Chapter 1

"I sighed and looked at both of my parents. "I was writing in my diary." I
began. My mom looked at my dad. "You were reading her mind as she wrote in her
diary?" my mom asked and my dad nodded. "Let her finish, Bella." he said to her.
My mom glared at him for a few seconds before she turned back to face me. "Go on
Nessie." She encouraged. I sighed again. "Like I said, I was writing in my
diary. I put in there that I think that everyone is making a big deal out of
everything that has to do with me." I explained to her. She gave a human sigh
and looked at me. "Renesmee, we are just trying to do what's best for you. What
would you like for us to do? Do you want people to stare at you?" She questioned
me. My dad looked at her. "Bella" She got up and ran out of the cottage. I
glared at my dad. What was that about? Are you happy now? I asked him with my
mind. He looked at me and frowned. "Go to your room. I am going to go find your
mom." He told me. He gave me a kiss and ran to fin
d my mom. I went to my room and began where I left off.

Sorry about that. My dad believes that he has to read my mind. Anyways, I can
hear mom and dad coming.

sorry its to short