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Chapter 5 Ron's Letter/Epilogue

Harry and Hermione were at St. Mungo's a couple of days later after the final battle to visit Ron, where he would be spending the rest of his life. They were glad when the Healer assigned to Ron told them they had just missed his family.

"Ron, you stupid git," Hermione cried as she sat on his bed and took his hand.

But Ron didn't react to her words. He just stared at them with a blank look on his face that would never go away.

Harry put his hand on Hermione's shoulder as a familiar voice said, "Hello, you two."

They turned and found Remus behind them.

"Hi, Remus," Harry and Hermione greeted him in a surprised voice.

One of the Healers in the room turned to Remus and said. "It's nice to see you again, Mr. Lupin. How are Nymphadora and little Teddy doing?"

Nymphadora was Remus's wife who had just had their baby, Teddy. They had made Harry Teddy's Godfather.

"They're very well, thank you," Remus replied to the witch with a smile.

Harry and Hermione were looking at Remus when he turned back around t o face them.

"May I ask you why you're here for?" Hermione asked.

Remus glanced over at Ron before saying, "I visited Ron a lot while he was in Azkaban."

Harry and Hermione's eyes grew at this information. Remus had never them this before.

"Why?" Harry asked.

Remus took a deep breath. It was time for them to know.

"I knew somehow he was telling the truth when no one would believe him,' he told Harry and Hermione.

Harry crossed his arms as Hermione looked down.

"Don't make us feel guiltier than we already do," Harry said.

"I'm not trying to," Remus replied with a sigh.

"So, you're here to see Ron?" Hermione asked when she finally looked back at him.

"I was actually hoping to find you two here," Remus admitted, knowing he needed to give them the letter.

"What for?" Harry asked.

"To give you this," Remus said, extracting the letter from inside his robes.

Slowly, Harry took the letter from Remus. Hermione got up and walked behind Harry and began to read it out loud.

Dear Hermione and Harry,

I'm so sorry for what I've put you through. I want you to know that I never meant to hurt either of you. You both have been so great to me.

Hermione took a deep breath, her eyes already tearing up.

I also want you to know that by the time you read this, I'll be dead. I only wish I was able to tell you goodbye in person. I love you, Hermione. I always have and always will.


Hermione flown herself in to Harry's arms, losing the rest of the control she had left and staring crying.

Harry looked over Hermione's shoulder and said, "Thank you, Remus."

This had been the closer they had been wanting. Ron knew that this would likely happen, and yet he didn't turn back.



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