll do the same with you." Tonks and Hestia both agreed instantly, but seemed a little wary. After all they had seen the state of the others at the Hogs Head.

"We will start in turns, but eventually I'll want you both to duel me at once." Harry told them much to their surprise.

Harry turned and walked across the room to face Tonks. The moment she raised her wand. BANG! Blinding light flooded the room, instantly both Hestia and Tonks were on the floor holding their heads writhing in pain. Harry had quickly cast his massive flash bang spell. Quick as a flash he disarmed Tonks and quickly bound her in chains. For fun he used the levicorpus charm and raised her up by her ankle while she cursed him. Loudly.

Hestia regained control of her hearing and vision after a few seconds to see Tonks hanging upside down wrapped in chains. She slowly sat up and focused on Harry, who was leaning up against a pillar grinning. After a few seconds he let Tonks down and squared off against Hestia.

Harry liked water duels as they were fun, challenging and relatively harmless. He started against Hestia Jones with a massive torrent of water that sprang from his wand. Jones quickly stepped back as the torrent crossed the room. She raised her wand and formed an invisible barrier to protect herself. But water was flooding the room, suddenly the torrent stopped, but before she could react the water all around her whipped up and engulfed her in a giant ball of water. Harry was controlling the water using his left hand to focus and mould the ball, much in the same way Dumbledore had done in the Ministry against Voldemort in his old life.

The inside of the ball of water was churning violently spinning Hestia around and hitting all parts of her body with its force. She dropped her wand as she struggled for breath. Harry broke the spell and Hestia dropped from six foot in the air. He neatly caught her just before she hit the floor with a levitation charm. He lowered her down and summoned her wand; Tonks was sitting against the wall laughing at Hestia's expense.

When she righted herself and Harry handed her back her wand she demanded to know where Harry learned to duel.

Harry gave her a small smile. "I have been taught by some of the best in the world." It was true Dumbledore and Voldemort had both taught him valuable lessons in their own way.

The duels continued and Harry showed them the charms needed to fly. The magic itself wasn't that hard, but controlled flight was difficult and took a lot of practice to perfect. Both Tonks and Hestia thanked him when they left, though both were a little beaten up.

Harry cleaned up and made his way to the common room where he was stopped by Ginny.

"Harry, could you test me again tonight?" The question caught him off guard, as he knew that it was probably time to tell Ginny everything. However that would be a very long conversation, he wanted to wait until the weekend.

"Ginny, I think I will be able to tell you everything but I think we will need a whole day. Can we do it Saturday instead? I have to go somewhere with Professor Dumbledore first thing on Saturday but I should be back by eleven. We can go into my trunk and talk." Ginny nodded.

"Alright we can do that, how was your day?"

"Absolutely knackering, I been duelling all day, but I had fun, what about you?"

"I am learning all about cleaning charms."

Harry was nodding "They do come in handy."

Later that night Rufus and Kingsley were called into Amelia Bones office. It was late and informal as they were sharing a few bottles of mead.

"At least you two look better than you did earlier... so what's your opinion of his duelling ability?"

It was Rufus that answered, "We don't have anyone that could stand against him, if he went bad the only way we would stop him would be a lucky killing curse."

Amelia raised an eyebrow, "He's that good?"

Shacklebolt nodded. "He did stuff I have never seen, my first duel with him I lasted less than twenty seconds. Harry did this massive fire conjuration that caught me off guard. Then against Rufus he flew without a broomstick!"

Amelia nearly dropped her glass at that.

"He flew?" She mouthed.

"Yeah, coolest thing I have ever seen, he was fast as lightning... speaking of lightning he was pretty good at flinging that around as well."

Amelia nodded and seemed resigned to the fact that a thirteen year old could out duel the ministries best people.

"I've heard he put Tonks and Jones through the ringer as well, so far he hasn't lost a single duel."

Rufus finished off his drink "He did show us a couple of pretty decent curses that I am going to practice with." He said with a smile.

"I want a decent rotation set up for Harry; I will also speak to Croaker about getting some of his people involved as well."

Both men agreed to this. "Also the first adverts for new recruits go in the newspapers tomorrow, I have spoken to the training academy chief instructor, the first new class will start in two weeks time."

Both men smiled at this, for the first time in six years the aurors were actively recruiting.

"I have been told by Dumbledore that some of last year's Hogwarts graduates spent more than a few evenings at Potters duelling club, so hopefully we can go after those people."

She poured another drink for them. "Is there anything else that we could be doing to help him?" She asked them both.

Rufus snorted "Short of offering him a commission I don't think so."

"A healer...maybe." Shacklebolt answered. "We underestimated him, I think we should have a healer with us, we can also help train him up in the healing arts if he doesn't already know already... It honestly wouldn't surprise me if he did, as he was healing himself up quickly from our duels."

Amelia agreed that it was a good idea, and realised that it wouldn't hurt to have the entire department undergo a refresher course.

"I'll speak to the director of St Mungo's first thing in the morning," she turned to Rufus, "Were you serious about giving him a commission?" She asked genuinely surprised when he'd said it.

Rufus nodded "We could but I don't think he would take it, I for one wouldn't mind the extra back up on difficult jobs."

"Do you think the rest of the men would accept that? He is only thirteen."

Again the man nodded "After Potter schools enough of them, and let's face it he's Potter most of us would be dead right now if not for that boy. The men know that."

"Sadly from speaking to him I don't think that's what he wants, but I am pretty sure that he'll help out if needed." Amelia told them as she finished her drink.

They continued for the next hour and Amelia told them all about some of the new initiatives that she was spear heading. Including the St Mungo's wolfsbane programme. They also decided to contact a number of retired aurors to teach. Kingsley offered up his mentor Mad Eye Moody, but Rufus shot that down as he thought Mad Eye would just scare the new recruits.


Early Saturday morning Harry and Dumbledore left the castle and travelled to Buckingham Palace. The Prime Minister had spoken to the Queen during their weekly meeting. Apparently the Queen did indeed remember Albus Dumbledore and told the Prime Minister that he could trust Albus completely.

She wasn't likely to forget the man that had stopped the wizards of Hitler's army, especially as Albus had once saved her life when Voldemort had targeted the royal family in the late seventies.

The royals were away; both Albus and Harry were dressed in suits and shown by the head of security to the main fire place in the Queens residence and on specific instructions from the Queen waited outside the door. In a few minutes the wards were transferred. Within ten minutes they were at Balmoral castle. Over the next two hours they visited every royal building and the houses of parliament transferring all the protections to Harry's control.

It was almost eleven o'clock when Harry and Dumbledore returned to the castle. Harry hoped that the next few hours would go well.

Ginny was waiting for him in the common room; she discreetly followed him up to the third year boy's dormitory, which thankfully was empty. Harry showed her into his trunk, tapped the wall next to the entrance, the lid closed and locked.

Harry reached into his bag and pulled out his pensieve cabinet, he expanded it and then went to the kitchen to retrieve some drinks and a bottle of fire whiskey. He thought that Ginny might need it and he was quite certain that he would need it.

They sat down on either end of the leather sofa; Harry silently raised his wand and waited for Ginny.

She gave a quick nod. "Legilimens!"

Harry forced the spell as much as he dared but Ginny's mind was now totally protected. She wasn't a master occlumens but she had achieved basic proficiency., which was enough.

"Perfect," Harry mumbled "Your mind is protected... well done."

Ginny flushed at the compliment, she was quite proud of herself, learning occlumency had been one of the hardest things she had ever had to do.

"Are you ready?" He asked her.

Ginny gave an impatient roll of her eyes "Get on with it Harry, I have been dying to know what's going on for ages."

Harry couldn't help it he laughed; it was one of the best things about Ginny. She always had the ability to make him laugh.

"Alright, before I begin... what I have to say will sound insane but I assure you its true and I can give you proof. Professor Dumbledore can also confirm what I have to tell you, just please hear me out and don't tell anyone not even your parents."

Ginny nodded and gave him a rather concerned look.

Harry took a big breath and thought it best just to say it.

"I died when I was almost one hundred and twelve years old. I met a being who told me that he was death, he sent me back in time into my eleven year old body."

Ginny had gone completely wide eyed, her mouth hung open.

"Next year Voldemort will return, I was sent back to kill him and try and save hundreds that died during the second blood war."

She had started to shake slightly now.

"In my old life, we were married for nearly a century and we had three children." Harry didn't say anything after that as Ginny was now ghostly white and giving him a look of pure shock.

Suddenly and without warning Ginny bolted to the bathroom.

Harry sat and closed his eyes heavily. Please... please... please don't let that be the biggest mistake of my life. He silently begged.



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